Too Much Pressure

"Can I spray it?"

"Sure, why not?" grabs camera

"How do I hold it?"

"Doesn't matter."

Stupid little kid

Stupid little kid

I would have been skinned alive for this.

My parents would have returned me.

My parents would have just returned it all

How’s that kid stupid? The parents are the ones that’s stupid.

He is a murderer

He is a murderer

That's a kid that wants to remain an only child

That kid looked him right in the fucking eyes afterward.

"You like that, you cunt?"

No siblings for me old guy

I too miss being stupid with no sense of danger

I too miss being stupid with no sense of danger

That actually looks really fun

Props to that kid who hopped up and grabbed it for a single ride up. That was awesome.

Yeah I'm sorta thinking I might still be stupid with no sense of danger.

Am I a bad person for wanting that kid to go flying off just to see how far he goes?

Yep, he’s my son.

Yep, he’s my son.

Another kiki challenge that failed

No excuse for that boneheaded behaviour.

Unless he’s drunk ofc. Is he drunk?

Sadly, he comes by it naturally

Kid: plops out of car and lets door smack him in the face. Dad: records vertical video.

Like father, like son!

Just got served.

Just got served.

That kid got fuckin rekt

That kid is going places.

The hospital?

Who let the kid meander out there? Asshole parent. Bordering on /sub/trashy

That should work

That should work

the dog is so focused

If this works...

If could work dogs learn by watching other dogs!

The dog appears to understand the concept better than the kid, I call it good enough

A series of unfortunate events

"Jackass: Kindergarten"

This gif made my knees bleed

This looks very old. Those little cars were day wreckers..

This is so much fun to watch hahaha

Little angel

Little angel

Throw that baby away

Vasectomy it is.

Ugh just throw it all away


Dumb kid can't jump rope

I never knew you could throw yourself at the ground

Then the crying started, oh the horrible cries

She just DDT’d herself

The secret to flying is to throw yourself at the ground and miss. - Douglas Adams

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