seriously guys... seriously

I also did an alternative version

Also the regular version: http://i.imgur.com/vXJehXj.gifv

And the regular version with the audio: https://www.instagram.com/p/BT6aXCPAH-7

To be honest, I subbed because I wanted to see high quality gifs. And while I definitely got that in spades, it all came with meta. I don't have much of a problem with it, but it would be nice to have some solid gifs that aren't about the sub.

MRW I try to pretend to be excited about the top gifs of all time in r/HighQualityGifs, but they are basically the exact same thing...

I love this sub because of the talent. Everything is so meta I don't really get any of it but I like to look at the nice gifs anyway and there's a lot of talent about so it's always nice to come and look.

Jared would never go Saiyan, that's just silly.

Hey if you guys want some new, original ideas for HQG's, just make them about Coca-Cola™. People will love them:

Ignorance is bliss, right? I have zero clue whatever meta is happening in this sub, but God these gifs are gorgeous

Close your eyes! Don't look at the meta!

The downvote arrow goes away after "das likes." What kind of continuity is this??

Yes yes we all noticed it but its so good anyway.


I love how you turned all the top posts from last week into the eerie mist

Tintin: A shitposter's treasure

Absolutely incredible, the upvotes, dickbutt, and gold look like they are part of the original clip!

Thanks bud! Even though I can't draw for shit (I placed 3D models for reference) but I wanted to try something new.

I love it! I grew up reading Tintin and this gif is the perfect mix of nostalgia and HQG. Great editing! Even the dickbutt doesn't annoy me, because it just fits.

Can we get some more of this over time, please?


Also: /sub/animationgifs

Definitely worked out!

The best part of waking up

Amazing job on that label.

Amazing job? Actually it was spectacular job but if you really have to be like that then K.

Watching the coffee reach the top of the cup made me disproportionally anxious

The Circle of Life has some overlaps

I can't wait until someone lays a sick guitar solo on top of this.

I can't wait until people stop saying lit

Shit has been said for decades, it's just more widely popular now. It isn't new, it just has more applications.

Previously, mostly at family gatherings in reference to someone having too much to drink: This is getting out of hand, (person, usually an uncle/aunt or grandma/grandpa) is lit up like

A) A Christmas tree B) The Fourth of July C) Insert other reference to something either bright or explosive

The modern day version just drops "up", keeps "lit", and is used to mean anything along the lines of drunk, high, cross-faded, awesome, kick ass, exciting, etc

🔥Accept what can't be changed 🔥

That was excellent reading that in Mufasa's voice.

I don't know what the big deal was

Everybody Chill!

See that's why I asked for title suggestions lol...

Your title is perfect. I'm going for top comment.

Put that upvote under your pillow.

u/GallowBoob every night

That's when you realize you need to start going to Redditors Anonymous meetings.

And twice on Sundays

Interdimensional conflicts: Rick Sanchez vs Stewie Griffin

original Family Guy scene

Source: Mr. and Mrs. Stewie - Family Guy S10E19,

Rick was cut out from multiple episodes of Rick and Morty (S01E01, S02E01, S02E02) and the last scene is from S02E05.

Here’s all the roto stuff I did for it + some changes I did like extending the leg/switching out the shoes for continuity.

EDIT: Felt it was a bit ironic that I had a noticeable continuity error with his shoes when Rick jumps away from the explosion so I fixed that. http://i.imgur.com/TT53Dbw.gifv

This is what this sub stands for. Give those Seinfeld gifs hell, kid.

Mate I was nearly on YT looking for this thinking "how the fuck did i miss this ep"

Thanks for making me think for a second there actually was a crossover episode.

What is the HQG?

Long time lurker here, and this might be the best I've seen. Well done!

Holy Shit! This is fantastic

papa bless samza

Now this is some High Quality right here!

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