The man is a Widow/McCree god, we need to gameplan around him to maximize his effectiveness and force other teams to counter. Like tonight against Philly, he should've been on McCree for Ilios Well- why do we insist he plays Tracer when she's clearly not his best hero? When he plays too much Tracer and tries to switch back to Widow, his rhythm is thrown off and it takes him a while to get back in the groove. Keep him on the heroes that allow him to dictate the match.

Outlaws during interviews: "We're just going to play our game, we make other teams adapt to us."

Outlaws during game: "Well the meta says to play Tracer here, so let's put the league's best Widow player on Tracer and have Jake play solo-artist as Sombra."

The team does their best when they're playing what they're best at, even if it doesn't fit the meta.

Let Jake junkrat, let Linkzr widow, and sign a damn tracer player.

I agree. I think on well they should have gone LiNkzr on McCree and Jake on Tracer or Pharah. I haven't been impressed with Jake's Sombra or really Sombra in general.

I have this feeling that Mendo is essentially already off of the team for all intents and purposes and they're just waiting until the end of the season to let him go officially.

There's just so much conflicting information about what's been going on with him, and that along with his history and the fact that he hasn't been part of the Outlaws videos and outreach since preseason makes me think that he is out.

Not to even mention the xQc quotes about what's been going on since that's a tough one to judge what's accurate.

Wholesome interactions between Muma and Geguri.

Wholesome interactions between Muma and Geguri.

I can't wait for the inevitable photo of them two together wearing each other's jerseys.

Adorable. :3

I can't wait for them to probably meet each other for the first time at the next HOU vs. SHD match!

OMG Two of my favorite players <3 I'm crying now!!

We put this together at tonight’s watch party...

We put this together at tonight’s watch party...

Pin the hair on the coolmatt could be a fun watch party game



We make up 50% of there losess total and we know have more wins against the number 2 team than we do objectives captured in route 66.

The fact that we can be competitive with 2 of the 3 Korean teams is really great! Still gonna be a hefty challenge to crack NYXL next week.

BTW, if there was proof that our Tracer issue needs attention the most, that would be on Route 66.

London fanbase running out of excuses

3-0 in regular season play but technically 3-1 with the loss in the Stage 1 playoffs. That for me is the big one because London won when it mattered most. Can't take away from the fact the team has played great but with that said, the team needs to perform as consistently as possible and then be playing their best Overwatch possible by the time they hopefully make Stage 3 playoffs. Still it was a great win tonight hoping for more of that over the coming weeks!

Could we wait until the reruns are over before putting spoilers in the topic like that?

Jake & Rawkus on Today Show (video)

Jake & Rawkus on Today Show (video)

Great to see the guys on there, but kinda disappointing how Megyn Kelly seems to dismiss the whole thing as childish. Even listing the clip as "2 kids paid to play video games" really cheapens what they do. Also theyre adults, not children.

Was nice to see them up there, saw a look on Rawkus's face when Megan brought up parentsbut he started smiling again afterwards. Made me feel sad for him again.

This segment was designed for stay at home moms concerned about their kids' interest in Overwatch or other games. Jake was well spoken, emphasizing (1) the "balanced" lifestyle that his parents provided, (2) the importance of diet, exercise, and mental health to these esports athletes, and (3) the objective-oriented, team-based aspects of the game.

Basically, this was a PR piece focused at a potentially concerned population that probably has never heard of Overwatch or played a video game. It was important for Jake to smile, be polite, and deferential--not display arrogance or ego or combat the interviewer in any way.

Mission accomplished. He has a good RL game awareness, see. (Note the disclaimer at the end concerning Comcast's interest in the OWL...)

I came here just to see if someone else thought the same.

Her interview mannerisms also felt overpowering and a little rude, just short of being aggressive. Asking questions on top of Jake's answers... Eh, I'm trying to view it as her being overly curious and excited, but the title does kind of slap the show's perspective in your mouth.

The boys are gonna be on the Today Show!

The boys are gonna be on the Today Show!

