Slammed into the boards

This is usually how I have to stop when I’m skating anyways

What was he going for there? A decapitation? That's charging to the fourth power.

Seriously, that's what I was thinking. It's been a while since I've followed hockey, but if that hit connected, would he be called for a 5-minute penalty? Game misconduct?

Saw this another time it was posted and found out the buzzer had already gone off to finish the game

Creative Bottle Openers

Where can I get one of these bottle cap blasters?

how to get a divorce in 3 easy steps

I’m glad you know her pain tolerance.

here you go

Didn't lose his shoes, but he lost his hat.

What an idiot

Pretty sure his shoes flew in the other direction

Hats off to this guy

At least he didn’t get killed, or worse, expelled.

Knee replacement 😷

Knee replacement 😷

Good luck. One of my best friends had his replaced about 2 years ago and he cried like a baby during physical therapy. Said it was by far worst pain he’s ever known. He’s an otherwise badass tough guy I could never imagine crying.

Thanks this picture is about 3 years ago and the physical therapy was absolutely brutal

3 previous knee surgeries and nothing else that could be done had bone rubbing on bone, my first surgery was 1982 same Dr each time we were both young when we first met and now were 2 old dudes

How long do the replacements last these days? It used to be every ten years the patient needs the replacement replaced. A woman with hip replacements said every twenty five years. Just wondering if it’s the same with knees since they are in my future.

Blocked a slapshot playing hockey! Cracked my JOCK !!

Blocked a slapshot playing hockey! Cracked my JOCK !!

Save this picture for your kids in case they ever say you dont care about them.

Will do! This is why you wear a jock !

I hope so but not sure yet lol. Iced my nuts for 2 days afterwards lol

That is what you call a 'cock block'

Got this thing from falling on a wine cabinet

Got this thing from falling on a wine cabinet

Did you need stitches? My mom had a similar incident and busted her nose, it needed 4 stitches.

Needed like 16 of them, thinking on posting a stitch pic and the scar now

Please do post the pictures.

“Stop wining.”

Excuse me sir, may I interrupt your game ?

Excuse me sir, may I interrupt your game ?

I've done that. Except to a tree. Playing ultimate Frisbee. Scraped a portion of my face off. Confirmed it hurts like a sumumabitch.

It almost broke my jaw before and I wasn't even running

Just seems unfair for all the red shirts to be picking on the blue shirt.

I wish I could hear the sound of that pole

This cavity my sister had

This cavity my sister had

Yep, bet that stung like a motherfucker. The pain is a constant 7 or 8/10, nasty! I'm surprised the dentist pulled it tho, I'm no expert but I'd have thought they'd try to fill it

Edit: a word

Also not an expert but maybe the nerve was fucked too much already.

So a root canal then

I had one similar, just a massive fuck off hole in the side. That shit sucked so bad

Caught my heel on a closing raised door.

Caught my heel on a closing raised door.

Ouch. But at first when I first scrolled by I thought that it was a close up of a big toe with no nail. Can’t unsee.

I did this two months ago. It took me everything to not find an axe and make matchsticks out of that bastarding door. Still haven't forgiven it.

I’ve got a scar on my right heel from doing this exact thing a few years ago. Damn dog doors

I had a friend who had this happen. Except, he had just gotten out of a pool, making his skin tender, and the door sliced his achilles tendon.

This still doesn't look pleasant.

Day after super smashing my finger...

Day after super smashing my finger...

How do I unsee this

They super smashed their finger and this is the result a day later...

What in the fuck happened

/sub/eyebleach time, baby

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