When it hits you.

I think that makes this comment her favorite too.

something I learned the hard way today...

"Hence the expression: 'As greedy as a giffer.' "

This is fucking beautiful (and apt). Well done, op

Bart discovers tumblr gifs

Hi there, I'd tone down the flying text a little bit in the next one. It was a bit over the top having all the text with that animation. Otherwise, good shit OP!

Not surprised /sub/tumblrgifs and /sub/lowqualitygifs actually exist.

Text was a little slow. In my head Marge sounded like she had brain damage.

Wow, I wish I knew about /r/lowqualitygifs before I made this gif. I would've definitely used this one in the OP.

Wow, I wish I knew about /sub/lowqualitygifs before I made this gif. I would've definitely used in the OP.


I think I just got more lit by watching

This is the most perfectly absurd thing I've seen today. Take your upvote you filthy Chad.

wait... am i a bro?

bud light: check

salt life apparel: check

ability to change into a fighter jet: check

Haha, I feel like I should apologize

Checking the news is a nightmare.

This was brilliant. More Twilight Zone!!!!

I forgot that William Shatner was in that one

Pre-Star Trek. This was made in 1963 while Star Trek didn't come out until 1966.

When someone criticises your GIF but everything is technically within the rules.

This gif is just... waves hands


Oh, please tell me we are going to be seeing more of Mr. Fox on here!

Fine okay here you go

.. wait why are you taking your shoes off?

That moment when the upvotes start coming in

Awe I was waiting for it go into, oh wait a minute, we lost one

Then the longest minute in any movie as they bring that pupper back.

Missed a prime opportunity to have her walk in with a Downvote

“Fourteen” 😢😢😢

That is the entire fucking plot of the movie.

MRW reddit invites me to take a tour of its new features.

Nice loop

(gif credits to /u/Raff_Out_Loud, felt it fit right in here)

ahh what a great movie. Shaw shank never gets old.

Inspired my giffa (Happy Birthday Hero)

/u/hero0fwar my giffa

Iginite? But I love it tho.

Thanks bro

Phuck!! WHY ME!!!

Try one of these subthreads