Damn right!

Damn right!

Too bad it doesn't mention "printing the truth" over simply printing anything others don't want.

I guess the picture stands up to its own questionable standards, seeing as there is no evidence Orwell even said this.

Edit: tldr... It is likely paraphrased from a William R Hearst quote. A businessman who owned 28 newspapers and arguably owed his journalistic success to sensationalist bullshit, skewing truth just like this quote.

...I think we just did full circle irony

This quote is awful. Journalism is printing the truth, printing what someone doesn't want printed could just as easily apply to a tabloid. For example: Bill Clinton was infected by aliens, and had their baby! I am sure Bill Clinton would not want that printed... that does not make it journalism...

What if I don't want public relations printed

Came here to say this glad you did, and with a lot more detail and sources than I would have.

We're using slaves to fight fires

We're using slaves to fight fires

My mom’s boyfriend used to do this when he was incarcerated. The sad irony is he says this is where you actually want to be, because you get the best food/living arrangements. Imagine that. “Be good while you’re here and if you’re lucky we’ll let you fight fires for a dollar an hour.”

Don’t forget about the 50+ “juvenile offenders” (kids) also fighting these fires.

No, they get to go back to prison, and when released, don’t qualify to work as firefighters. Paying them to be non-slave firefighters would mean less chance of going back to prison, and we just saw that slaves are the backbone of the firefighting force.

Yeah, from the outside, it looks like a shit show, but from behind bars, it's by far the preferred way to do one's time. And for those of you who have never been incarcerated, they don't call it "doin' time" for nuthin' because that's ALL there is to do: Time. Sweet, sweet, wrist-gnawing time.

So, if one is a non-violent offender, then there is a fairly wide array of how one can 'do their time' while incarcerated. Earning a bit of scratch, having a shitton more freedom plus much better food has tremendous appeal.

But the problem remains that prison isn't there for rehabilitation—it's there solely for punishment. Until the US actually overcomes this core defining purpose of the penitentiary, we don't have much hope for anything changing—especially given the power of the prison-industrial complex that thrives off of cheap, readily available prison labor.

Oh to be like The Netherlands where they're closing prisons because they lack the recidivism that the US prison system so necessarily thrives upon.

And don't get me started on goddamn privatized prisons—they're just plain fucking evil. There are three things that should NEVER be privatized: Education, Health Care and Prisons. Advocates for privatizing any one of these is beyond redemption.

That's a really tough one. They should at least consider offering good candidates a real firefighter job after they finished their sentence.



The homeless guy even handed the $100 in after feeling bad about stealing it. He didn't spend it for himself.

Welcome to white collar crime.

I’m in law school and taking white collar crime right now. It’s amusing to me to hear the conservatives in class spin in circles trying to tell the class why a corporate executive who defrauded thousands of people’s life savings should do less time than one person stealing because they legitimately don’t have the means to feed themselves.

Reason #251616 why our system, and country, is broken.

Your other guy would spend that at lunch and not think twice about it.

Before joining r/LateStageCapitalism vs after

Before joining r/LateStageCapitalism vs after

Optimistic young man adhering to ideals of justice from a working family, is declared a terrorist by the empire. Old man says nothing matters, old ideologies are futile, is corrected by little green man who says the process is the important thing, and to stop living in the past.

That anarcho-communism not anarcho-marxism. I'm an ancom lol

matters, old ideologies are futile, is corrected by little green man who says the process is the important thing, and to stop living in the past.


Anarcho-Marxist? Is that a thing?

I don’t know why but they do.

I don’t know why but they do.

What is 'market dominance.'

I will take exploitative capitalism for $400, Alex.

Because, if the rich control the press, you could lose your job criticizing their bourgeoisie pals. So, as a journalist you have to ask yourself; is the truth worth starving to death over?

191k a minute. People live their entire lives not having made a tenth of that.

Clearly they just need to work harder /s

Police exist to serve corporate interests and protect private property

Police exist to serve corporate interests and protect private property

Nice meme.

But seriously, if anyone here hasn't looked deeply into what happened at Standing Rock, you should.

It was horrific. The ruling class had private mercenaries roll in with no insignias on their uniforms carrying weapons pointed at the faces of the protesters. These hired killers and the national guard eventually used all sort of weapons like rubber bullets, bean bags, water cannons laced with toxic chemicals, and sound cannons that can cause permanent hearing loss against unarmed people, including children, the elderly, and pregnant women. This just happened recently and was largely unreported.

The corporate elite are using barely restrained military might from the most powerful military force in world history against unarmed civilians trying to just protect their land and clean drinking water.

