Another one...

A good shitpost is the pinnacle of reddit quality.

"High" "quality"

hey now

I know. Tried masking things frame by frame and it still looked like crap. So this here shitpost is all you get.


Yo check out this gif

It’s funny because it’s a repost.

This is “I’m Gunna Git You, Sucka!”, right?

You made this?

I made this.

30k and gold? It's a bold move.

A completely true depiction of the events that led to HQG going private.

That front page is one piece of ace.

I know from experience.


The front page and I got...it...on.

Wait... is it private?

Obligatory Edit: wow, this blew up! Rip my inbox! it’s a joke btw

When I post original content and get 7 upvotes

Christmas already?!

Then the repost gets 26k

What happens if you immediately repost your own OC 2 or 3 times? Can u game the system that way? Or does it happen because the ProRepostos know where to stick it to make it blow up? Always been curious about that.

It's my gif, I'll do what I want

What's wrong with filming in portrait?

Thats how i hold my phone anyway

This has forever changed my view of people who do this.

I had to try pretty hard to play devil's advocate on that one.

This is my first upload (technically my second gif, but I'm having a terrible time uploading the first one because it's long) so I hope it follows the rules. I uploaded directly to gfycat.com and it seems to have lost some quality (I don't know why). Another thing I've notice is that in the reddit page, it has black bars on the sides. It doesn't do this is you click on the gfycat.com link. I'm very confused as to why this happened.

I only use reddit on my phone, so yeah, always been my perspective. I was confused at first when I learned everyone hated it.

Cartman and 9/11

9/11 was the textbook definition of a conspiracy. But if you say "9/11 was a conspiracy" people immediately think you're suggesting the U.S. government was behind it.

The fact that multiple people planned, trained, coordinated, and executed the 9/11 attacks means it was absolutely a conspiracy.

It's interesting that the word conspiracy now means "The U.S. government did it" in popular culture. It no longer means "a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful", which is the actual definition.

9/11 was a conspiracy.

investigate 3/11

The fact that the US messed up the cover up of the cause of Pat Tillman's death is evidence to me that there's no way they could do 9/11.

No u

True story

OC theft is not a joke, Jim! Millions of Redditors suffer every year!

“Worht” it?

Damn I should have used that line

Ahhh, fail, I thought that something ain't right. My bad

When you see a troll being downvoted

"Shut up, Shitposter!"

Goddamn it, this is fantastic! I missed this fucking place!

I debated between Lurker or Shitposter. I believe I made the right choice. =)

I saw The Breakfast Club pop up on Netflix and I couldn't help it.


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