Fondue Mugs

I was gifted one of these. Most of the contents stayed cold, except for the part right where the flame hit which turned into a charred black portal to chocolate hell.

Now I just use the microwave.

Edit: OP is a mod here, seems he shadow banned me for posting my experience as my responses no longer show up.

Yes, I did stir it. The heat is so focused that it is difficult to melt anything without burning it. It may be better at keeping liquids warm after they have already been melted, or maybe my model just sucked.


not removing the green thingy from strawberries.

Absolutely barbaric

Have you tried stirring?

Fondue has to be stirred.

Bio-Ethanol Indoor Mini Fireplace

Name: "Sunnydaze Cubic Ventless Bio Ethanol Tabletop Fireplace"


Purchase Link:

It runs off bio-ethanol fuel, which will only result in carbon dioxide, not smoke, making this safe to use indoors. Filled up it will burn for 2 hours off 16 oz. of fuel. Amazon sells bio-ethanol fuel for about $6.70 per 16oz. in 3 quart packs.

Is it safe to be shit-faced and fall on it? Asking for a friend

It's tempered glass, so that's safer than falling on normal glass at least.

If you fall asleep with it lit it'll just burn out in two hours, and unless you've lit it in a closet the carbon dioxide from it should dissipate safely enough.

Otherwise I can't see any other risks besides self-immolation, so if you could try it and report back with results I'd appreciate it.


It's an alcohol lamp.

Ohea Smart Bed

Who sleeps with one thin blanket?

What happens if I silently trigger it at night and it pulls up my blanket and pillows slowly suffocating me in my sleep?

Uhhh this looks dumb as fuck

One can only hope, sign me up.

Laser Etched Pokéball

Name: "3D Laser Etched Crystal Ball"


Purchase Link:

Source Video:

You are such a devoted mod. You are always posting cool stuff to keep the sub alive. Nice job.

Thank you, I'm glad you like the stuff I find :)

This is what happens when the generation who grew up with something they love finish growing up and become engineers, innovators, and creators. Absolutely beautiful

Stick-On LED Coasters

Wait did i just see batman

edit: i went to my computer so i could get a screenshot. this is batman right? tell me im not crazy

Wait did i just see batman

edit: i went to my computer so i could get a screenshot. this is batman right? tell me im not crazy

I'm guna talk to the bar manager of the bar I work at about getting these. May get pricey as we have hundreds of bottles. But luckily these will be reusable. Even if the adhesive wears off our lazy fucking bartenders keep the bottles sticky enough for them to stay on!


Huh. 7 for $11 isn't bad. Cheap enough to be worth it if you're throwing a party, at least.

Hydrophobic Spray for Rain Art

Name: "RainWorks Invisible Spray"

$19 for a bottle that covers 10-15 square feet

Purchase Link:

If sprayed as a stencil you can make a sort of secret rain message. Site says it generally last 2-4 months and is easily removed with normal cleaning products and a brush. Really fun gift for kids to get creative with.

Yes, there is a potential for rain dick art. No, invisible spray will not turn you invisible.

That one kid gets HYPED about that dragon.

EDIT: y’all I know who Gyarados is. In 1998, for my 8th birthday, my parents gave me a gameboy color with Pokémon Red. I’m OG Pokémon. I had 137 of the original 150 Pokémon cards. SO DONT COME AT ME. I just didn’t look hard enough.

Is this what Arizona is covered in?

That's Gyarados dude.

Magnetic Charging Cable

Name: "Wsken Mini2 6.56ft Micro USB and Lightning Charge Cable"

Purchase Link:

This cable comes with both a connector for Micro USB and Lightning ports, so it's good for most Android and iOS phones.

Both connectors have magnets in them, the cable itself and the plug, so they won't connect the wrong way round as the magnets will repel when in the wrong orientation. Like the old Magsafe connectors on Macbooks but for phones and any other device that uses these ports like the dashcam in the gif.

It's got a little LED indicator as well to signal when connected.

I would so easily lose that tiny charger head before I get to use the thing properly

These things are neat. One thing I never figured out about them though, is how there have been about three hundred different brands of magnetic USB cables on crowdfunding sites, all doing the exact same fucking thing, while all magically claiming, somehow, to be the "world's first" to do it. Like... what even? What the fuck? How is that even possible?

Actually you can just go to kickstarter/indiegogo and CTRL+F "World's first" for a good time. See how many world's firsts of the exact same thing you can find. Probably lots. Sometimes they try and justify it with some bullshit differentiator like "World's first thing that's exactly the same as all the other fucking things except for this one additional ancillary feature!"


...This post is more about how irrationally butthurt I am from everyone lying over how "first" they were than the USB cables, to be honest.


But, uh... anyway yeah they are neat.

This is how it should have been since forever

Edit: okay i get it, two sides to everything

Salt Firing Shotgun

The second shot he takes just shoots the fly into the side of the jello...

You've never had fly-jello? Uncultured...

I have this, it’s super fun

This is a thing I'm actually getting for Christmas for my mom, since she's terrified of bugs and I think holding a shotgun will give her more confidence to dispose of them.

But I'm totally gonna use it too.

Polymer Water Balls that become invisible in water

Imagine sitting down in the bathtub and feeling 13 of these slide up your asshole

Typical Friday night am I right?

That’s what it feels like to chew 5 gum

Not recommended if you have kids. If they swallow one, it will cause severe damage and possibly death. They also don't show up on x-rays.

Stun Gun Ring

As soon as I saw the second guys face I thought, “oh good I’ll actually get to see someone get shocked by this thing.”

This thing makes a killer sound by the way, but there's no way to capture it in gif form. I'd bet the sound alone would scare a person off, it's way louder than you'd expect on the videos.

Name: "Streetwise Sting Ring 18 Million Stun Gun"

Purchase Link:

Of course, if you do buy this please only use it for self defense or fun with friends, not to attack others.

Source Videos:

I own one (actually 4). Can confirm, it's loud and it hurts. More effective against skin especially face and neck as the first guy demonstrated. But it's not for punching in the way demonstrated, it's not like a brass knuckle, made of med weight plastic. It's for ending a fight not for participating in one. $15 at a gun show, would recommend owning one.

I'm almost positive I would accidently shock myself with this if I tried to fight someone

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