Just Chili's being cool.

Just Chili's being cool.

Not sure whether I’m being super sensitive today but that just melted my heart.

This makes me want to go support Chili's.

Helping a kid get to school...

Helping a kid get to school...

Its fucking disgusting that A) nobody would take him to school in the 1st place and B) he had to knock on THREE strangers before someone would help him.

I’m lowkey Afraid that he would get kidnapped also people have things to get to school days are also usually work days

Not saying he wouldn't, but he doesn't look all that young. And chances a neighbor will kidnap you are slim. I think it's cool the big homie took lil homie to school. I think the stigma is exactly what you're saying, so it's nice to see people aren't all a serial killer pos rapist etc.

Sadly, my first thought would be, "He's trying to get me to leave my house. There's some dudes nearby waiting for me to leave so they can rob my place while they know I'm gone." I'd even go so far as to assume they have all agreed the kid will tell me he goes to school all the way on the other side of town so I'm out of the house longer.

I was laid off last week and my dog walker offered to continue giving walks for free while I look for a new job

I was laid off last week and my dog walker offered to continue giving walks for free while I look for a new job

"We walk your dogs, even if you've fallen upon ruff times"

This is the kind of content I subscribed for


Made it even better

Am i the only one that got the impression Calli is a she? Name seems like a females name

Sikh people are one of the nicest community I have ever seen.

Sikh people are one of the nicest community I have ever seen.

Also, if you're ever in a tough spot and can't get something to eat, most Sikh temples serve free meals to anyone who needs it, regardless of race, faith, gender, etc:

I come across a lot of Sikh drivers, they tend to be a lot more diatant than other drivers but are always super cordial when I take a few minutes to chat like any other decent person.

I had a Sikh woman working for me that invited me to a Langar and said I should come, and holy shit. My own parents don't show me that kind of hospitality.

I was about to Google diatant when I realized you probably meant distant.

A Fan For Life

His smile and excitement make my heart happy

Never get tired of seeing that. Classy move.

the feels

Yeah, my first thought was 'oof' but then I saw the sub. Hopefully just an unfortunate phrasing.

Dutch police give teddy bears to children after a car crash to help with the trauma

"Here. This teddy bear can be your new dad."

Locally paramedics do the same, cops usually have little stuffed k9s. I love this stuff - as a child I went through an extremely traumatic event and getting that little stuffed Dog meant the world to me. Kept him till college.

Now every kid's gonna want one!

If I remember correctly, everyone was fine in the crash. The kids were a little shaken up but okay.

My friend got passed this card by a stranger whilst breastfeeding in public

My friend got passed this card by a stranger whilst breastfeeding in public

As a breastfeeding mom, someone handing me this card would make me very uncomfortable. I wouldn’t be mad or anything and I would understand that they were just trying to be nice. However, sometimes people are just trying to discreetly feed their kids without making a political statement. Isn’t it more normal when you do it and no one notices you or hands you a card? Also, is the “thank you for doing what’s best for your baby” part condescending? Isn’t feeding your kid one way or another the goal? Breast milk and formula are fine as long as your kid isn’t hungry. I really wish we could all just stop commenting on the normal ways people feed their children.

I get it’s supposed to be nice. I’m just mad it has to be a thing at all, I guess.

This is really sweet. But a larger question is why is someone walking around with a pack of these cards? And if so is it only breastfeeding cards? Or do they cover a variety of archaically villified social behaviours?

The doing what’s best for your baby part...

On one hand that could be interpreted as to mean breastfeeding is better than bottle feeding/formula and breast is best, etc.

On the other, it could also mean doing what’s best for your baby as in making sure your child is fed, regardless of how people feel about breastfeeding in public places, as the alternative would be making the child wait to eat until you could go somewhere private.

Just my two cents, not sure which message was the actual intent and I could see it going either way.

I’m all for breastfeeding in public, but this seems pretty excessive.

Grandpa saves the day

Grandpa saves the day

I love his Gooooaaaaaaal!!!

(four days to the World Cup, and I'm more excited than Grandpa or the rabbit)

You go Grandpa. Always be kind people. Always be kind.

Way to go Gramps. He looks proud of himself and I am proud of him too!

Fracking a G-pa! Win that shit!

Girl being welcomed back by her friends after returning to school with a prosthetic leg.

Oh that first hug... my heart popped like a balloon.

Goddamn I love kids.

I’m a kindergarten teacher and this past school year one of my students projectile vomited all over my classroom. My other students felt so awful for him and made him get well soon cards that they gave him when he came back a few days later. One of them drew a picture of herself puking in the classroom so he wouldn’t feel alone.

love how pure and friendly children are :)

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