What goes around covfefes around 🇺🇸

What goes around covfefes around 🇺🇸

That's the deal with all these fuckers. They project their own personal dysfunction on the rest of the planet. Trump is a crooked liar, Hannity is a conspirator, Alex Jones is a crisis actor, and homophobic Evangelicals secretly crave being buried under a mound of cocks.

It's sort of like when those super anti-gay Congressman get caught offering BJs at a reststop.

Mound of mound

To be fair, some of those homophobic Evangelicals are ladies who want to be under a mound of clit.

Fuck Hannity

Fuck Hannity

We're starting to see why he was pushing that trash so hard now.

Grandpa, grandma fox news watchers, you got took. They played you for the fool.


Will he finally get water boarded?

Seth Rich. Hannity pushed a baseless conspiracy theory that Hillary Clinton had murdered a staffer named Seth Rich who was killed in a robbery attempt. Fox is now getting sued over it by Rich's family.

Mystery Client

Mystery Client

Here's one transcript of Hannity railing against the raid on Cohen's office and calling it a witch-hunt without acknowledging that he has the same lawyer. Would you perhaps call that something of a breach of journalistic ethics?

I was so hoping it was Mike Pence. And that it involved silencing several male prostitutes. Maybe next time.

Somewhere at Fox News a Senior Producer is looking up 'journalistic ethics' on wikipedia cause he's never heard of it before.

This hoe has already denied it on Twitter.

What a whiney lying little bitch.

Second place ain't so bad

Second place ain't so bad

Aw, Hell, George W. was never the worst. 39/44.

Andrew Johnson is pretty close to the consensus worst.

But now AJ doesn't have be worst anymore.

Buchanan usually edges out Johnson and Pierce on worst lists. It is hard to beat the union falling apart on your watch.

We're getting there

Don't let Donald's dotardation distract you from the 2003-present disruption that W ignited when he invaded Iraq.

...not saying there's not still time, but, yeah.

Wonder if Conservatives get virgins or porn stars in paradise

Wonder if Conservatives get virgins or porn stars in paradise

Oh...black people... that's a big "no". I guess that's why it doesn't work there... multiculturalism, right libertarians? Lol

Given the propensity of Republican politicians showing up with pregnant mistresses, I'd say that virgins are pretty much off the table.

They already tried having a Libertarian style ran city and it ended in disaster

"Nah, see, they are poor because they're not white. If whites where there, it would be paradise." - my racist relatives

Distraction Acccomplished

Distraction Acccomplished

Who's excited for our next war? The recruitment offices should be filled with Trump supporters right now and they shouldn't mind paying some extra tax to fund it.

They can have their own motivations. Trump has no credibility and it is his own fault.

French president denies suggesting he convinced Trump to maintain military presence

Come on try a little harder it was the second line

What a timeline where I can look at that image without context and understand it.

Finally some transparency from this administration

Finally some transparency from this administration

Is that Steve Bannon on the far left? I know he treats his body like a garbage can, but this is a bit much.

This one is more believable.

It's Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you can tell by the eyes.

You know it's fake because Trump is actually paying attention.

The Irony

The Irony

Trump doesn’t feel. He only projects his self image.

I am so conflicted. Hillary wasn't my first choice.

I don't like that Donald Trump is President.

But I am glad I don't have to spend 4 years listening to republicans blather on about Bengazhi.

It always reminded me of those 8 years of "Birthism".

And at least now, fiscally conservatives are running the government. /s

Nobody is running the government. It is creaking along like a rusty red wagon hurling down a slope, sure to give some children lasting injuries.

It is creaking along like a rusty red wagon hurling down a slope, sure to give some children lasting injuries.

That describes Trump's EPA under Pruitt.

Three People in This Picture

Three People in This Picture

This thread will be a shit storm when the trumpers see it.

Bill Clinton is a sexual predator though, and that's just a fact. A much better president, but not a better person.

They all do suck in their own special way, with Trump’s shitiness at record levels

Sexual predator has a specific legal meaning. It means someone that commits sexual crimes.

Seducing a young intern isn't a sex crime. It is definitely sexual harassment given the huge power inequity between any top executive and an intern. And that behavior is figuratively predatory in the sense that he targeted an inexperienced young person, but it alone doesn't qualify someone as a sexual predator.

That is why /u/LatvianGiant is 100% correct that it is debatable. In the context of legal definitions, he isn't; while in the context of how disparate word definitions come together to form an idea, yeah he is ([sexual predator] = [sexual theme] + [predatory selecting]).

That said, there is no questioning that Bill Clinton is obviously a much better person than Trump, both on a personal level (small group engagement) and broad level (how he approaches the masses). Surpassing Trump in either realm is a pretty low threshold to clear.

Obama knows how to tackle better

Obama knows how to tackle better

I'm sure that's exactly how it happened. Now you can proceed to blame Obama.

This is a great post but it probally will get mass downvoted

I agree. I’m left-leaning and upvoted it anyway

Its a humor

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