Her name is John Cena.

My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

I made my comment when there were only 3 others. Here’s what I saw:

The first person commented her real name, then another commented that her name is Robert Paulson & another had commented that her name is John Cena.

Just a random joke, you aren’t missing anything; oh and welcome to reddit


That's look

That's look

That's not look.

That's comment.

That's rumour.

I heard many faces have looks, but that is just a rumor.

Melanie Haynes

Melanie Haynes

Never seen her before, she is georgous

Is this the girl trying to be the singer on youtube?

She looks so pretty and her eyes are breathtaking.


Mind blown smile

Mind blown smile

Million dollar smile

Rocio Caballero Camacho

I’d propose instantly if this smile was directed towards me.

I thought this was Jill Kassidy at first.

An angel’s smile

An angel’s smile


Who is this?

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Mila Azul

That's the wrong Mila dude

You mean the lighting??


Elizabeth Wheeland

Elizabeth Wheeland

Did someone just roofie her?

The other side of the table

She has those “give us the ring precious” eyes






Autumn Farrell

Autumn Farrell

Isn't that Autumn from Sugar Pine 7?

SP7 woooo

Yeah. SP7 all the way.


Emily Rudd

I have no idea why, but every gif I’ve ever seen of her, she’s doing that same “oh I’m not cute, why are you taking a video” reaction and I just can’t stand it anymore. She’s gorgeous but I hate it.

During photo shoots, people in the shot take a lot of direction from behind the camera. "Okay, now do this..."

She is really pretty, but these fake cute expressions she almost always does make me weirdly angry to the point that I want to punch her in the face for her cheeky fakeness.

Totally agree, like It was cute for a while but now I just kind of cringe even though she really is pretty.

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