Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Switch announced!

Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Switch announced!
Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Switch announced!

Just announced at The Game Awards!

February 2018. Bayonetta 1 is a download.

Bayonetta 3 also coming exclusively to Switch! Teaser Trailer

YES I wanted this on Wii U. Perfect opportunity to get it now!


BAYONETTA 3 BITCHES Bayonetta 1 & 2 February 16!



Nintendo is on an absolute warpath with the Switch

No Bayonetta 3 ☹️. Got me a bit hyped then for nothing.

Edit: HYPE!

Do not toy with me like that Reggie!

Outlast franchise coming to Switch early next year

Outlast franchise coming to Switch early next year

Now i can literally shit myself in the bathroom, thanks for fixing that feature

That's why I like to call this series Outlax.

The first Outlast is probably my favorite horror game. It is a fantastic concept done perfectly. Didn't play 2 yet but heard it isn't as good

Well, you wouldn't be shitting yourself.

Handhelds have come a long way. Here's a comparison of REvelations on Switch vs PS Vita.

Handhelds have come a long way. Here's a comparison of REvelations on Switch vs PS Vita.

Wow for some reason my memory of Vita graphics looks way better than this.

That’s somewhat due to the port itself. Much better representations of the Vita’s graphical capabilities can be seen in games like Killzone Mercenary, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Tearaway, Gravity Rush, Wipeout 2048, Dead or Alive 5, etc.

Yea it's like someone looking back at the Switch and showing them a screenshot of WWE 2K18.

Good port versus terrible port.

Nintendo’s Resurgence Was the Best Tech Story of 2017

Nintendo’s Resurgence Was the Best Tech Story of 2017

"After years of annoying gimmicks, the gaming legends offered the simple pleasures we desperately needed"

This basically made reading anything after that point very difficult. These gimmicks have led to motion controls, rumble, dual screen gaming, a dedicated stick to control the camera movement that every game uses today. Even the Wii U, what most people regard as Nintendo's most gimmicky console was a necessary first step to reaching the Switch we are all crazy about. We should never discourage experimentation.

"Evolution forged the entirety of sentient life on this planet using only one tool: the mistake." - Robert Ford in Westworld

I feel like you're not really getting the point of the original comment. Experimentation, by its very nature, usually involves a whole lot of things that don't quite work but from which elements are later used in something that does work.

Whether or not all of Nintendo's consoles gelled, the company deserves a ton of praise for walking that rather difficult path and not chickening out when things got tough.

I'm a gamer first, and not a fan of any particular console or game company. But the Switch has made me as close to a Nintendo fan as I've ever been.

Xenoblade 2 Combat Explained in One Image

Xenoblade 2 Combat Explained in One Image

So, I made a thread about my first Chain Attack Combo I performed after 30+ hours of gameplay. I played Xenoblade X and I feel I'm a hardcore gamer but I admit is tough to follow everything the game throws at you. Again, I figured out Chain Attacks 30+ hours into the game!(I couldn't find anywhere online that clearly explains how everything works except for WALLS of confusing text.) There seems to be A LOT of confusion about the battle system, so I decided to explain it to the best of my ability. Just follow the numbers, that's the order of how everything works.

I hope this can help because being able to perform Chain Attacks is a game changer.

Update: One thing I forgot to mention with the Special Attack Combos. The second Special Attack in the combo has to be at least level 2. And the third needs to be at least level 3. (Your party members will work towards the level required automatically). However, You can start a combo with at any level.

White Orbs This represents the level of their special attacks...

This, I never noticed the orbs meant something.

I do want to add that you can get up to Level 4 Special Attacks by raising your affinity to yellow.

Setting this as spoilers since the image did not mention it.

I was expecting a joke, but this is actually pretty cool. Nice :)

I will just use my usual tactic of over-levelling in early areas to be over-powered enough to just stand and auto attack and admire Pyra's extremely adequate cleavage.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 scores biggest opening sales for the series in Japan!

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 scores biggest opening sales for the series in Japan!

01./00. [WII] Xenoblade (Nintendo) - 82.952

03./00. [3DS] Xenoblade Chronicles 3D |new 3DS| <RPG> (Nintendo) {2015.04.02} (¥3.996) - 56.932 / NEW <58,66%>

03./00. [WIU] Xenoblade Chronicles X # <RPG> (Nintendo) {2015.04.29} (¥8.316) - 85.586 / NEW

02./00. [NSW] Xenoblade Chronicles 2 # <RPG> (Nintendo) {2017.12.01} (¥7.980) - 97.732 / NEW

It's definitely good by series standard, but I am still surprised these games don't do better in Japan. I mean how did ARMS (a new fighting game IP) outsell a first party JRPG in the first week? Don't want to sound overly negative, just curious. Anyone got some ideas as to why this is the case? Either way still good news.

Believe it or not, all xenoblade games sold better in the us and europe than in japan.

