OWL Standings after Stage 1

OWL Standings after Stage 1


So proud of how the outlaws turned out.

No, this is the regular season standings. The Stage Playoffs have no effect on these standings.

My two favorite teams at the top! <3

An Apology from TaiRong

An Apology from TaiRong

Above and beyond what anyone could ask from him. I’m genuinely proud to have him as our coach

I think he had no need to apologize beyond what he alread had done. Its a dumb meme and it got lost in translation. But it definitely shows his character in revisiting this. TaiRong is an awesome person and im glad he's on our team

There was really no need for this. People blew this way out of proportion.

I really hope that he doesn't beat himself up over it, he's a nice guy.

Absolutely. I don’t think the league will let this go untouched tbh tho..

A small message to everyone

A small message to everyone

Honestly, It's amazing that we made it this far without a single korean playing. I just wanna say Thank you to the outlaws for giving us a great stage 1 finish and Proving everyone wrong (we ranked to finish 6th by almost all overwatch youtubers). I'm looking forward to the next season and hope that we pull off an even better Stage 2. GG everyone.

Don’t forget that TaiRong is a big part of the team even though he’s not playing :)

I'm not really against having Koreans on our team. Whatever gives us the best opportunity to win. But to your point it is very impressive how we exceeded expectations.

I heard somewhere that your overwatch league positions is directly proportional to number of koreans in your team LUL. Houston outlaws clearly proves the theory

Yeah Ik But what I meant was no koreans playing. Sorry i'll edit it now

Linkzr Appreciation Thread

Linkzr Appreciation Thread

If you saw the match then you saw how he felt after being eliminated by London. Let’s all spread the love and gratitude to him and wish him well in the Stages ahead. Cheer up buddy, we’re all behind you no matter what. <3

Linkzr is Finland’s gift to eSports.

Match was 3AM at my place, anyone got a clip?

He. Broke. My. Salty. Jaded. Gay. Heart.

Omg when the camera was focused on him after I was so angry. Like Jesus, clearly they are upset don’t exploit them like that :-(

Defeat is the greatest motivator. He’ll be back stronger next stage.

Outlaws made it to the playoffs! SURPRISE WATCH PARTY!

Outlaws made it to the playoffs! SURPRISE WATCH PARTY!

Thats the privilege they get for having more wins?

Yea man theyre the one seed they earned it. Ideally the playoffs would be tomorrow but it's w/e. Just gotta think of it like a back to back in the NBA.

Holy shit how this title match fair, honestly? Regardless of who wins the semi, London or Houston, the finals will be their 3rd match of the day vs New York's 2nd match.

Damn, thanks

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