Cherry blossom in Germany is πŸ”₯

Cherry blossom in Germany is πŸ”₯

This is probably annoying af when all the petals start to come off

Where in Germany is this place?

This is the original source. The shot was made in Bonn.

Only when they rot. When they first fall you have beautiful heaps of petals to shloof through as you walk. But after a week or two they're just a mess.

A young crocodile in the middle of a flooded roadπŸ”₯

A young crocodile in the middle of a flooded roadπŸ”₯

These guys are pretty cute until they turn into huge mini-godzilla looking motherfuckers

interior crocodile alligator

I drive a Chevrolet movie theater

It's an American Alligator in South Florida

Looks like a Caiman rather than a Crocodile

Long-horned orb weaver spider πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Long-horned orb weaver spider πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

Usually it's for mating rituals - to fight off other males or just impress females. or defence from predators - birds, lizards etc

I'm just guessing though.

Long horned LOKI spider, ok? 😜

Those horns look really inconvenient.

It looks like I can hold it's antennas and ride it between the leaves.

Crested Honey Buzzard is LitπŸ”₯

He is not bothered by the Bees at all. Can someone explain?

A vital attribute shared by all honey-buzzards are scale-like feathers around the eyes and forehead which provide armour against the stings of the wasps, bees and hornets it preys upon. In addition, all have feet equipped with relatively straight claws adapted for digging and walking

Wow, he doesn't give a FUCK.

Feels bad. Think of the helpful bees. Cool gif though.

Ribbon Worm πŸ”₯

What was that lightning like stuff?? Do I want to know?

Seems like that was the obvious answer. Not sure if that’s the correct answer though.

It must be really embarrassed.

Looks like bacon getting fried

This πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ gecko's eye

This πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ gecko's eye

So sauron was a lizard this whole time

My first thought

Are those four pupils?

It looks like "The Eye of Mordor"

πŸ”₯ We did it! In 1 day the /sub/NatureIsFuckingLit community has raised $9,000 for charity in donations to the Wildlife Conservation Institute! Thank you to the 355 people who donated. πŸ”₯

One of the best part of this is there is probably someone out there who has never heard of reddit, reading through the donors and finding /sub/natureisfuckinglit donating $9,202 through someone named Fuckface.

My name is a work of art.

Our initial goal was to raise $7,000 for the Wildlife Conservation Network, but we blew past that and hit $9,000 in one day!

The campaign is currently at $9,202 and will not close for others that would like to contribute.

Thank you to the 355 users that donated to this charity and for caring enough to give to this organization.

Special thanks to /u/Fuckface1337 for nominating the WCN in our 700,000 subs thread.

To read more about the Wildlife Conservation Network, see their site and their list of wildlife conservation programs. πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

This is an Ethiopian wolf (Canis simensis).

They are the most endangered carnivore in Africa with less than 500 total remaining.

The Wildlife Conservation Network supports the Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program that our donations will fund, educating locals about the species and protecting their habitat.

Source Video:

Can we do a Rhino one for South Africa? Rhinos getting killed here like crazy. Mostly for east asian "medicinal" reasons. Yes Vietnam. I'm looking at you.

πŸ”₯ Gorilla wearing a cap

Someone needs to make a reaction gif of the gorilla taking off the hat and looking at her like. "Girl, whatchu talkin' bout?!"

Yo mods you better close the subreddit before that badass mofo drops his mixtape and burns the whole world alive.

I like how he put it on backwards right off the bat. That’s one cool ape.

πŸ”₯ The orchid bee is fucking πŸ”₯

πŸ”₯ The orchid bee is fucking πŸ”₯

Damn that guy is lookin fly

You know what else is lit? Net neutrality

The bee your queen bee says not to worry about

Congrats on being first non-net-neutrality post in 5 pages of my feed!

πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ /sub/NatureIsFuckingLit just hit 700,000 subscribers! The community chose Wildlife Conservation Network as our next charity to support, so let's raise $7,000 to protect the species we love. πŸ”₯ WCN has a perfect 100 rating on CharityNavigator. (Info on them and how to donate in the comments.) πŸ”₯

In the last charity nomination thread, /u/Fuckface1337 nominated the Wildlife Conservation Network as the charity for the subreddit to support. The community voted and WCN was chosen.

We've raised $6,000 with 600,000 subs, so it seems appropriate to go for $7,000 this time!

$10 from 0.1% of every person here would accomplish that goal. It took 281 people last time, including me.

Be a part of that, support something bigger and protect these species that really need it.

Donate Here:

Crowdrise is an independent charity crowdfunding site that allows us to set a goal as a group. None of this money ever goes to the moderators.

The minimum donation on Crowdrise is $10, due to processing costs most likely. I'd lower it if I could.

As I did last time, I have donated $100.

More on the charity:

Wildlife Conservation Network

WCN was founded in 2002 and supports conservation programs in 37 countries worldwide.

They back programs to protect several endangered and threatened species, such as spectacled bears, snow leopards, South American penguin populations, saiga antelopes, 22 species of various small wild cats worldwide, okapi, lions, Grevy’s zebras, cotton-top tamarins, Ethiopian wolves, cheetahs, wild painted dogs, and African elephants.

Around 93% of donated funds will go directly to the wildlife programs.

They have been rated 100/100 on CharityWatch, a perfect score making them the top wildlife charity worldwide.

Read about their various supported programs here:

The rays in the gif are shortfin devil rays (Mobula kuhlii) gliding majestically through the open ocean.

Chosen because one of the programs WCN supports is the protection of sharks and rays worldwide. πŸ”₯

Also shoutout to /u/internetmallcop for sending me Creddits to give Gold to a bunch of users that nominated charities for this drive! Thanks again :)

ThisπŸ”₯subπŸ”₯ is fucking lit

This community is fucking lit. πŸ”₯

Absolutely, you're donating to charity!

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