Yeah, I've heard that. Makes me wonder why they bother catering to the Japanese audience if the game clearly is more popular overseas.

Maybe because theres a huge fanbase and most importang a HUGE MARKET that likes anime and JPRG in the west. Just look how even big names as Amazon and Netflix are trying to get into that. JRPG is a niche genre, this kind of sales are good for them and also, just wait for all the merchandise and the really expensive figures start coming out.

Is there a logical reason we can’t have a well restricted messaging system on the switch? Has Nintendo responded about the lack of a messaging system on the Switch?

Is there a logical reason we can’t have a well restricted messaging system on the switch? Has Nintendo responded about the lack of a messaging system on the Switch?

Ok so I get the whole past problems with picto chat pedophiles. But let’s be logical here, there’s ways to make a pretty safe all age appropriate messaging system. Many online mmo’s targeted at children manage to do so.

If it is a child’s switch an option to disable messages all together would be a simple solution. If you think about it what they have going right now is not very safe.

Current situation: There are games that children play on the switch that have there own systems of communication. For example if a young kid is playing rocket league he is open to seeing adult content via there messaging system. Even though they take a few precautions like blocking inappropriate words and phrases, it’s very easy to manipulate letters and symbols to make whatever curse word you want.

If Nintendo were to have a private messaging system they could have parents disable it for kids. They could have a password lock in order to change certain settings as well.

Are they possibly waiting for there online switch service to be official? Let me know what you all think and any other options they could add.

Nintendo is in the right. I nearly got molested playing Rocket League last week. Still recovering from it and planning to lodge a formal complaint with psyonic for putting me in a situation where I can communicate with my teammates in a team based game.

I'm going back to my safe space, splatoon2 where nobody can even invite me to games.

Thanks Nintendo!

Unlike previous 2 posters, i prefer how PlayStation 4 did it by having customize options for controlling messaging. If you want constant stream of hate mail & you suck messages (coughsmash4cough), then you can set it to anyone. For those that prefer to have only friends can message you but randumbs can still send friend requests (w/o comment), theres an option as well.

This is my view since most randumbs only know how to spew shit and I rather not have bother with it.

A friend of mine communicated with a teammate in Rocket League.

He ended up app switching to BoTW and jumping off the top of the Gerudo Tower.

Never opened his paraglider.

Still haunts me to this day.

My guess is it's more logistical than anything. Nintendo Just Sucks at Online Stuff.

Xenoblade 2 has some of the best music and atmosphere I've seen in a game

Xenoblade 2 has some of the best music and atmosphere I've seen in a game

I've never just sat and listened to a title pages music in a game before. Monolithsoft has really done something special with the music in this game and i really hope it's used as an example for games in the future.

2017 is a year of AMAZING music in gaming, but this takes the cake imo

Do yourself a favor and listen to the XBC and XBCX osts sometime

Monolith Soft absolutely kills it when it comes to music and world building. The soundtracks Nintendo put on their channel were the biggest reason why I got so hyped for this game.

He can probably skip over the NLA theme

This whole game is just blowing my mind, I get that it technically has some issues but the gameplay, story, music and art direction vastly outshine any issues.

I have been wanting to tell everyone how good this game is, how deep and technical the systems are but how satisfying it all is.

I think the people who can't get past the technical issues or people who will avoid it because of them are missing out on a really special game.

The Wii games coming to the Nvidia Shield run via streaming through Nvidia's Geforce Now service, rather than through emulation directly on the Shield hardware.

The Wii games coming to the Nvidia Shield run via streaming through Nvidia's Geforce Now service,...

This is not true however. Nvidia has responded and claimed it is false. They run natively and are remastered.

So in other words the Switch could receive the GeForce Now service down the line is my guess

That's an interesting clarification. It did seem weird that Nintendo were just going emulate a bunch of their old classics on some Nvidia hardware. This makes more sense.

I wouldn't be surprised if some modified form of this is what they'll be calling the "classic game library" with the online service. It's ass backwards enough to plausibly be something they think is a fantastic idea.

Celeste running on Switch and Icon

Celeste running on Switch and Icon

I am glad this is coming out soon. At least we’ll have The End Is Nigh to satisfy the tough-as-nails platformer itch until Celeste comes out in January.

There's also Slime-san! Dunno' if it's quite on that level of difficulty but it's along the same vein of Super Meat Boy/The End Is Nigh.

God, yes yes yes.

I'm one of those people that finds tough games with generous checkpoints oddly relaxing, and Celeste reinforces that with some really nice ambiance.

(And it's snowy, so it'd make a perfect Christmas game!)

I've been excited since the showcase. It feels quite Nintendo to me because it's built around a simple move set and seems to fluid. I don't like all platformers but this looks like it's right for me. Also looks challenging but fair. By that I mean it's difficult but you aren't punished too much for failing. Can't wait!

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