Good Guy FBI Director Christopher Wray

Good Guy FBI Director Christopher Wray

The white house tell lies? Never.... /s

Why do I have the feeling that he is going to disappoint us like every other person we had our hopes up about in the Trump administration? (Ie: Ivanka would be a moderating force on Trump, John Kelly would be a moderating force on Trump, Lindsey Graham would never sell out and become pro Trump, Bob Corker would kill the tax bill, Susan Collins would kill the tax bill, etc etc)

While I do think some caution is merited, it's nice to hear someone in this administration acknowledge the Russian problem. I'm willing to give Wray a fair shot on this.

Of course if he pulls a Nunes and starts using his position to defend President Stable Genius.... then yeah, he deserves to get his ass raked over metaphorical and then literal coals.

I was as worried as everybody else about Wray, but now I think I understand how he got confirmed 92-5.

This guy gets it.

This guy gets it.

The genius con behind the Trump organization.

Yeah but he had a lot of help from American plutocrats (e.g., Koch and Mercers) and American corporations and you can't overestimate the amount of stupidity within Trump world..

Granted it takes a huge team to corrupt an election as large as the 2016 one but there has to be one guiding personality otherwise any team will inevitably splinter and diverge from the primary goal. Just look at the Democrats. They imploded because they had no solid leader to manage their internal corruption direction.

Genius is in this case the proper term. Don't get me wrong, I don't approve of the man or his games, but he played the American people like a champion angler and got himself a record catch. Got'em hook, line and sinker.

Truuuuuuuuust me

Truuuuuuuuust me

4 out of 5 raccoons agree. The fifth convinced a family that he's a cat and is currently well fed.


Opossums don't eat plastic, glass, or cardboard.


I spit out my kale shake...

Might work better with a goat? 🐐

He did say he'd build a wall

He did say he'd build a wall

I'm fine with this.

And his voters don't even realize it.

Macabre Mode: "It won't be Trump that builds the walls."

Fictitious examples:

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Past Tense)


Based on a true story

Based on a true story

Can we get rid of the word libtard and snowflakes. We got a bunch of adults calling other adults crybabies and yelling fake news. Wtf happened the past few years. And when is the f*** is half life 3 coming out I mean come on.

Which generation is that? Every "greatest generation" and baby boomer I know consumes more TV than any millennial or gen Z I'm aware of.

"Every fact I dont like is fake news"

Wow, you are aware that milennials read more per capita than any other generation before? A trend that has only been increasing sense the late 1800s?

You are also aware that this is the same generation that has romanticized stuff like vinyl records and 8 Track tape?

You are also aware that there is such a thing called a Kindle, that takes up much less space but has much more books?

But no, sure, My grandmother who wouldn’t know Harry Potter if it wasn’t a movie and my Dad who would rather watch Game of Thrones than read it are the ones with physical books.

Hypocrisy? There’s always a Tweet for that...

Hypocrisy? There’s always a Tweet for that...

"... so we will need more $$$ for Defense to combat the risk"

Bomb the debt!

Using trump tweets these days is practically cheating

Me: "Let's spend a lot of money"

Also me: "I don't have any money and I don't know why"

GOP Jesus

GOP Jesus

Jesus could take human form, run for president, and the GOP would crucify him again. Because, you know, they know the "REAL" Jesus.

Get fucked.

Jesus would be proud, comrade

Exactly. The GOP and its base gives the rest of us, who actually want to embody what Jesus was, a terrible name. JESUS LITERALLY HELPED THE POOR AND THE HUNGRY AND THE STRANGER! They focus so much on the word and yet don’t even try to emulate that who inspired a damn revolution.

Nope I'm not forcing anyone to have any position. Vote for whoever you want and support whatever selfish policy you want to support. I'm just saying supporting the republican policies (like a lot of evangelical do) while pretending to be a "Christian" is super hypocrite and borderline funny.

I have no horse in the race except that some selfish right wing folks are giving all Christians a bad name while there are truly good and compassionate people out there.

Damnit, Jeff.

Damnit, Jeff.

But it's cold outside!

Let's not forget the Republican Senator from Kentucky Oklahoma who threw a snowball on the Senate floor to disprove climate change...

These guys and their constituents aren't all that bright.

Jeff gets those true, hard facts from Info-wars and Trump tweets, not like all us plebs who are brainwashed by the reptilian alien overlord fake news media

But those 97% are working for the deep state and Obama and Hillary. /s

I'm gonna go with the ear of corn

I'm gonna go with the ear of corn

Such a corny choice, of course the corn wore it better

The corn looks more real and natural.

You guys have to come up with better shit.

The conspicuous reality that Trump's hair is fake must be an unspoken elephant in every conversation the President participates in.

Republican Guide to Screwing the Working Class - r/CartoonsEditorial

Republican Guide to Screwing the Working Class - r/CartoonsEditorial

Sad but true

The Dems had complete control of Congress the first two years of Obama's term and their crowning achievement was passing a Mitt Romney-inspired for-profit healthcare bill.

Yes, because they took their time and sought bipartisan contribution to this historically unprecedented bill. The ACA was a result of Republican obstruction.

Number 5 hits way too close to home.

"Complete control of Congress" is a blatant lie, they had the majority, and as we have seen multiple times with our current Congress, simply having the majority doesn't infer "complete control".

Also pretending that Obama and Congress didn't have to spend some time turning our economy around from a free-falling stock market, and record job losses.....helps no one.

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