"This is amazing"

"This is amazing"

"Oh that daughter of mine she's so silly. When she really likes a boy a lot she'll make me talk to them first. You seem like a nice young man. Here's her real number... "

I remember years ago when some woman I saw a few times got pissed off when I stopped seeing her and signed me up to a load of sexual websites, I got a load of emails but just created a new account

And here is our address!

That dude should give her phone number to those guys if he still has it.

Why is this type of behaviour so glamorized

Why is this type of behaviour so glamorized

'I'll do even better than that... I'll help you become even more pretty and skinny, by not doing a meal at all. Bye'

She deserves a $100 cut of meat? Well she can fork over the money for it herself then, I hope that guy ditched that bitch after reading that.

Seems satire.

"Normal stuff"

"Normal stuff"

"Crazy shit"

And now it's on Instagram.

$100 a filet? Those aren't even fancy steakhouse prices (at least in Texas)

Imported kobe beef though...

It's only okay if I can go through your phone

It's only okay if I can go through your phone

My ex used to do this often. Guess what, she cheated on me. Don't accept it, guys.

There's this thing about those who are very distrustful of their partner's loyalty but turn out to be guilty of being disloyal to them. When you see just how easy it is for someone to lie, cheat and betray the one they claim to care about by doing it yourself, of course you begin to have your suspicions about your partner doing the same thing to you.

With people, you really cannot have your cake and eat it too. Be more definitive about whether or not you want to be with a person, not be with them or simply have an open relationship status until you can decide; either way, be honest and uphold your integrity. You cannot expect someone to treat you better than you're going to treat them.

Shame you can't downvote mod tags in titles. Keep your shitty commentary to yourself

Same thing here. My ex was insanely jealous. Didn't even like me being around my friends; ended up cheating on me.

"yeah me and my mom have shared the same dick"

[deleted by user]

Not a nice girl. But extremely trashy. This must be the new record.

This has to be fake... Right?

“Get out of my mentions stinky”

One can only hope. Fear the worst

Is she really bragging

Is she really bragging

That isn't a good joke then.

No, she’s joking.

Something a lot of people on this sub don’t seem to think women are capable of

Some jokes are jokes but reflecting a truth, meaning that the person that made that post might actually accuse their s/o of ignoring them, just not expressing that thought or expressing it but to a lesser degree. Girls have a tendency to make jokes which reflect them, and considering it literally says "me as a girlfriend", then that means the girl says she would act like that to some degree, even if it's a joke.

A comic exaggeration stemming from some truth. But minus you saying "this is so me"

Yup. He is totally being a shallow, immature asshole by moving on in life.

Yup. He is totally being a shallow, immature asshole by moving on in life.

“Yeah and I need to rub it in your face and you have to beg me on your knees to get back in my life so I can turn you down”

If you need him to see it then you're not doing well without him.

I wonder if she can see the irony

“Honey” is the biggest red flag smh

Yeah, because I want someone who harasses my cousin... /s

Yeah, because I want someone who harasses my cousin... /s

Such a garbage insecure person.

EDIT: Used wrong term

“I don’t care that we broke up, I wouldn’t want any other girl ever touch you”

My NiceGirl ex

The ultimate double down. Probably just too embarrassed to admit they called out his cousin lol

One time this happened to me for liking and commenting on my brother's photo "Aww bro you actually look like a human here!" After we made fun of his gf for a solid half an hour he dumped her.

Trust issues much?

Trust issues much?

If you distrust your partner that much you might as well break up.

But she's a nice girl, she's just looking for a way to discuss her trust with him.

Did I say discuss? I meant argue.

I mean, there are like a million things she could be doing on that smartwatch that aren't related to not trusting him.

11 seconds of toxic 🤢

I don't understand how people think this is funny

I don't understand how people think this is funny

The girl they used for the image has an incredibly obnoxious face.

This photo is ripe for some photo editing. Exactly why I never take pictures with my mouth agape.

My wife does this though, but it's because she LOVES drama and fighting. She doesn't do it anymore because a) doesn't work on me, you wanna start shit, perfect now you get the silent treatment. b) We're both too old for this shit.

Hopefully she's looking at a pic of him banging her friend because he's tired of her shit.

We just had coffee lol

We just had coffee lol

Wow she brought up your mom having cancer, that’s low mate

Holy shit did you miss a bullet there, if it was a potential something - the audacity that she brought up your mother, the way she spoke about it, sickening.

Clearly isn't replying*

"don't ever fucking text me again you're blocked"

Got em

And then insulted him for crying, like, wtf? Usually these messages can show people stooping low but damn that's fucking horrible.

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