Impatient driver doesn't care about life. Including their own.

Impatient driver doesn't care about life. Including their own.

Overtaking into a blind corner over a double line. Anyone and everyone taking sides with the driver of the car is an imbecile.

Depending on the countries law, bikes can be ridden in the entirety of the lane. As a cyclist, I agree the tandem should've been riding at the rightmost side of the lane. However as seen on dozens of similar clips, most car drivers have never been on the receiving end of the overtake. If you're going to overtake a cyclist, do so when the opposite lane is clear of traffic, and give the cyclist plenty of space.

My country law says a bike is the same as a car or a motorcycle, so they need to follow the same traffic rules but others need to do the same towards them,

There was no bike side road in there. A dangerous curve. Annoying or not the bikes would be in the right here.

Maybe is different in others part of the world

I have no idea where this video is from and what the law is there tho.

Said the guy who likely drives in the left lane without letting others pass.

It’s not your fucking road you douche. Sure its annoying to be stuck behind a cyclist but everyone has a right to go home at night.

Grow up. Nothing in your life is that important.

Double yellow on a blind curve. It wasn't safe to pass. You bitch like a Kardashian and are probably too fucking fat to ride, innit.

I see all your cars on things and give you an ongoing problem in our new town shopping center.

I see all your cars on things and give you an ongoing problem in our new town shopping center.

These curbs just appear out of nowhere.

In the idiots defense, that is a pretty bizarre parking lot design. A median that just has an empty abyss inside it? At least paint the curb yellow or something.

What happened to Darwinism

They could start by painting the curbs yellow like normal warning curbs.

What is this a fucking video game ???

What is this a fucking video game ???

this video has it all, time to pack up the sub

I need a fucking documentary about this guy and what goes on in his head.

Hell yeah. On a side note , something tells me this dude’s personality is like Trevor from GTA.

And he isn’t even an idiot IN a car ;) Got emmmmm

I see your Plymouth Rock and raise you a Walmart stop sign in my hometown.

I see your Plymouth Rock and raise you a Walmart stop sign in my hometown.

I love how the car flipped over.


I didn’t quite understand the physics of that one.

Does this happen to be in Watson Louisiana? I lived in Denham until I moved to Satsuma last month and I remember there being a big thing with memes on Facebook about all the idiots hitting the Watson Walmart stop sign last year.

I can’t figure it out. They went as far to put a blinking light and curb around it and it still gets hit.

Forklift idiot

Forklift idiot

Man I hope this is fake. How the hell could you justify building shelves that cheap and flimsy.

It looks like he barely touched that rack too, yikes

That line never holds up in court.

I worked at a warehouse, it’s not cheap and flimsy, they went over the recommended weight amount on the shelves

Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock

If you can't avoid this rock, you should definitely avoid driving.

The rock was no doubt put there to protect the landscape and prevent cars from beaching themselves on the median.

The fact that they are now beaching themselves on a large rock which would take considerable effort to climb over indicates that the drivers involved should not be driving on the road.

Removing the rock will simply take things back to the day when they just beached on the median.

TL;DR: You can't fix stupid...

Getting a driver's license does indeed seem way too easy.

It's a rock that collects cars.

Lemme show ya the city

Lemme show ya the city

Remember to always thank the bus driver

Wish the previous minute was recorded


Brazil? My money is on Brazil...

Multitasking at 75 MPH

At least she’ll look great when the paramedics show up

“Such a shame. She would have survived the crash, but the airbag shot the Mabeylline stick right into her brain. Cause of death: accidental transorbital labotomy. But damn she looks great.”

Just one good bump, and bam! you lose an eye.

The fact that she doesn't notice you filming her shows how oblivious she is to the road.

A car tried to cross a very narrow bridge.

A car tried to cross a very narrow bridge.

"Let's go places" - Toyota


What could possibly be more interesting to look at that the boy could be pointing at

I admire that he tested the slogan to failure. Toyota should totally cover the costs of the crane which probably removed that thing from there.

Driving too fast in the fog

Ambulance on hand. So, that’s good.

I never understood how people can drive like that when they can't see whats in front of them. I get nervous in full daylight driving behind a 5 tonne because I can't see ahead of him to tell whats going to happen. and yet people will drive 120km/hr where I am, down a snowy+icy road in full whiteout conditions where you can only see a car length or two in front of you

And the patient inside is probably dead now, so a space freed up.

If the guy who got hit by the ambulance was an EMT, there might be some problems

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