The linked tweet was tweeted by @flameIRL on Apr 02, 2018 18:09:16 UTC (3 Retweets | 87 Favorites)

Sending the squad to NY for the Today Show owns but is just another example of why these stage breaks need to be longer. We have ~10 days off and 8 of them will have been spent touring/doing content.

That said, we're killin' it 💚🤟

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Flame Logic

Flame Logic

Let’s not “flame” Flame. I trust that he’s a lot smarter about what this team needs than any of us. Like he said on Twitter, what Arhan brings to the team is probably more about his attitude/work ethic/fresh ideas and strategies or something, rather than his actual gameplay. The Outlaws’ faltering in the second stage wasn’t about their Tracer play or lack thereof; it was more mental.

while i'd love to give the benefit of a doubt, i cant find myself doing so.

think about some of the other players we have on the roster.

mendo, who hasn't played a single game since the start of the season - first he couldn't, then he hadn't scrimmed enough, and now he just doesn't want to. what does he add to this team? he's supposed to be a decent tracer, and it's wellknown that we need a good tracer. shouldn't we have signed a tracer that could/would play?

clockwork. only plays tracer on one particular map per stage, massively underperforms. why is he taking a slot on our roster when we could have a backup flex-support (god forbid rawkus get sick) or, again, an actually impressive tracer? i hate to suggest it, but it seems pretty clear this is a nepotism pick from flame.

arhan, a non-western (there goes the "western team" idea) mostly-genji (aka not tracer specialist, the thing we need) player and is apparently known as a decent genji with a notorious reputation for completely useless dragon blades.

why did we recruit him? flame says "attitude/work ethic", but i only see Tairong's old buddy. his tweet reminds me very much of "we don't need a tracer, jake got two demechs!".

here's to hoping that i'm completely wrong, and arhan is exactly what this team needs. would love to see these boys shine again.

True but then they still need to release a DPS player though to get another support. Teams can only have 12 players so it makes sense to have 2 full teams of 2 DPS/2/Tanks/2supports so you can internally scrim and have backups of everything. Right now Houston has 5 DPS players and only one flex/off support. What happens if Rawkus gets sick? Bani and Boink don't play Zen.

Houston already has clockwork who only plays one map a match and lately he hasn't played at all. Then there's mendo who hasn't played a single map and doesn't even scrim. How are they going to fit in another DPS player to the scrim/play schedule? Clock and Mendo are going to end up just sitting on the bench not even scrimming pretty soon

And mainly he played for AF blue, the team Tairong coached before Houston

Words can’t explain what this meant to me. A really rough moving week and morning made 1000% better.

Words can’t explain what this meant to me. A really rough moving week and morning made 1000% better.

im the one in the middle, that type of smile you cant get out of me unless im at Disney.

I wanted to get selfies but I tend to be super conscious about respecting space. The line was long and I am sure this process is exhausting for them, I didn't wanna be that guy holding up the line for a bazillion pictures.

However, I got to talk with FCTFCTN and he seemed super cool, cant wait to see him play. I was talking to Bani about taking after him and being a Mercy player. I said "I also play Moira and sometimes Ana". I didn't hear it but my husband (to my left) said Boink said "youre missing one". I didn't hear it and felt terrible, didn't want the mighty Boink to think I ignored him. Muma just smiled at me and I didn't know what to do. Rawkus was Rawkus but it all went to the void when Jake complimented my jersey. Jake is so smart, so versatile, and so dedicated that I really look up to him in terms of being a better player and putting in the grind to improve. I may play support and study Bani, Rawkus, and Boink but Jake is like a culmination of everything I want to be as a player. Him acknowledging me turning me into a puddle.

It was all so fast and I didn't really get to say everything I wanted to say, but I wrote a letter for them. Don't know if they will ever read it, honestly a little scared they'd think it is stupid. I just wanted them to know in some way the impact they have had on my life.

it was just all perf.

Jake looked at me and smiled and complimented my jersey and everything else became blur

This is real real cute :)

dudeeeee i'm so jealous. But i'd be looking at rawkus <3

Definitely worth the time

Definitely worth the time

Jake lookin picturesque AF

I guess someone finally killed him, please.

As per usual!

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