By the way, this land was granted to the Native tribes because of the genocide and theft of land previously. Then it was decided that the ruling class and their appendage, the US government, once again just had their fingers crossed in their dealings with these "savages" and just decided to put a pipe down through their sacred lands and burial grounds anyway.

What the fuck is going on in this country?


Even better, the pipelines was originally supposed to go through Bismark. White people said no. So they instead sent it through Native American land, knowing that the natives would protest (this was argued in court before the construction began).

Anyone who fucking tells you that the pipeline is harmless is full of shit. Otherwise, the people of Bismark wouldn't have cared about it going through their town.


F-F-Fuck the Police.

You know that one game?

You know that one game?

You know how in every game of Monopoly there's that long, tortuous phase where it's obvious who's going to win but not everyone has quite been screwed out of every last cent yet?


What's the real world equivalent to flipping the board and rage quitting?


Monopoly was supposedly created to prove that capitalism doesn't work.

I called a suicide hotline

I called a suicide hotline

this literally happened to me. my bill wasn’t as high as $3000, but it was still enough that my family couldn’t pay it. pretty messed up :/

most of the mainstream crisis hotlines can track calls. i've had this confirmed in my crisis intervention class now that i'm in college. i guess this is good in the case that if someone is saying "i'm here with a gun against my head, i'm going to do it" they aren't completely helpless in trying to reach this person before they kill themselves. my town has crisis trained police, so two of them came with the ambulance, and they came and knocked on the door, waking up my mom and stepdad (i was 17). then i had to explain what was going on to my mom, and got driven to the hospital in a humiliating way only to be sent home hours later, deemed "not a risk to myself". i felt even worse when i got home knowing the trouble i'd caused my mom that night.

i was literally just calling because i was alone, everyone else was asleep and i needed someone to talk to about my urges to cut myself. imagine my face when we received a steep bill for all the "services" the hospital provided me.

This is super common. I had an experience back in my 20's where I admitted to being suicidal. They immediately took me away, put me in involuntary hold for 72 hours, forced drugs on me that gave me severe allergic reactions. I lost my job, and I had to appear before a judge, drugged and confused, where they tried to take away my rights. I won my freedom to a sympathetic judge but it could have just as easily gone the other way. Now 10 years on I will never trust the mental health system in this country again. Being honest with a mental health professional can wreck your life. The people who think the system is just trying to help have never been a victim of it, they don't see it from the inside.

Ok but what the fuck? I didn't know suicide hotlines could do that. Did you give them your address or name or did they track the call? How did it all go down, if you don't mind my asking.

Landlords "suck"

Landlords "suck"

I still support renting as a socialist. I want a place to live that's not fully committal and I know will be maintained, while giving somebody a job.

It's the prices of the rent and utilities, along with shitty landlords that grab up more land than they deserve so they can hoard money where things start to get fucked up.

I’m not a Socialist but I’m curious. What are the short and long term solutions to this problem? I own two homes, (well the bank does really). My father in law lives in one but he may move to assisted care soon. Should I sell the home rather than rent it out? We were thinking of renting it out to help pay for his long term care. Serious question, I’m not looking to start an argument.

Please no, I can't take another "Not all landlords" defense of corporate real estate from some deluded petit bourgeois 3-unit walkup owner.

Banks, mortgage lenders, and Landlords have so much in common



I don't want to be rich. I want to be emancipated from wage-slavery.

Edit: For those that somehow extrapolate "I don't want to work" from this can eat a bag of soggy ass-holes and then go read a goddamn book. I CRAVE work. However, the work that this system wants me to do is trivial, meaningless bullshit. We could be off exploring the mysteries of the universe in a spaceship made of fucking recycled hamster shit by now if people understood that the majority of the work being done in the world is completely unnecessary and only serves to perpetuate capitalism.

Edit2: grammar

Seriously this. The funny thing is, when i first say "i dont want to be rich" it blows people's minds. Yet when i ask people why they want to be rich, they have the most fantastic answers:

"so i can run my own pottery class"

"So i can see my grandkids"

"To be able to see the world"

And i just think; none of you want to be rich. You just want to be free. Which they can be...we've just grown up in a system where money is life, death and freedom. So imagining a free life without riches is inconceivable to many. Sad really.

Man, I wish everyone understood this.

I think about winning the lottery, and honestly, I would still work hard at my job and live pretty much the same life (I've got it pretty good). The only difference is that I wouldn't be scared shitless of getting fired if the economy tanks and we lose clients.

The brainless and blind parroting of this bullshit narrative is a direct result of media frequently propagating the "being rich is not a crime" and "are you not allowed to be rich anymore?" strawman arguments every time there's a discussion on the rich getting tax breaks and not paying their due share.

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