How to completely fairly win a 1v1 without cheating at all

Patch notes:

Junkrat can now actually freeze time. Fuck you.


My friend was salty that I beat him in a 1v1 with a seemingly randomly placed trap. I edited this video together to show him how I truly won the 1v1 /s

Also if you want the version with sound, you can find it

Added Patch notes:

Junkrat's steel trap now does 150 damage instead of 80.

Junkrat's steel trap now can be placed in Junkrat Freeze Time. Also, fuck you.

yeah nah in Australia everything's upside down totallydidn'tforgetToPutANegativeSymbolInFrontOfIt

We should be able to filter both esport and highlight and not have to choose between one spam or another.

We should be able to filter both esport and highlight and not have to choose between one spam or another.

The sub for globaloffensive give its user more choice for example : https://www.reddit.com/sub/GlobalOffensive/wiki/filters#filter

You can. The filters on the sidebar allow for multiple flairs to be filtered in and out.

If you browse /sub/overwatch you will notice the majority of top posts are OWL related, and in the past it has been highlights. The OP is asking for a filter in the sidebar to eliminate these posts from their feed.

Nope, you can enable multiple filters at the same time. There is an "Active filters" menu below the header (it's visible only if you have at least one active filter), click on filters to enable or disable them.

You can only filter one of those crap, not both.

smooth as silk

Not gonna lie. Clicked because of thumbnail.

Ooh Widowmaker I'm ulting

Notice how everyone she shot was spamming jump! Don’t do dat guys!!

That username though

OWL app doesn't hide Team's record in upcoming matches even if you have Hide Spoilers on

OWL app doesn't hide Team's record in upcoming matches even if you have Hide Spoilers on

So, I open the OWL app this morning just to check at what time the upcoming matches will be. I try to don't open the Standings tab, because, it'll obviously have spoilers in it. However I didn't expect them to appear somewhere where I had the HIDE Spoilers option turned on.

After scrolling down in the Matches tab, I saw records next to the team names, like:

XXX (1-0) - ZZZ (0-0)

YYY (0-0) - WCW (1-0)

Obviously these were teams that have already played, so I knew which matches they won. And although I know Blizzard had good intentions, this information should not appear in the Matches tab if you have Hide Spoilers enabled.

Blizz plz fix.

Edit: Formatting

Report it to the forums, they will fix things like this fast. It think there have already been 4 updates to the app since its release.

OWL is scratching my itch for slow motion replays!

super glad it was on twitch for this reason and not MLG only like the preseason was so that we don't get handpicked slo mo replays and could actually take the underrated plays and clip them for this subreddit.

Well if you’re ulting then you’re stationary so not really too bad. The reason why some people say a pharah killed by junkrat is bad is likely because a pharah is expected to move unpredictably so a slow projectile like junkrats bombs cannot land on you, but you can’t exactly move unpredictably when you’re immobile in your ult.

also the great chat

seeing !coins500 spammed for 6 hrs nonstop was very enjoyable

Recently on this sub I read that if you get killed by Junkrat as Pharah you are a bad Pharah...

Seoul celebrating winning their first series in OWL

Seoul celebrating winning their first series in OWL

I know it's a joke, but I really think they didn't realize the match was over and were expecting a 5th map.

Yeah that's exactly it. A minute later once they found out they won they were smiling and went to shake hands with Dallas.

It was a win by a draw and they couldn't even cap so it's understandable.

Or maybe they thought there was going to be another map, many people thought so as well.

Someone should penalize them for excessive celebration.

Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty / OWL 2018 Stage 1 - Week 1 / Post-Match Discussion

Dallas Fuel vs. Seoul Dynasty / OWL 2018 Stage 1 - Week 1 / Post-Match DiscussionOWL 2018 STAGE 1

Official page | Liquipedia | Megathread | VODs

Streams: Twitch | Official

Dallas Fuel 1-2 Seoul Dynasty

Fuel | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

Dynasty | Liquipedia | Website | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

This series was cast by DoA and MonteCristo.

View detailed statistics: Over.gg

ROSTERS Fuel vs Dynasty Taimou zunba EFFECT Miro Seagull ryujehong Mickie tobi cocco Fleta xQc Munchkin chipshajen xepheR HarryHook Wekeed Custa Bunny KuKi MAP 1/4: Junkertown

Winner: Dallas Fuel

Fuel Escort Dynasty 3 Checkpoints 2 0m Distance 86.97m 63s Time left 0s MAP 2/4: Temple of Anubis

Winner: Seoul Dynasty

Fuel Assault Dynasty 5 Checkpoints 6 0% Progress 0% 0s Time left 11s MAP 3/4: Ilios

Winner: Seoul Dynasty

Fuel Control Dynasty 35% Round 1 100% 0% Round 2 100% MAP 4/4: Numbani

Winner: Draw

Fuel Hybrid Dynasty 3 Checkpoints 3 0m Distance 0m 0s Time left 0s

This thread was created by the Post-Match Team.

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Fleta getting player of the match, absolutely deserved. Guy killed it on every single hero he played.

Just to letting y'all know that ryujehong took out a Junkrat tire in 0.4 seconds.

That Anubis game was one of the most amazing games I've ever seen. Fantastic play from both sides.

Tobi was sending souls into that well for the boop god.

Idea: Make Junkrat's SF Shock skin use the ult line from Junkenstein skin

Idea: Make Junkrat's SF Shock skin use the ult line from Junkenstein skin

Gotta get into the sporting spirit. "Get ready for a shock" is more appropriate than ever.

Hey well, Fuck you know what why not. Take my upvote.

Yesssss this is a great idea

I like

Biased? hmmmmm

InternetHulk Tribute

InternetHulk Tribute
InternetHulk Tribute

InternetHulk embodies the positivity our OW community needs. Rest In Peace brother.

Classy move by blizzard, really glad to see Dennis get an award named after him.

How edgy

Rest In Peace InternetHulk.

Wow! Owl is great

Wow! Owl is great

The match between Dallas and Seoul on Anubis was honestly incredible! I can’t imagine how frustrated the whole team must have been after the widow kept landing shot after shot! Reminded me of flower during OWWC. Fuel better pull of the win tho Edit: HOLY COW FLETA IS CARRYING HARD. Was that 10 concussion blasts as pharaoh in the last 30 seconds of ilios? Welp, not looking good for the fuel... I think they can clutch this one tho

These Korean widows man, they’re absolutely insane honestly

I don't know if this was just meant to be a joke but if that were the case, Japan, China, and Taiwan should all be great as well, right? But they aren't in the least, even compared to the west. The reason why Korea tends to make so many great players compared to all the Western countries is because of how widely accepted gaming is there. Esports stars are treated as celebrities with tons of fangirls and everything. They simply have a more seriously competitive and possibly larger player base that tends to play on PC, and PC gaming is widely accessible because of the "gaming cafes" that they have there compared to most other countries. Everything about the environment just takes it more seriously, which is why there is basically a Korean player who is just as good for every single person at the top in all the Western countries combined

seriously! I read a post saying Koreans are so good with pc games because they use metal chopsticks in Korea, which helps their dexterity. sounds plausible lol

like, I didn't know it was legal for Dallas to lose....

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