This MS Paint pin (x-post from r/nostalgia)

This MS Paint pin (x-post from r/nostalgia)

What an odd thing to make a pin of. Why do I want it so bad?

i need one these

If this has micro fine tip erasable markers... I’m in.

This helicopter fan

This helicopter fan


"Fuck tall people in particular"

I'm still only in Saigon

I also sexually identify as an attack helicopter

USB with a combination lock

I definitely need it.

Is an awesome gadget but still the dumbest combination ever.

More security than Facebook.

Product page on Amazon

Also, their official website has more interesting stuff.

This Aluminium Lamp

This Aluminium Lamp

Now I want a large illuminated slinky that I can shape as I desire

That’s not unreasonably priced. Wow. Most things I see here are ridiculous.

It's just a photo and my eyes already hurt. I can't imagine that on my desk in real life.

Ok where i get?

From r/DesignPorn

From r/DesignPorn

Looking at it again looks a feigned happiness. Oh well!



The lamp looks sad...

pixar lamp meets pinocchio

Keyboard waffle iron [x-post /sub/MechanicalKeyboards]

Keyboard waffle iron [x-post /r/MechanicalKeyboards]

Wouldn't this be better inverted? You hardly get any waffle this way.

it comes with cherry mx dough’s

Just the ‘Type’ of waffle I would expect.

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