Parks and Rec premiered 9 years ago today!!

Parks and Rec premiered 9 years ago today!!

Feels like it's been gone for 9 years. Miss it.

Do you...miss it in the saddest fashion?

I feel like this picture is a competition on who can look the most awkward

Man, I really, really disliked this show to start out. It felt like they were just trying to poorly clone The Office for easy ratings.

I gave up on the show partly through season 1, then checked back around season 3 and HOLY HELL what a swing! So glad I gave it another chance.

Found an absolute gem in my wifes junk box!!!!

Found an absolute gem in my wifes junk box!!!!

TIL he’s a real person and not just a character on PnR.

She has a box full of thousands of cards. This was literally the first one I pulled out and we DIED laughing.

I saw him in two episodes of the German soap opera “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten”

Detlef was solid. Top ten draft pick out of Washington University and a 3x NBA all star

I don't really have a reason but here is our Lord and Savior eating a Waffle in bed

I don't really have a reason but here is our Lord and Savior eating a Waffle in bed

Don’t forget about Bens chicken noodle soup

Waffles, courtesy of JJ's diner. And chicken noodle soup, courtesy of... me --I'll take the waffles

I don’t see little Sebastian?!

Lil Sebastian is always around us. If you close your eyes and reach your hand out you can feel his mane. If you focus you can hear his soft neighs in the night.

Lil Sebastian may be gone from his flesh prison but his spirit swirls around all of us.

☜(゚ヮ゚☜) Ann Perkins!

☜(゚ヮ゚☜) Ann Perkins!

Who read this in Chris’s voice?

Ann you poetic, noble land mermaid.

Vote for Ann Perkins, her ambiguous ethnic blend perfectly represents the dream of the American melting pot.

I saw a billboard with her face on it & I love her even more 😂

Chris Pratt's Unexpected Nude Scene

Every time this comes up there is always a discussion of sexual harassment. It's not for anyone on the internet to decide if someone else was sexually harassed.

Nothing more came of it other than the reprimand, so it's all good.

It's like a nudie run/streaker. No body feels sexually harassed by them, because you can just turn away/laugh/do whatever.

If Chris just randomly did this to Amy at her trailer outside of shooting, then of course it would be sexual harassment (unless she was into it of course).

Basically there is a big difference between general nudity and directing your nudity/genitalia at an individual.

If someone was walking naked down the street it wouldn't bother me in the slightest, I would just avoid them. But if they started making a b-line for me and tried to hug me or something, that's when it gets fucked up.

You can immediately see Amy's mind racing. lol

"It's not for anyone on the internet to decide if someone was sexually harassed."


So shocked, she lost her eyebrows.

So how do I Become Chris Pratts Stunt Double?

So how do I Become Chris Pratts Stunt Double?


Step 1: Also be the same height/build as Chris Pratt.

Step 2: Move to Los Angeles.

Step 3: Find Chris Pratt's current stunt double and KILL HIM.

Step 4: Dispose of body.

Step 5: Steal that dude's identity so that you don't have to go through all the work of joining the unions and carrying all the other obligations and certifications that go with being a Hollywood stuntman.

Step 6: Fall down a decent set of stairs, and get a friend to lightly brain you with a mallet.

Step 7: Have friend drop you off at hospital.

Step 8: Realize that this whole thing went off the rails at Step 3, and now will completely fail because your blood tests and everything aren't going to match your medical history.

Step 9: Get out of there. They haven't called the cops yet, maybe you're not too deep to get out.

Step 10: Rip all the medical doo-dads off your body and immediately regret it because the thing won't stop beeping super loud now. Oh god here comes a nurse.

Step 11: Argue with the nurse. Realize that's not going to work because nurses know their shit.

Step 12: SHIT the security guard is coming. JUST RUN.

Step 13: Get tackled by security guard.

Step 14: No going back, FIGHT.

Step 15: Security guard does BJJ five times a week. Get kimura'd right when family of the dude you killed shows up.

Step 16: Get arrested for identity theft.

Bruh, that is straight up eerie.

Two weeks later on Joe Rogan podcast:

"Yeah there's a video of the whole thi--can we pull that up? Let's pull that up....." *heavy breathing into mic* "...yeah here we go, this guy....looks EXACTLY like Chris Pratt...slips the security guard--yeah RIGHT HERE! LOOK AT THAT!!!! ESCAPES THE KIMURA, INSTANT HEEL HOOK, WHAT IS THAT!?! That was two weeks ago dude! Some kinda Discount Andy Dwyer, runnin' around in a hospital gown...throwin' down like nobody's business. Crazy."

April's Marriage Advice

Aubrey Plaza and Chris Pratt are so great on screen together. This humor just kills me.


I love the clip where she slaps him in a scene and he gets a boner, their reactions are so funny


It's amazing how Chris doesn't break character and just nods in approval.

I absolutely love Leslie's smile

Anyone else hate this women?

Anyone else hate this women?

You want to know if other people dislike the character who was written to be unlikable? The fuck are you playing at?

She’s the wooOOooOOorst

Really? I love her character! I always knew it was going to be a good episode when I saw her and/or Brandi Maxxx.

DAE think Mona Lisa was the worst???

Reunited again!! This is lit-erally my favorite post, of all time.

Reunited again!! This is lit-erally my favorite post, of all time.

Oh god he has grey, he may lit-erally explode.

It's finally happened, Rob Lowe finally started aging

Do you think the cast reminisces about the show and set the same way we do? Like has Amy Poehler talked to Aubrey Plaza lately?

They got together for Galentines day this year I believe

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