I believe this belong here

I believe this belong here

Holy shit that fucking retard almost killed that eagle!

I love how the first response to the kid biting the bird was to shake his head vigorously in an effort to get him to drop it.

This made me irrationally angry.

Death penalty. No trial.

Petition to change this sub’s logo to this.

Petition to change this sub’s logo to this.


Makes way more sense.

How dare you call the children slow! They are trying their best and do not need bullies like you! /s

The rule of three

The rule of three

Let's be honest. Putting such a thing onto a playground for kids wasn't smart either.

Ow fuck looked like concrete to me. Poor fucker cracked his jaw

Is it bad that I laughed?

Why on earth would a city floor a playground with concrete? If they cared anything about child safety they should have used plastic tiles. Children fall a lot.

I think this belongs here

I think this belongs here

More like parents are fucking stupid

The kid would've been long gone if the snake was hungry

People are fucking stupid.

Also belongs in /sub/donthelpjustfilm

Genius runs around with flaming gas can

Genius runs around with flaming gas can

Oh fuck yeah spread it.

Just a sec let me firebomb the garden

My favorite part here is when he attempts to blow out the flame like a birthday candle.

Lemme jus extinguish this by spreading it

Genius manages to fall through the only opening

Back in my day, we didn’t have netting around the outside. If you landed on a spring or bar...don’t land on a spring or bar 😐

Edit: I love all the fond memories of trampoline injuries in this thread 😂

10/10 landing

If you make it idiot proof someone will invent a better idiot.

Parents are f#cking stupid, you are suppose to zip up the zipper so your kid doesn't fall out.

Time to go bald

Time to go bald

Oh crap! Let me just put this right back.

Hahaha I love the pat down

“this is fine, this looks okay”

Wearing the jersey of a guard, but forgot the guard.

Started off a golden state fan, wound up hating the Clippers

Cheese balls on fire

Cheese balls on fire

Looks like fun to me.

goodness gracious cheese balls on fire

Yeah this is definitely something I'd do.

Source: am city/redneck hybrid.

thats actually really cool,maybe the sound version has the kid who kicked them running off screaming or something, but this seems like kids being a bunch of kids.

Come on, kid.

Come on, kid.

Lol this sounds like one of the lies my brother would have told me when we were kids. I was in my 20s before I learned that Bob Barker did not in fact play James Bond before hosting Price is Right.

Quick reminder George R R martins real name is George Reorge Rartin Martin

This guys daughter sounds like a riot.




Please someone post the source with sound.

He lost all motor control, nice

That's actually not as satisfying with the sound included

I love how he was all tough like "That all you got?" holding his ear up to it listening for more and then he got scared shitless. Probably a bit traumatic for him though :/

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