Damn millennials

Damn millennials

The crazy thing is the baby boomer generation raised most millennials and now they complain about them. So in a nutshell, the baby boomers are the ones that implemented participation trophies in competitions, then turn around and make fun of millennials for being brought up getting participation trophies.

I called my aunt out on this recently. She was bashing on millennials and participation trophies. I asked her who's generation gave those trophies out, because I don't remember a single teammate in my t-ball team asking for a trophy in 1996, but the parents were awfully mad their kid didn't get something.

I've always wondered if this millennial/boomer division shit is natural or not.

Curse You, narrow passage of water connecting two large areas of water!

Old but Gold!

Old but Gold!

The only thing I hate about all the gun violence other than fucking all of it is how once it's not a mental health issue, it's suddenly all these fucking video games and how they brainwash our kids to be violent.

Funny thing though, some of these same people fought similar stigmas in the 50s with comic books.

Side note: want to know something a lot of ancient Greek philosophers HATED because it would "spoil the mind"? The written word.

Old people just seem to hate new tech throughout history

Can't beat idiots with logic

They'll blame anything and everything but never guns

Ban fortnite before it’s too late

There's a fire somewhere in London.

There's a fire somewhere in London.

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Did they just assume their species?!?!

When you treat what the bbc says as completely unbiased fact

I wonder who all those intolerant people are... hmmm...

Meanwhile on r/PoliticalHumor...

Meanwhile on r/PoliticalHumor...

2 for 1 special

Funny how people are so protective of him.

Ahh, the circle of life!

Didn’t even have to look with a name like “trigger warning”. It’s so odd, they use that term to belittle, to denigrate, and yet... here’s this dude using it as his name, obsessing on others using a term he doesn’t like, freaking out when it is. And no irony can be seen.

Short but good

Short but good

This a /sub/woooosh

People who tell jokes?

Snap backs =/= murders.

Snap backs =! Murders


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