What Snoo?

That escalated quickly.

Would you upvote me?

I'd upvote me. I'd upvote me hard.

goodbye horses

Silent Bob's smile at the end always made that scene for me.

Reluctantly karma-whoring for the first time on my cake day

Eight years?! It’s not too late yet... you still have time...

(Happy cake day!)

I can’t believe you waited 8 years. Here’s your upvote.

Right? And Travolta at the end?

That first shot of Meta in the morning.

Is that the one where Jack Nicholson plays Jack Nicholson?

Easy Rider

What movie is this from?

One of his best acting jobs.

Scratching the surface of life.

Great stitch between beginning and end. Have an upvote.

Looks like somebody that I used to know.

Thanks, it's been on my youtube mix for ages now and I've always thought about giffing it.

God damn it, so real that it's actually sad. Great gif!

MRW there is nothing in the new queue so I can shitpost my way to the top.

But you say he’s just a friend

The timing on this feels really off.

The ‘i’ drags too long and it is murdering me.







MRW I'm told "you can't make the front page with a swear in your gif"

MRW all the top comments are links except mine

flipping through front page

Stan Lee tribute

Stan Lee tribute

Stan Lee tribute

Who gives a fuuuuuuuck

Stan Lee tribute

Stan Lee tribute

Stan Lee tribute

Was about to have a heart attack for a second there thinking that someone would actually post this about Stan Lee and then realised he was not the topic

Doesn’t hurt to be original

After his service on the Enterprise, Lt. Barclay went to Babylon 5 to find peace.

Love it. Barely ever see any Babylon 5 references so take my updoot!

What episode was that spider hybrid in?? I have no memory of that one.

Genesis, where everybody .

Obviously all those spiders his ancestors swallowed during their sleep.

Meta can be a natural, zesty enterprise.

I like this gif. It really ties the sub together.

Yes. How have you not?

And this guy peed on it.

I should see this movie. I need to see this movie don't I?


Ok, that show is too perfect not to be on HQG more frequently.

Good job..

This was great. How do I reddit silver?

Try one of these subthreads