He is The One

He is The One

If I was touched by Keanu, I wouldn’t dare file a lawsuit. It would be a blessing from the gods.

Mr. Hoverhanderson..

I understand him. Me and my girl have about the same height difference as Sir Keanu here and the girl in his right, and I've unknowingly nudged the side of my girl's boobs when I try to wrap my arms around her.

I'd file a marriage license.

When you challenge Keanu to a staring contest...

Keanu is already prepared to shake the mans hand after he wins

I think it’s a smiling contest....or funniest hair contest

Nope. If I locked eyes with Keanu for more than three seconds I'd spontaneously combust.

He can’t even contain his own niceness

Should have been Keanu

Should have been Keanu

I dunno, I think Bendydick Cumberpatch did a great job. Keanu surely would have been great too though.

Yeah I was thinking the same thing! As much as I love Keanu, Benadryl Cucumber did a pretty great job.

I’d rather he were Adam Warlock

Yeah, agreed. We all love Keanu, and it would have been an interesting take on the character, but honestly it's hard for me to imagine him being played by anyone but Bendandsnap Clutterbug.

Is it possible to learn this power?

Is it possible to learn this power?

Keanu Reeves: The only person who becomes younger as he ages.

You need to find futuristic pictures that look like Keanu and the put a year tag like 2500, 3000 etc

The power of growing hair? Nope.

He uses hair to hide the fact he isn't aging. He will disappear in the next 10 to 20 years to avoid suspicion

I raise you Keanu running off his gunshot wound in the rain

I raise you Keanu running off his gunshot wound in the rain

Keanu Reeves has jumped through fire, death, bullets, computer software, and rain to bring us the entertainment we need but not what we deserve.

He’s been around for about 800 years. This is just a small fry to him

Dont forget demons

Can we get him to lay a wreath to commemorate our war dead?

Keanu hanging out with a homeless man

Keanu hanging out with a homeless man

Just looking at some porn with homeless people...or just another Wednesday.

Is his pant torn by any chance?

what an unfortunate place for pants to rip too

But it’s classy British porn.

Casual fine dining with Keanu

Casual fine dining with Keanu

Keanu and Ken 11/10

Pic was taken during the 2016 Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. Next to Keanu is Ken Block, American pro rally driver.

The Gymkana guy? Sweet.

TIL ken is always ready for a fire

It’s true.

It’s true.

Well that can't fucking fly because then there'd be fourteen million six hundred and five possible futures and only one where Thanos wins.

Who WOULD he be a good fit for, actually? I can't unsee Benedict as Strange

John Wick. Thannos killed his dog

If keanu was thanos he could ve just snapped at the beginning of the movie

This is a beautiful work of art

This is a beautiful work of art

All the credit goes to Tillieke

Does the circle refer to the club where he visited the bad guys?

Probably, the club is called the Red Circle.

Which I hope to god is a cheeky reference to a Circle K but it’s probably a coincidence.

I felt that I want to cry. It's quite an emotional piece, really good considering the good story of the movies.

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