Uncle Hawk: Talking to my nephew about my hobby.

I tried this scene once but couldn't think of dialogue funny enough. You nailed it as usual.

Thanks. It took a lot of rewrites. They just talk so bloody fast.

Watching scenes like this as a kid trained me to follow Gilmore Girls dialogue.

This gif. I like it.

Jurassic Upvote

Got requests for extra jiggle.

I've known you for ten seconds, and you're already more accommodating than my girlfriend. :/

D...Does she not add more jiggle?

What's the deal with the Upside Down?


I approve of this link name.


Mods aren't abusive, they're Super.

I loved that "mother of God"

Great gif dude

Blink twice if you need help

"stroking the meta"

"shitposting and, ..... shitposting and..."

I don't understand this place - do we need to have meta or can I post 'normal' gifs like this too?

This is beautiful OP.


Just check out submission criteria and the rules.

Your post probably won't get as much attention, but all HQG are welcome.

Thanks - that's all there is to it? I checked there but thought I was missing something. Not expecting much attention really, but good to know I don't 'have' to have meta hidden in there, for the future ones I make

These are definitely allowed and encouraged. Variety only makes the sub better. Awesome post.

It really is as simple as the sidebar says. The beauty in that freedom of expression is that you can make whatever you like - prepare for people to love it and for people to hate it, just make whatever you enjoy.

Nice gif by the way.

Hey guys! I'm a new giffer here. Don't worry, I do Meta

That font made it a bit rough to read. Especially with it bouncing around and shifting so quickly. However that could be because I’m trying to view it on my cell phone.

Forgive me. For some reason, I chose this font, so this gif would be a little bit stylish

that long of a gif on your first go, you got some gumption.

i like to say gumption. gumption, gumption, gumption.

script game: solid.

Title game: does what it says on the tin

i liked the font and the text tracking seemed on point.

gg. keep giffing gifs giffer.

The Gang vs r/birdswitharms: Trial of the Millennium.

hey that guy's hands look really big and manly. I wonder what he does to keep them so rugged.

This is the greatest episode of any show ever





Wow !! It is so /sub/highqualitygifs that I can actually see /sub/birdswitharms !!

Try one of these subthreads