Unknown foreign indie band tours US bars and performs their original songs; local crowd knows lyrics and sings along

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just in case

Who needs sound anyway

You couldn’t possibly have thought posting this without sound was the right move.

i would love to be in a world where playing for a small pub is a concert

Pregnant neighbor

Pregnant neighbor

I too would look like a happy chubby penguin walking back home, but sadly I don’t think a fat guy turning up with a plate asking for food would elicit quite the same reaction...

I once cried while pregnant in the aisle of the supermarket because they were out of Better Cheddar crackers. I can believe this.

Well personally if somebody showed up to my place strictly based on the smell of my cooking I would take that as a huge compliment and give you some for sure.

I do that like twice a week and I’m a guy

'Don't worry, bro'

'Don't worry, bro'

A toddler born without legs or hands doesn't let the absence of his limbs get in the way of being the best big brother he can be.

The video was posted to Instagram by his proud mother, who said that his disability doesn’t stop him from taking care of his siblings.

‘Camden is always right there to give him his pacifier and wipe the spit up off of his mouth,’

‘This is an everyday thing for us, but I thought our friends and family would like to see it.’

She said that Camden, who is otherwise healthy, has amazing problem-solving skills which has enabled him to learn how to do almost everything on his own.

it made me smile and it made me cry.

This seems like the kid who deserves bionic hands with superhuman abilities

I never saw a wild thing feel sorry for itself. A bird will fall frozen dead from a bough without ever having felt sorry for itself. ~ D H Lawrence

More cops like him, please.

More cops like him, please.

Thank you for being a good human, Officer Jenkins.

There aren't more cops like this because if anything goes wrong the cop gets sued. That's it society now/ good deeds often do not go unpunished


I disagree, I do think there are plenty of cops who do wholesome things out there, especially in smaller communities.

However, you don't hear about these wholesome cops cuz the sad fact of our society is that bad news is more interesting than good news - the news are constantly flooding with bad cops and bad news.

I will at least agree that cops will be a bit overly careful, and that's because we in America push such an anti-police culture.

New grandpa

New grandpa

More like /sub/mademecry

Fuuuck, this hit me right in the chest.

I'm in the process of trying for a baby and I can't wait to reveal it to my dad when the time comes. He raised my sister and I alone and I love him more than anything. He bawled on my wedding day during our dance and I can't wait to see his reaction for this.

Oh man, I dont pay internet for you to hit me right in the feels

Such a genuine reaction

Oh man, I dont pay internet for you to hit me right in the feels

Such a genuine reaction

How we should all be in 2018 :)

Why is he dressed like Dora

Because Dora taught us that teamwork and cooperation can help us overcome any problems. If we can avoid the stealing foxes and pitch in together, we can realize fun is to be found in the journey, not just the reward. We all have to do our part for this to work and just yell at the TV.

This never a gets old.

This is adorable! That kid is super positive!


Lots of comments about the dress, but man that is a beautiful propane tank. What is that, 850wg?

[cracks a beer]


Nice way to start my morning.

Love the dress!

Little boy waits holding snacks for his friend

Love the little dude’s tippy tapps- can’t wait to see his pals!!!!

Ahh god that's so adorable.

Some kids did that to us last week then asked us to trash their little electric cars (that had stopped working). They cheered like we were the coolest dude's on the planet when the compactor cut the car in half (they were the kind kids sit in, so it was fairly cool). We always hit the air horn for them. Kids love the garbage man.

Garbage dude looks fly in the sun hat!

Tattoo for someone's deceased best friend

Tattoo for someone's deceased best friend

One of my cousins got a tattoo when her bf passed away while they were on a trip. I believe they were also considering marriage.

She decided to get a tattoo of an empty circle to show the time that will forever remain empty without him

Is there a sub that combines sad and aww, kind of like /sub/funnyandsad? This is tragically sweet and perfect for that sub.

Almost made me cry a little.

That is very sweet

My autistic Nine year old gives me "flowers" every morning. Only it's not always flowers ♡

My autistic Nine year old gives me "flowers" every morning. Only it's not always flowers ♡

Depends on your definition of "flowers" 😉 Album full :)

What a smart little boy

It's the thought that counts 😁

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