The Kids Are All Red: Socialism Rises Again in the Age of Trump

The Kids Are All Red: Socialism Rises Again in the Age of Trump
The Kids Are All Red: Socialism Rises Again in the Age of Trump

It must suck to be bad at both critical thinking and trolling.

An article about socialists in Philly that doesn't mention the Philly Socialists. Come on now...

Better red than dead

It's almost like growing up watching our parents get screwed by the system has biased us against the system, and that the ensuing years of watching our debt skyrocket, our paychecks (if we're lucky to have them) sit, stuck, and our leadership continue to pass benefits to those least deserving of them has motivated us to say, maybe no on Capitalism. Maybe a no on that going forward.

Oh My lol

Oh My lol

And true euphoria is responding to allegations by saying: "it's okay the Bible says so!"

He's a sexual predator

Please try and understand the context here. Gay people have been smeared with bullshit accusations of pedophilia and (and predatory sexual behaviour in general, for that matter) for a long time, with severely negative effects on many of their lives. "Coming out" as gay in the exact same statement where he was responding to an accusation of sexually assaulting a minor was one of the worst possible ways to handle it. Whether it was "intended" as a deflection or not, it definitely functioned like one, with many of the headlines that followed focusing on "Kevin Spacey comes out as gay!" instead of "Kevin Spacey accused of sexually assaulting a minor", and the conflation of the two issues feeds a social stigma gay people have been fighting for over half a century.

Pretty much every gay person I follow on social media was outraged by Spacey immediately changing the subject to coming out of the closet (for example, Wanda Sykes told him "No no no no no! You do not get to "choose" to hide under the rainbow! Kick rocks!").

It was problematic particularly because the accuser was underage at the time, and gay men have been smeared as pedophiles for decades (and, for example, had this false association between homosexuality and pedophilia used as an excuse to deny them adoption and even access to their own biological children...)

"100-1000% increase in taxes on graduate students"

"100-1000% increase in taxes on graduate students"

need more money for the budget

The bill will add over a trillion to the national debt. It's a shameless cash grab by the rich.

Exactly. They need more of our money

And they call us entitled for wanting public healthcare, subsidized education, and affordable housing.

But I need a tax cut so my private jet isn’t so damn expensive. Do you have any idea how much those cost to run?

We Have To Look After Our Own

We Have To Look After Our Own

Just like when people say we can't afford College, Healthcare, roads, and livable wages while we spend trillions on trillions on war and corporate welfare.

Get a job you lazy fucks

Also applies to everyone who ever dared protesting for his rights in this country of obedient, workaholic zombies.

We're simply eating too much avocado toast.

A thing i have noticed is the massive difference between how American fiction portrays work and how fiction of other countries (especially european) portrays work.

In the former, people literally exist to work and they greatly enjoy that. They think about work day and night, outside of workplace, their job heavily defines their interactions with other humans, their job heavily defines their level of self-respect.

In the latter, work is generally seen as a chore or even as a soul-sucking activity, even in mainstream fiction. Most of the times the content hasnt anything to do with work (except police fiction of course), and we learn details about the characters' jobs only when the creator wants to showcase how exhausted/conflicted they are.

I havent been to America so idk if this also apply to society. But its a pattern that ive noticed through the years (of course there are exceptions in both sides)

Meet Cindy. We think giving her an extra $58/mo ($700/yr) will keep her just barely afloat and just barely healthy enough to come back to the voting booth and vote for an oligarch that talks “just like her” and “tells it like it is!”

Meet Cindy. We think giving her an extra $58/mo ($700/yr) will keep her just barely afloat and just barely healthy enough to come back to the voting booth and vote for an oligarch that talks “just like her” and “tells it like it is!”

I like that there is literally no information here.

Meet Cindy. She's a drawing and not real. We're gonna give her $700 bucks for some reason. Also for some reason she will save this money. In two thousand years she will have saved as much money as I currently have. I'm Paul Ryan and definitely not a space lizard in a human suit.

I know you tried to choose an inhumanely high number, but Cindy would have to save for 7000 years to approach Paul Ryan's net worth. Who got most of his wealth trough marriage, by the way.

