Qubic team will be doing the Qubic Reddit AMA on July 17th, 9am - 11am PST (4pm - 6pm UTC) A link will be posted the day before to collect questions.

Qubic team will be doing the Qubic Reddit AMA on July 17th, 9am - 11am PST (4pm - 6pm UTC) A link will be posted the day before to collect questions.

Can’t wait. This is gonna be super interesting.

I wonder what they think about Qlite from microhash. A 19year old student who created this working project in 1-2 weeks...

CfBs child

... try this one

I made a little logo animation for Iota

I made a little logo animation for Iota

Nice, get rid of the gradient and drop shadow and you're good to go :)

Well done Ninja_Apple!

I'm an experimental bot. I can make mistakes.

I've posted an update on this sub :)



My name is David Sønstebø. Warden of DAG’s and Lord of the Tangle. In the name of Sataoshi Nakamoto first of His name, King of Cryptos and Protector of the Ledger, I hereby sentence you FUDders to die.

Brace yourselves. Q is here.

I think its fair to assume that this is where the fomo will kick in ..

Anyone else feel like watching stranger things?

I think I need to sit down.

Once and for all

Once and for all

The borderline comical absolute overreaction and FUD inducing hysteria over a single day delay on a major project,Ecosystem have prompted me to address this topic once and for all.

At one point we said: NO MORE ETAs. However, then a large portion of the community complained about lack of transparency and started worrying about the direction of the Foundation, whether we had clear plans or not. So as a compromise we started giving loose ETAs, enter Soon™, but then people misinterpret them and freak out over small delays.

For historical context: we started IOTA by literally telling all hypers, speculators, etc. to literally "FUCK OFF". We did not want them involved. IOTA was not to become a speculative 'hype the code before you type the code' project. We succeeded in weeding out the worst of it. This is an achievement we are proud of. When we give people an ETA or give examples of exciting projects to contrast the dooming and glooming certain people spread like a virus through our comms channels we do so because we want everyone's focus to be on the vision and future of IOTA.

If you can't accept loose ETAs with potential for delays, move over to something else, please. You can't predict how long innovation will take; it's literally impossible, we're talking about exploring and specifying the unknown here. It is inherently impossible. Everyone that has ever done ANYTHING, doesn't have to have anything to do with software, knows that there are too many variables in this universe of ours that can cause delays at any given moment. This is known as Hofstadter's Law

IOTA is in no rush, we have already broken enough records. IOTA got nothing to prove, we have already proven our ability to execute and deliver. We owe nobody anything. If you want to boost something in IOTA, participate. It's that simple, IOTA is an open source COMMUNITY and ECOSYSTEM, it's not just IOTA Foundation.

Everything will play out in due time, in the meanwhile I implore everyone that has IOTA's interests in mind to support the insanely devoted and talented pool of researchers, developers, administrators etc. that comprises the IOTA Foundation, as well as the community heroes and evangelists that have made IOTA what it is.

Don't even give a thought to the lambomoon kids. The vast majority here support you guys and know that the foundation is in good hands... Keep up the good work.

A few loud people online can seem like a mob that grabs pitchforks every time a "deadline" is missed, but the reality is that most of us are patient and supportive because it's well known that iota is not a pump and dump. People that refresh the website every three minutes are still learning the virtue of patience and you can't let their personal journey through that process effect your mindset or your journey. We trust you. We agree with you. And we know that you have the worlds best interests at heart. Keep up the great work, and thanks again for everything you do.

Good write up, i can really see it getting tiresome with people complaining no matter what you do and how much you accomplish.

I have personally stated that I am willing to put money on Trinity being perceived and experienced as the best wallet in this space. Yes. Q will be big, and is the ONLY thing we've ever had an inside joke 'hype' with our community. We have not put out any press releases or any bullshit paid for promo to build the hype, we want a candid relation with our community, and Q was a rare example of that. As for major companies, next to Ethereum there is no other project that are working with as many as IOTA, so... we have delivered on our promises. I don't get your argument.

Intel colllaborating with Fujitsu to integrate #AI and IoT machine vision

Intel colllaborating with Fujitsu to integrate #AI and IoT machine vision

Go Fujitsu and IOTA! :)

"IOTA brainwashes Fujitsu execs, Intel may be next!"

Major players starting to show their cards! Wonder how the fud brigades will try and handle this one lol

Holy moly!

Welcome Eric Hop to the IOTA Foundation

Welcome Eric Hop to the IOTA Foundation

I read some of his articles and seen his replies, he is incredibly helpful and patient. IF is not gathering just super intelligent people, but by the looks of it they are also very nice (and funny), really focused on making the world a better place

Q is David’s trip to Hawaii. Eric is his vacation planner

You heard it here first.

Eric is a rare gem of ceaseless enthusiasm for computer science and has a life time of experience to show for. His infectious passion for IOTA and dedication toward the project through the community, coupled with his skill set and decades of experience makes him a perfect match for the team. He will be working primarily on Q (do not bombard him with questions!) Give him a warm welcome!

There's no application as it's not something you ask permission for. You find what you love, and you do it. Generally if you do it well, you become in demand enough to get paid for it.

The solution is to stop wiping ass. It's easier said than done as most societal structures (Parents and friends) push you towards ass wiping because they're all ass wipers. Unfulfilled drones in the workplace.

