MRW someone says I can't just post a gif of Natalie Portman laughing and expect upvotes

The motion track and shadow is tangy. The text backwards, when the camera changes? Superb. The knife-edge tension as the text slides to end-on and we cringe, waiting for that blipping in and out of existence that miraculously doesn’t happen was a tour de force.

I would rate this a pretty good out of ten.

I’m too drunk to understand the details of this criticism, but I’ll get back to you at dawn... noonish.

Just a GIF of Natalie Portman laughing

And Mt. Everest is just a bump in the ground.

Yes, the international version included 30 minutes worth of material in the middle of the film where he trains her to be a cleaner. It also addresses his back story and really adds to the film overall.

Chill with Bob Ross s01e03 "Blue Winter"

If you think he's not putting a tree in there you're out of your damn mind lol. I used to watch him and think "there is no way a tree is going to be in this one". And then boom trees I'm just surprised there were no birds .

What’s with all the giffers with pregnant wives? I need to make better gifs so women will sleep with me. That’s how it works, right?

Wow, fuck me, he was a really good artist

Nah. Use him for ASMR therapy when I can't play video games. Wife is pregnant and this knocks me out.

When you show your friend around Reddit for the first time

Spoiler alert: /sub/highqualitygifs is /sub/all


These dank delights have dank ends.

If anyone here is a fan of Westworld and would enjoy OC and shitposts related to it, come join us in /sub/hostworld

Edit: Forgot to mention that it is a leak/spoiler friendly sub. So there are no spoiler tags or anything like that. If you aren’t fully caught up with the show, enter at your own risk.

When I mention in one of the gif subs that I'm 40+ years old

And then have to explain the gif.

/u/harris5 Thought it might be time for one or two new Logan's Run gifs.

dudes gonna get some major strange

I bet they think you're close to joining the various extinctions

Look Out!

I've got a poopy diaper in an unrelated incident.

That chick totally did a superhero landing.

That second elephant got me good!

I'm surprised the old Samurai didn't fall over in shock.

238th post, please be gentle

Don’t tell me what to do

I'll upvote your shiznit. By the way, wtf is shiznit? Oh, and I only upvoted cause it was good guy Keanu asking, so you know.

Shiznit is the meat inside your gyro. No bamboozle.

Can confirm. Had a gyro yesterday

Alone again.

The artwork was all done by the incredible /u/hayleydraws and animated in AfterEffects. If you like this checkout /sub/hayleydraws

In the past we've done some fun film noir pieces but we wanted to do something different. We talked and this subject meant a lot to both of us. In the UK loneliness has recently been acknowledged as a serious risk to mental health. If you need support with depression it is out there, you just need to take the first step and look for it.

Beautiful work btw

This gives me vibes of Mrs. Krabappel in Bart the Lover.

I'm going to imagine the cupcake-for-one was made by Chef Lonely Heart.

I'm not sure if things are different with the new spam rules on reddit but make sure /u/hayleydraws adds to reddit in other ways as well, comments that aren't just on self posts etc., just so they don't get swept up as spam. Great work as usual from both of you though!

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