Finally, I got to live out my dream of being nanoed as Ana

Finally, I got to live out my dream of being nanoed as Ana

Mystery heroes, Junkertown defense, me and the other poor soul who rolled Ana cower in a narrow stairway, the grunting of a 7 ft Nigerian man growing ever closer. I somehow sleep him before he gives us a fisting our aging bodies would not survive, and that is when I hear it.

You're powered up, get in there.

Finally, I could live out my steroid enhanced dreams outside the realms of FFA. It didn't matter that my nade was on cooldown, I was going to shoot as many juiced up purple syringes into this man before going out in a blaze of glory.

(In retrospect she probably nanoed me to use her ult before she died but I like to think that she also believed in me, just a little).

So I shoot him. Doomfist wakes up. I prepare my asshole for entry. But then I hear the sound of another sleep, and by god my granny in arms had done it, she'd slept him yet again. By some blessing of Jeff I get my ult at this exact moment, and I knew the only right thing to do was to return the favor I had been given. And thus, by burning through two ults and all of our abilities, we were able to take down 1 (one) Doomfist.

We then died to the five other players on the red team and lost the game. But it's ok, that one moment of sweet tag team victory was enough.

OMG I THINK THAT WAS ME WHO DID THAT. This happened yesterday right?!

Yes it was! I don’t remember your battle tag but I think you rolled widow right after? If so much thanks for making this granny feel like a superhero, if only for a bit :D

Mixasaurusrex is my tag haha. TBH the payload was creeping around the corner and we were the only 2 that could try and stop it so I just popped the ult haha. Did not disappoint lmao


An all-new animated short premieres this Wednesday,

An all-new animated short premieres this Wednesday,

It’s a montage about how Hanzo learned storm arrow set to an 80s power rock song.


This excites me more than real world news does


but for real pls be a short about Lucio/D.VA/Zenyatta

Remember when these were hip and cool

good to know for when i again respawn 0.0000000001 seconds before my team captures point A.

I watch people do these, then try them myself.

I move, and fall, like a sack of potatoes.

we can teach you! there are some helpful people on the Lucio Wallriding Discord that can help you.

only 90's kids remember

This was the most clutch nano boost I've ever gotten. My heart was beating so fast I felt nano boosted IRL.

Clutch pin too, kept overtime alive and walked that puppy acrossed the finish line. Cue the A-Team music.

damn that is a big dick rein play

Like a fuckin dream. Swing away, dear friend.

Nano Boost Anxiety is real.

Draw Mei like one of your french girls

That Moira spray is amazing

Using that spray + emote + “stupidity is not a right” voice line combo in spawn when your team comp stinks >>>

I think there's enough drawings like that of Mei on the internet already.

When my team comp stinks and nobody is in chat, I spam Mercy's "questionable judgement" voice line.

Why is spamming "Boop" in their backline is so funny?

Rein looks like me when I try to catch that damn mosquito

As a newly reinvigorated Sombra main, I'm going to be relishing in stuff like this until Blizzard caves and inevitably makes a flamethrower hero.

So... Mei?

I like to throw my locator in front of an enemy that’s by themselves and watch them stare at it while I’m invisible. And then I spray the ground or wall around them and watch them freak out tryna figure out where I am. And then I start saying hi. Sometimes it’s in a comp game. I have no regrets.

Edit: for the record, no, I am NOT throwing my comp games. Distracting the enemy team and occupying a dps that would otherwise be going after my healers and stopping them from gaining ult charge is a valid strat. I don’t spend entire games doing this.

Dva by Liang Xing

Dva by Liang Xing

Man, this artist.

The Absolute Unit.

I mean, there's value in pointing out (as some others on DA have) that this artist really seems to stick with the same general body, even when it's not really quite a fit for the character (Brigitte ought to have more muscle mass) but I don't mention that to take away from the quality of the work. This is weapons-grade cheesecake, no bones about it.

It's interesting to see this particular effect in the context of Overwatch, which has taken on body diversity in their women characters like a personal challenge, but professional artists have their styles that they lean on, and when the work is this good, the critique is really more academic than anything else.

To be honest I feel all his drawings are the same character with different clothes and hairstyles. Yes this generic girl is well drawn, but to me it doesn't make sense that Mei, DVA and Brigitte look so similar considering they have totally different ethnicities and professions.

I'm just saying that both Baguette's may be my favorite drawings of her...so far. Oh yeah slightly NSFW.

DEBUNKED - Coalescence only does 60dps on console, and 70dps on PC (PS4 footage)

DEBUNKED - Coalescence only does 60dps on console, and 70dps on PC (PS4 footage)

Science saves the day, again

Now if only this post can get 1k upvotes like the person who made the false claim without video evidence did.

Original for reference. Post has now been deleted

I just saw the front page. Lmao.


You all don't have to upvote me anymore. My job here is done.

Overwatch Free Weekend Aug. 23-27

Overwatch Free Weekend Aug. 23-27

Time to convert more friends to the game... Take #6.

Gamescom news 👀

I've given up trying that, they just don't want to play.

I mean FFS they wouldn't even give Diet Overwatch (Paladins) a go, and that's always free.

I fail to understand why my friends still insist on raging at LoL every weekend while also claiming for almost 2 years straight that I'd stop playing Overwatch after a month

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