USA, baby

USA, baby

This right here is what America haters don’t get. Wish they could get a taste.

Home sweet home

Cookie is awesome

Being proud to be American shouldn’t be a political debate.

But we do have a growing tribalism problem. The guy with an opposing opinion isn’t just wrong anymore. Now he’s evil.

Freedom over oppression 🇺🇸

Freedom over oppression 🇺🇸

Stalin looks oddly okay with that dunk

Even our enemies can respect our mad skills when necessary.

Abrajam Lincoln and George Dunkington.

HAHAHA! I used this pic on one of the training spreadsheets had to send to my Division Officer every month. So much fucking freedom!

Teddy Roosevelt, the living definition of an American

Teddy Roosevelt, the living definition of an American

Teddy Roosevelt - got shot in the middle of a speech, and just kept talking.

That comic....

Forget Lincoln, I want Teddy: Vampire Hunter

Big dick energy.

*Big stick energy

*eagle noises*

*eagle noises*

You guys keep posting this here. This is brazil and of course those are off duty cops

Every one is off duty cop in Brazil even on duty cops are off dury

Jesus is this a weekly post or something? Everyone knows at this point this is in Brazil right?

And they traditionally shop together in exclusive off duty cop stores.

Best Canada day cake I've ever seen.

Best Canada day cake I've ever seen.

John I must say you have a one in several lifetimes of a friend right there bud. God bless you both in your journeys.

Sadly, this is not mine. I am not a canadian, and I found this on the internet. I am a red-blooded 'Murican.


found the canadian

MURICA 1, Deer 0

MURICA 1, Deer 0

When you find out about deer oil

I can hear the eagle screeching as the miller, coors, and bud cans crack in the back ground. Fuck Yeah

Fuck Santa!

Because it can’t? Bald Eagles are notorious scavengers and will eat roadkill, or other animals’ kills.

Had a MURICA moment at the store today... And I'm Canadian.

Had a MURICA moment at the store today... And I'm Canadian.

She's calling you here.

God bless your soul, 'MURICA will accept you with open arms. And when I say arms, I mean heavy machine guns, with a side of Doritos® of course.

According to exchange rates, you'd need to spend CAN$22.75 to truly channel the Murican spirit, but the effort is still greatly respected.

One of us, one of us

Blue Angels, my favorite shot from their show yesterday

Blue Angels, my favorite shot from their show yesterday

They're based out of Pensacola Florida. Often you can see them practicing from Pensacola Beach

They did a show yesterday? When?

They fly almost every weekend in the summer. Their website has a schedule. I can’t wait for the SF show in a few weeks.

Saw them this summer, first time since I was 12-years-old (35 now).

One of the coolest things you can ever see if you get the chance. The sound, and the FEELING of the sound, are indescribable. It’s something you need to experience.

The pilots were staying at the same hotel we were at. Was able to chat with them a bit in the lounge. They were all super nice and really appreciative of their fans.

And as a straight married man, I also discovered it’s a prerequisite to be devastatingly handsome to be a Blue Angel pilot.

Yumerica 🇺🇸

Yumerica 🇺🇸

That is just amazing. Well done Patriot.

This is the most glorious thing I've seen on this sub. If I wasn't married already I'd propose right now... on the condition I get a monthly, double-fruit pie of course.

Bummer!.. :(

Well done, Pastriot.

*laughs in freedom*

*laughs in freedom*

Holy shit, is this real???

WTF You couldn't just link it?

A suspected home invader? You can tell when someone is an invader, when they're inside.

Virgin burglar vs Chad 11 year old

They legally have to use that term until he’s officially charged with home invasion

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