"Only Speak If It Improves Upon The Silence"

I love the way they introduce Eagleton Ron. You think him and Ron are identical and will be buddies, only to find out Eagleton Ron is the bizzaro hippy version of Ron. It was nicely done.

"You know every time we lose a compadre, our collective lantern gets a little bit dimmer.”

The Eagleton Parks Department is a perfect example of the incredible casting of Parks and Rec.

SOURCE: Season 6 Episode 4 "Doppelgangers"

We still don’t talk anymore

Even with no audio this is a fucking amazing bit, just their smiles at the end is enough to make me burst out laughing

"Thank you, I really needed this"

"Thank you, I really needed this"

No, of course, yeah. I’ll just put on my Star Wars pajamas and sit in my mom’s basement and pour over some spreadsheets. It sounds great.

Oh, break evens? Yeah those are fun.

Here's a link For the full interview


“I don’t care that I’m making that face right now. This is the best gift ever.”

Chris Pratt’s latest Instagram Post

Chris Pratt’s latest Instagram Post

I wonder what kind of grief he would have been given if he didn't mention the reason he picked that tree or if he just decided to cut down a really old tree that he owned to make some furniture out of.

Hope Ron's wood shop is up to code..

I know what I'm about, son

I have a permit.

"I do what I want"

Perfect placement of PandR on Netflix

Perfect placement of PandR on Netflix

Ah, American netflix.

Apart from black mirror, none of those are on Netflix UK :(

Random, but has anyone else noticed that since Chris Pratt became Star/Raptorlord that you see him on the PandR Netflix preview image more and more? I feel like I got Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson constantly before, but now I get him a good 2/3rds of the time by himself.

But y'all get Brooklyn 99!!

The real Batman?

The real Batman?

Treat yo self

I've never felt so bad for Ben as in this episode.

I'm sorry but...

You're wrong.

He was great and those films were grounded in realism that was so enjoyable. But Michael Keaton was just so awesome in them, to me he was Bruce better than anyone before or since. And I do like the fantastical nature of the movies, makes them more comic bookey.

Ben and Leslie both secure their bags/briefcases with seatbelts. (S3E14)

Ben and Leslie both secure their bags/briefcases with seatbelts. (S3E14)

Is this not a common thing? I thought everyone did it. Getting hit in the back of the head with a flying briefcase or spilling the contents isn't fun

I've honestly never seen anyone do this before, didn't know it was a common thing


I went to college with a girl who got killed in a car crash, the vcr she had on her parcel shelf damn near decapitated her

I misunderstood your comment completely

Ron loves London!

Ron loves London!

Currently in London. The whole tower is covered by scaffolding. Ron’s perspective has made me feel better about not being able to see it.

I was living in London last year and some friends visited from the States. They wanted to see all the major landmarks. We got to Big Ben and saw the scaffolding and decided to just do a good old fashioned British pub crawl instead.

You call that a tower? Try the Sears Tower, friend.

That’s the true British experience



Where did you find this

I can hear her cackle!

Source for the curious:

The key to confidence is to laugh at someone question. Leslie gets it.

An Emergency in Pawnee

We only see the "Missing Bird Guy" once in Parks and Rec but he's still one of my favorite minor characters.

SOURCE: Season 3 Episode 5 "Media Blitz"

Username checks out.

I still think Ron's cabin is the best

I love this scene, I can definitely hear it. HE CAN FLLAAAH

Daddy want pie

Daddy want pie

I love how he gets her two bottles of whipped cream for baking. One for for the pie and one for her.

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