Wait, are they talking about me??

Wait, are they talking about me??

Titus isn’t lost. So why would they be looking for him? Must be another Titus. Makes sense to me.

Like that scene in Forrest Gump.

"His name's Forrest."

"Like me!"

"I named him after his daddy."

"He got a daddy name Forrest too?"

Worked as a lifeguard for ten years... Kids are beyond stupid. Examples: 1. Pool has been open for three hours, hundreds of people in the pool. Kid comes up to me “is the pool open?” I jokingly told him no and he just sat down and pouted

Pump room has signs saying “authorized access only, staff only, etc” we leave the door open when working in there so guards know where we are should we not respond to a radio alert or whatever. Working in a pipe pit, climb back up the ladder and there’s this six year old just standing there over an open hole smiling at me. Granted I did leave the door open but still... escorted him out and found his parents ignoring their children.

Diving well, 12 feet deep, small child walks up to me, says “I can’t swim” then jumps in, no life jacket or anything.

I love kids but Jesus Christ they are suicidal little idiots

"dawg... I'm right here... you're not seriously telling me there is ANOTHER kid here named Titus, are you??? because that would be sick."

This kid is an idiot

At least, he got cameraman's attention like he wanted.



Somehow I believe that a 3 yo is smarter than her

The kid isn't a baller

Oh the ripe autism age of 13. I do miss it

Why's Mike cryin?

He could still play for Phoenix.

Just when you think he succeeds, the hoop gets the last laugh.

Little man had to go 😂

Little man had to go 😂

Thought he was gonna lay a massive dump at first. Bit disappointed.

The fact that the kid goes unnoticed by the couple makes it even funnier.

My hand autopiloted to my forehead and i cant stop staring into the abyss. Why did this happen in my life span?

Plot twist: They don’t know that kid

Probably been posted already but this instantly made me think of this sub

Probably been posted already but this instantly made me think of this sub

Imagine being 9 years old and receiving a call/text from a fucking chicken nugget asking you to hangout.

Tbh I know adults that would fall for this

They aren’t actually pretending to be chicken nuggets, they’re making accounts like ‘chicken nuggets’ so kids add them, similar to liking a page called ‘chicken nuggets.’ The kids see something they like or know and assume that the person behind the page is safe, and that’s how they get in contact. The kids don’t actually think they’re going to meet a chicken nugget

What. No, this is just a joke. This isn't real, right?


Physics experiments in the garden

Did he stand on the wrong side of the plank? Really?

This is so poorly photoshopped that I'm actually worried for the people who fall for it

Haha This made my day


Send it, bruh!

Looks like he had fun tho


Dumb Bastid.

Stupid jack ass doesn't know how to use a bucket

Stupid jack ass doesn't know how to use a bucket

The "Ah, fuck it!" throw is classic.

This is my daily work load situation

It's a ghost

Idiot can't feed himself

Idiot can't feed himself

And then he starts acting like a baby.... jeez

Edit for typo

Motorcycle helmets to fight obesity ! This idiot is a genius...

Fucking idiot smdh

Life is hard.

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