Have you found your passion?

Trinity Wallet Update - 9th April

Trinity Wallet Update - 9th April

Here’s this week’s breakdown of the work completed by the Trinity team.


Added: Greater translation support Updated: Restructure bundle storage -> making it more lightweight Fixed: Crashes when adding seeds with huge bundles in their history Updated: Exception handling when fetching chart data


Added: Android native address generation -> will lead to marked improvements in speed on initial load, sync and address gen Added: Official iOS native address generation -> will lead to slight improvements in speed on initial load, sync and address gen Added: Deep linking -> pre-fill wallet send page with address, amount and message by opening a link Updated: Use native address generation when transitioning for a snapshot Fixed: Black background on inactivity logout screen Fixed: Send max functionality when user has funds at spent addresses -> only include funds not at spent addresses in max total Added: Custom node selection on login page Fixed: Crash when adding custom node Updated: Increased maximum local storage size on Android Fixed: Keyboard responsiveness bug on inactivity logout on iOS Updated: Increased inactivity logout timer to 5 minutes Added: Informational modal when a user attempts to spend from a used address Updated: Don’t reset settings page on tab switch while syncing/transitioning Other minor UI fixes


Added: Background polling -> fetches transaction data, market data and auto-promotes without need for user action Updated: Encrypted seed storage now also uses keychain on mac, Credential Vault on Windows and libsceret on linux -> providing two layers of encryption Updated: Hash password when storing in state Added: Option to change wallet inactivity lock time-out in Advanced settings Updated: Remove password wall from overall account settings -> instead add to individual settings (view seed, edit account name etc.) Added: Only display a single transaction in history -> remove reattachments Added: Auto focus on text input fields Updated: Transaction history UI Added: Convert market cap and volume to user’s selected currency Fixed: Seed validation broken during setup Fixed: Broken flow when disabling Two Factor Auth Fixed: Clipboard clearing at the wrong point during setup when entering an existing seed Fixed: Node settings hanging forever when an invalid node address is provided Fixed: History showing incorrect items for selected filter (sent, received, pending) Fixed: Empty account name breaking wallet Fixed: Send value conversion not working as intended Fixed: Some elements in dark theme being unreadable Lots of smaller bugs, typos and features fixed

A selection of tasks on the TODO list:

Add ability to remove custom nodes Add another page before saving the seed reiterating the importance of keeping your seed safe Add manual sync function to desktop -> cleans up wallet state Fix Android splash screen issue Various minor bug fixes

Bless up!

Thanks for the update! You can't stress this enough:

"Add another page before saving the seed reiterating the importance of keeping your seed safe"

Happy to see that this get's the attention it deserves!

Can't wait to test it out! Good job.

i started playing fortnite, makes the time go by faster :D

Thank you for all your hard work team!

Welcome Rolf Werner (Fujitsu) to the IOTA Foundation

Welcome Rolf Werner (Fujitsu) to the IOTA Foundation

"Dr. Rolf Werner is Head of Central Europe at Fujitsu. In this role he manages the company’s business in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. He is also Chairman of the Managing Board of Fujitsu Technology Solutions GmbH. Working from Munich, Werner is responsible for one of the most important markets for Fujitsu."

I am really liking the people the Iota Foundation are bringing in, most of them seems like powerhouses in their own sectors. Together they can make a serious contribution to the project.

Amazing news! Thank you Mr. Werner for putting so much faith into IOTA and helping to make it an "industry standard"!

At this point the IF is competing with the Linux foundation in terms of intellectual base and industry pull.

Welcome Dr. Rofl! Have Fun

Could IOTA be implemented in BARTERDEX?

Could IOTA be implemented in BARTERDEX?

Currently we can't trade IOTA on any decentralized exchange. Almost all DEX available only works on ethereum tokens, but BARTERDEX has support for a lot of blockchains and tokens. Is viable to bring IOTA to Barter?


Yes, it should be possible. But of course: it's a challenge. But the whole decentralized exchange thing is a challenge.

Maybe after IXI barter devs could add it, I would like to become a IOTA market maker.

Trinity Wallet Update - 19th March

Trinity Wallet Update - 19th March

'Ere me now. Here's the work completed by the Trinity team over the past week.


Add iOS native address generation to snapshot transition function Finish implementation of new seed encryption schema Improve two-factor authentication key encryption Hide send max toggle on 0 balance Update loading animation Increase text input touch radius Add custom toggle component Add checksum to seed reentry page Fix 2FA crash Fix Android icon misrender bug Fix denomination reset on send transfer error Fix transaction message display bug Replace app icon on Android/iOS Update settings UI Update progress bar UI Update manual promotion/rebroadcast UI


Wallet setup UI overhaul Add page transitions Add transaction deep-linking General bug fixes


Fix slow load bug Fix slow transaction history polling bug Fix number/symbol account name bug Add first unused address to store on initial load Add support for Greek Add greater translation coverage Code refactoring Add test coverage Update light and dark themes

Todo (not exhaustive):

Android native address generation Further code refactoring and test coverage Other bug fixes Adjust tryte conversion scope/optimise conversion In-app bug reporting

Thank you for the update and the good work!

this is gonna be a killer wallet

Looking like most of these details are just the final touches to make this wallet the best possible. Thanks for the update!

Looks almost done! Great Job! Looking forward to release

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