If only it was that easy.

If only it was that easy.

Five taps is all it takes. act as if being a "developer" has some minimum knowledge or quality standards these days.

Well it's a portrait display so it's correct.

You need to have knowledge! For example you need to know how to search stack overflow, and press ctrl-c and ctrl-v when you find some question

How my code works

Alt title : Ruby off Rails (@vycron)

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The best part of this is the backwards y junction used as a straight piece. It can serve a lot of functions, as it is a versatile piece. But you don't know how it really works and are scared to touch it. So you put it in, making sure all the copy and pasted variables were defined. There are several ways this piece of code could go, but you gave it no option to so.

I've had code that looked like it shouldn't work but it did anyway. There always turns out to be a reason, but that first Twilight Zone moment...

StackOverflow in a nutshell.

StackOverflow in a nutshell.

I think SOs rules and community are going to be the death of them. While I don't agree with the guy responding, I think it's sad that most of us can identify with the frustration.

A few years ago, when you could still ask questions on SO and get answers, anything I Googled would lead me to SO. I would click on SO before anything else too. If I had a problem I couldn't find, I could just ask it and as long as it was thorough and complete, I would get upvoted and answers.

Today, it's GitHub issues or some random Discourse forum post or maybe even Reddit. Totally back to where we started before SO. Anything that isn't legacy or fundamental, will lead me anywhere but SO.

Don't dare ask a question, because you will just be linked some outdated question that is slightly related and have your thread locked. Or if by some miracle that doesn't happen, you will get your tags removed so that your post becomes virtually invisible, because it isn't specifically asking a question about the intricacies of the framework/language/runtime that you're working in. And then probably berated on top of it for not following rules.

It's kinda sad. 2008-2013 or so, SO was the place to go for everything. Now it's becoming little more than a toxic legacy issue repository.


edit: To prove my point, you can see some of the comments below defending SO by trying to discredit me by claiming I don't know what the purpose SO is trying to serve, without actually addressing any argument I made above.

This is the toxic crap I was talking about.

As I said in one of those, I know what the purpose is, I used to be one of the parrots telling people what the purpose was and voting to lock threads, and the point I am trying to make is that I don't believe it works long term. It leads to discouraging new members from participating and only the most toxic veterans sticking around, any new technology questions are never given the benefit of the doubt and are locked for duplicates in favor of some legacy answer that was deprecated 5 versions ago.

Yea it also removes a crucial piece of the puzzle. I used to love attempting to answer questions as a challenge to myself. I would learn by attempting to recreate errors other people experienced, and then teaching myself how to resolve the error.

Why not just have a required [tag] that denotes the experience level of the user asking the question? This way, users who only want to answer difficult questions that require more experience can avoid the "dumb" and or "duplicate" questions that they are seeing, and people with less experience will have the opportunity to contribute to the community. This in turn would give people who are new, and don't understand the "culture" that StackOverflow has developed, to acclimate in a more friendly environment, where 80% of their posts wont get closed due to reasons they don't even understand, on the very site they came to gain some understanding.

I've used SO a few times and those few times are the worst experience I could imagine and I expected nothing less when I made the posts. The 'answers' deconstructed my question to belittle me and insult me and then a few people continued to circle jerk each other in the comments.

It was that experience that brought me to the conclusion that SO is where people who are smarter than you go in order to inflate their ego and look down on you for not being smarter than them. While I'm sure there are some good natured people on there, those people were around 5 years ago in the threads I find on Google that don't solve my issue and the threads that people link in my questions from 5 years ago that, again, don't solve my issue

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I tried getting active in SO awhile ago, but quickly gave up. It's needlessly restrictive on "new members" who don't have enough karma (or whatever the points are called there). Imagine if Reddit forced you to have x number of points built up before being allowed to respond to comments, post links, or send PMs.

All that combined with the ridiculous amount of questions marked as "duplicates" and you've got yourself a dying website.

Debugging... Expectation VS reality

Debugging... Expectation VS reality

Functionality is here, but UI sucks.

I mean, does it really matter how it works if it works?

If it's stupid but it works, it isn't stupid.

It's kind of stupid.

After writing 3000 lines of code he realized that his code isn't compiling

Why would he expect his code to compile that easily? 3000 lines of code means 3000 lines of things that could go wrong. Shocker.

You accidentially typed "could" in your last sentence.

I am onto you OP

Gif with sound? Back in my day we called that video.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue.
//Roses are red, //Violets are blue, //If you're reading this, //I'm sorry for you.


I read '{' as a one-syllable pause. I don't think I've read a poem before in which an unpronounceable character influences meter.


Tech company org charts

Tech company org charts

Google is missing the Alphabet layer at the top

I think this chart is really old now.

Love how the Microsoft clusters are in the respective colours of Word, Excel and PowerPoint

I think the apple one is fine without guns, but the centermost element should be holding a live grenade. Also there is a secondary group armed with a knife that swings wildly at anything that gets too close.

I installed the chrome OwO extension to force myself to stop copying StackOverflow code

I installed the chrome OwO extension to force myself to stop copying StackOverflow code

heh. I used to have an addon which changed all youtube comments into "herp derp". It made visiting youtube much more pleasant and the comments made more or less as much sense as they did before derpafying them.

edit: link for the curious: - it's available for chrome & firefox

Thought I was on /sub/furry_irl for a sec.

I used to use AlienTube which lodaded Reddit threads for the video instead of the comments. Stopped working for me at some point but it was awesome while it lasted.

Before comments

Oh, so it's like being educated by a 5 year old. That's adorable.

After comments


Transitioning from MIPS to x86 got me feeling like...

Transitioning from MIPS to x86 got me feeling like...

Ah MIPS. A more elegant architecture, from a more civilized age.

(Seriously, though, See MIPS Run and its later edition See MIPS Run Linux are easily the most accessible and well-written books on low-level processor architecture I've ever read.)

I wish I had a real MIPS machine. Shit's expensive, though. I wish there was like a MIPS pi.

Take a look at Omega2.

MIPS... I still keep the reference sheet back from school. :')

There is no escape

There is no escape

I honestly don't get why exiting vi[m] is thought of as so difficult. :x to save and quit, :q! to quit without saving.

It's not, it's literally a decade old quip that reddit has taken to like and we all know how reddit likes to beat its favorite jokes to death.

I honestly don't get why exiting vi[m] is thought of as so difficult. :x to save and quit, :q! to quit without saving.

I now get why programmers are terrible at designing UI.

I honestly don't get why exiting vi[m] is thought of as so difficult. :x to save and quit, :q! to quit without saving.

Because how do you know to do this if you are brand new to Vim? It's a full screen app. Seemingly every other known shortcut to get out of a program (Esc, Alt+F4, Windows Key, etc.) fails... what do you do?

How about I make a brand new full screen text editor called Yim, and you can try getting out of it for the first time? Rest assured, it's honestly super easy - only 3-4 keys on the keyboard to get out (you just won't know what they are).

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