Daughters sent on errand to the car shop

How old is this if she said “video tape”?

confusing someone at the car shop?

i got a secret for you: not only do parts guys know that blinker fluid is not a thing, they know what is going on when someone asks for it.

And they've known this for 60 years.

It's important to change your blinker fluid regularly.

She was a good sport about it.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Lol. I expected the last guy to hold on to the second to last guy's foot

Why didn't they just go from the sides? Wouldn't that be more efficient?

Now try doing that with all your kit.


This older couple shooting straw wrappers at one another in a restaurant.

When she fails at first and starts laughing, awhhhhhhh

No dear, you have to blow harder.

Oh Herb, you say that all the time, you old codger.

When you're married to your best friend

These are definitely the type of grandparents who spoil your kids and fill them full of sugar before bed time... and warned you they would at your wedding if you ever needed a sitter

This single Dad found his calling when engaging his autistic son

I think he has a really kind face :)

Heartwarming, without the mask he doesn't look like an individual that cares for others, but he does. Don't judge a book by its cover I guess.

Here's more info and the source (I think I'm allowed to link it in this sub)

Dale Grounds, from Nottingham, has raised son Reece, eight, by himself since Reece was six months old. When Reece was diagnosed with autism in 2015, Dale struggled to find a way to cope with his meltdowns and moods - especially on his own. But he has come up with an ingenious solution - by dressing up as Reece's favourite superhero, Spiderman. Source:

Gotta make sure to take the mask off for credit.

Dog saves owner from being trapped outside

Dog saves owner from being trapped outside

I love how excited the dog is even though he has no idea what he did that was so great, he just knows his human is happy and that makes him happy.

She says “good boy” like 10 times lol

Awww I love this

If that was a cat she would of frozen to death.

Helping a kid get to school...

Helping a kid get to school...

Lucky for that kid this guy was home sleeping on a weekday. Pretty rare in that area, I bet.

Total respect for the kid for not only wanting to go to school that much but having the balls to ask random strangers, I know at that age I would've felt way too uncomfortable to go door to door asking for a ride, this kid is going places

Schools tend to start well before 8am. This kid was probably knocking on doors at 6:30 or 7 in the morning.

This ended much better than the last time this happened.

Astronaut forgetting he’s no longer in zero-gravity.

Funny how he looks up first to see where the damn thing went.

Oh that's too perfect.

I love the casual grace with which he brings his hand back to the exact spot where the pen was. I bet this was an action he performed many times in various circumstances in space.

I love this, you can see he finds it funny but at the same time there is that hint of frustration,

Teacher Dressed as Bob Ross for Yearbook Photo

Teacher Dressed as Bob Ross for Yearbook Photo

I’m sure he just wants to teach the world’s ‘happy little accidents’ and help them learn.

The guy to the left looks like he needs to get in this sub.

Is that Mr. Kraz, trying to get hired again?

Just trying to one up Susan’s rendition of Weird Al.

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