Dismal facts presented by this tweet:

1) Cindy only makes $30,000 2) $30,000 is such a trivial amount of money that an extra $700 a year is a pretty decent 2.3% raise 3) When Cindy retires in 30 years, if she saved that $700 every year, she’ll still only have $21,000. 4) $700 divided by 26 pay periods is $26 extra a pay period OR $13 extra a week OR an extra $0.33 for every hour of her 40 hour work week. 4) $13 a week doesn’t even get Cindy into a matinee with her “1 daughter”.


Oh boy, that's almost an iPhone!

Gives a whole new meaning to "buying indulgences."

Gives a whole new meaning to "buying indulgences."

Ah, Jim Bakkker. Some of his greatest hits include:

Some of those who oppose Donald Trump are demon possessed and have demons coming out of their eyes. Source

A suicide bombing in Manchester, England killed 22 and injured 59, some seriously. Bakker claims the victims brought it on themselves because they attended the concert where the bombing happened and the title, "Dangerous Women Tour" somehow mocked God. Victims included children. Source

If Donald Trump is impeached from office, Christians will rise up and start a civil war. Source

Did Trump even bother with the usual republican pandering to conservative christians, or is this just the manifestation of blind support the party has built up in them over the years?

I think he had a few ministers place his hands over him and "bless" him at Trump Tower or some shit. But that was about it. Mostly, he is as racist as they are and they like that.

Article link:

Better than what falls from the sky!

Better than what falls from the sky!

I don't get why this "water+" bullshit wasn't just called soda. That's what it is, right? It's carbonated, sweetened, flavored water. The people who sell them just don't want to be associated with soda's nasty implications.

100% sure it's just municipal tap water

This is just mineral water. It doesn't have any sugar its just super pretentious marketing trying to make it seem like wine. Though carbonated mineral water does taste better than your garden variety tap water.

the repetitiveness shows how BS artisan descriptions are

'All Out Class War': GOP Bill Cuts Taxes for Private Jet Owners, Hikes Taxes on Students

'All Out Class War': GOP Bill Cuts Taxes for Private Jet Owners, Hikes Taxes on Students
'All Out Class War': GOP Bill Cuts Taxes for Private Jet Owners, Hikes Taxes on Students

I cannot comprehend how or why so much of the lower working class was tricked into thinking that a billionaire would have THEIR interests in mind

I want to know how they think moves like these, which make access to education harder, and make the rich even more ridiculously wealthy, are moves that will benefit them in any way

And honestly after the election of Trump why would they even pretend otherwise? The guys who were pulling strings are literally in office now with a base who have become increasingly radicalized.

As the child of two MAJOR Trump Supporters, I think I know part of the answer.

Racism is a huge one. As a country, we have never meaningfully been anti-racism. We just demanded people talked and behaved better in public. Also, they hate the Clintons more than they hate the Democratic Party which is really saying something. My father felt as though the Clintons, and therefore the Democrats, don't care about working people. And, honestly, I agree but to ever find your answers in the GOP is beyond me. You combine those two things with the real, strong, desire to be lorded over by a white guy in a suit and you have a vote for Trump.

If I may, I was republican until 2008 and a solid independent-republican voter until the 2016 republican primary. In that primary it became evident that (with Trumps absolute unveiling) that this party was not only comprised of entirely self-interested vampires, but more importantly a party that HATES working class citizens.

It seems absurd from the outside looking in that I hung around for so long. I have always been against the grain when considering my social-left views and I've always admired blue collar laborers. The truth is tho that I always justified my support of the GOP as pragmatic for no other reason than "you know what you're gonna get with these guys, so you might as well elect them and try to be civically engaged." It wasn't until last year that with the GOP I realized it isn't just about lining their coffers: they actually hate a vast majority of people.

ps - I'll be damned if I'm ever registered a democrat

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the one where they go to Pawnee

This may be a repost, but it's perfectly timed.

I can also tell by the reports this repost is getting that a banned brocialist is especially upset about his ban.


I banned from /sub/explainlikeimfive because I tried posting once and didn't put "ELI5" in the title.....

Found this imperialist bullshit in my school

Found this imperialist bullshit in my school

But God doesn't build in straight lines so angles aren't God's thing. 😅😆 Why spelling matters.

So many levels.

Curves are the work of the devil.

How obtuse.

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