2018 on the web

I can relate.

who doesn't


Time for a web renascence

Trying to run Eclipse and Chrome

Trying to run Eclipse and Chrome

Well, it's not Chrome's fault that you have a hundred tabs open on stack overflow.

None of which contain the answer I'm looking for

Waiting for the IntelliJ is super and Eclipse is trash people.

Or all closed as duplicate or not answered.

Stack Overflow in a nutshell

Stack Overflow in a nutshell

Naturally, the question that it's a duplicate of is marked as unclear and only has one answer, which is the OP saying that it's fixed with no further explanation.

"How do I do x without resorting to using y?"

"Use y"

yeah fuck that, what's up with the horrible moderation

I like when duplicate refers to another duplicate

Yeah, that sounds good. (Sorry for the bad quality pic)

Yeah, that sounds good. (Sorry for the bad quality pic)

And next what? Copy-pasting? Shortcuts? Autocomplete? Stop with your technology nonsense. I say next time OP should draw what he sees and fax it to us.

I prefer the mail. And NOT that "e-mail" technomagik.

Why not a screenshot ? Win + Shift + S or Win + print screen.

Programming Life Cycle

Programming Life Cycle

5th one: fixing others PC

You can add 'Machine Learner' in your resume now

I actually had my first code dream last night and it was fucking scary. I kept thinking in "if statements"

is this recursion



I thought PHP was PornHub Premium....

PreHistoric Programming

This is so 2014.

You never tried CGI using perl?

Poor kid

Poor kid

I always laugh with this. But I think CSS is worse.

I SAID text-align: right !! WHY THE FUCK ISN'T IT ALIGNED RIGHT?!?!?!?

Definitely. Positioning an element has never been this hard.

thankfully there's

That one coworker

That one coworker

Basically every webdev YouTube channel

intro dubstep Hey what is up guys, it's your favourite YouTuber xX_Ultim4te_HTML_Coder_Xx here back with another HTML tutorial video but before we begin, don't forget to hit that like button, subscribe for more daily WebDev tuts, turn on notifications, and follow my GitHub profile.

Image Transcription: Twitter

dirt prince, @pants_leg

teach a man to fish and he'll turn around and try to teach you to fish like he invented it and you're an idiot

I'm a human volunteer content transcriber for Reddit and you could be too! If you'd like more information on what we do and why ...

Don't forget to


That like button

As we are approaching OCT31 (or DEC25 if you prefer) this should fit here.

As we are approaching OCT31 (or DEC25 if you prefer) this should fit here.


Oh wow, somehow the css boi managed to center his head

It's on purpose for the incorrect pronunciation in case someone didn't get it.


Sometimes it just be like this

Sometimes it just be like this

Button button = new Button()

NEW New = new NEW();

unlike the other buttons, btnButton is not full of chlorine and piss

Needed more buttons

<button name="Button" type="button" id="btnButton" class="btn__Button btn__Button--Button" value="Button" onClick="button()">Button</button>

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