This is why we need National Parks.

This is why we need National Parks.

According to this, 94% of sequoia forests are protected, and the remainder are privately owned. I'm guessing that the 94% are on public lands. It's not necessarily the case, however, that those on private land are unprotected.

If the sequoia on the left was logged, it was probably done at least a century ago.

I don’t know what OP meant, but I take it as “without this [park protection], amazing and wonderful natural phenomena will be lost.” Worth noting that sequoia wood is kind of splintery, so back when they were logged, they were made into wooden matches. (Source: informational plaque at the park.) Way to go, humans.

I take it this is in some kind of wild yet unprotected place? Looks awesome wherever it is.

See below, thanks internet stranger. Sequoia tree before National Park protection, and sequoia trees after.

Bryce Canyon on a sunny winter day.

Bryce Canyon on a sunny winter day.

Absolutely beautiful, u/Bear__Fucker. So now that you’ve snapped this pic, what’s next on the agenda?

My cousin is suicidal and believed to be in/headed to a national park. Last seen in northern Arizona and southern Utah in the last 72 hours but on the move.

My cousin is suicidal and believed to be in/headed to a national park. Last seen in northern Ariz...

Dayne was seen in northern Arizona and southern Utah but he is on the move. Colorado, California, Nevada, and New Mexico are all areas of interest as well. He is driving the Dodge Caliber in the post and wearing a zip up hoodie. Please contact local authorities or the Hurst, TX police (817-788-7146 or 817-788-7180) with any information. His missing person case number is 2018000722.

UPDATE from my uncle:

Dayne left before sunrise on the morning of Feb. 12th. A note left behind made clear his intent. The first call made was to local police who have been coordinating with law enforcement and both national and state parks throughout the country. He took nothing with him but the clothes he was wearing (dark jeans, zip-up hoodie and slip-on cloth shoes) and his wallet with a small amount of cash. There are no tracking devices to rely on and he left behind all electronics incl. his cell phone. All browsing history, cookies, etc. were scrubbed clean on all devices. The most sophisticated recover tools have been used by law enforcement in an attempt to recover data without success. He has not contacted friends or relatives since he left. There was a confirmed sighting at a spot along the border of Arizona and Utah, northeast of the Grand Canyon on the morning of Feb. 20th but there was no indication of direction of travel. Dayne does not take drugs of any kind (recreational or prescription) and is absolutely non-violent and not a threat to anyone else.

6'4'' and <140lbs

He's given himself a head start. I don't mean to make light, that stat stood out and perhaps is evidence of how serious he is.

I hope this fellow is found, and I hope he lives to safely appreciate our natural parks as monuments to life's beauty.

"believed to be contemplating suicide by starving to death in the woods"

At least we can expect him to fail. The flesh becomes stronger than the mind when going hungry

The light in Yosemite is amazing. Taken with my iPhone 8 last week. No filters.

The light in Yosemite is amazing. Taken with my iPhone 8 last week. No filters.

A great hike is Glacier Point to the Panorama Trail. You can take the bus one-way up to the top of the mountain (see Glacier Point Tour):

You essentially take the bus up to the top of a mountain, ditch the bus, and then hike DOWN A MOUNTAIN. It's mostly downhill other than a ~1.5 mile patch at one point.

You can hit the Mist Trail or John Muir on the way down. We did the Mist Trail and kind of wish we did John Muir since the Mist was so crowded, and we were tired at that point. I believe it's close to a 10 mile hike, so you'd want to take the first bus in the day, and pre-purchase tickets. We got down with plenty of time left in the day, and it was probably the best hike I've ever done.

Here are a couple pictures from the hike, and I'm happy to answer any questions about it.

What was your favorite trail? I'm trying so hard to make it this year.

I liked the hike to Vernal and Nevada Falls via a combination of the Mist Trail and the John Muir Trail.

I hiked in the higher elevations in an October visit, and I did the upper half of the Four-Mile Trail, the Taft Point Trail, the trail to North Dome, and the trail to Cathedral Lakes. All were great. Here are some photos from my hikes.

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The Grand Tetons

The Grand Tetons

Grand Teton cannot be plural.

You are correct. Either Grand Teton or the Tetons.

You know what 'teton' means, right? Giggle, giggle. Nice pic

It’s called Grand Teton National Park. They aren’t necessarily wrong.

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