Quick sex change

Quick sex change

That bounce. shudder

You know he no longer poops or pees, just squishes browny yellow sludge out of his squantch now.

That hurt MY taint.

found his g-spot

If you see white, is that tendon or bone?

If you see white, is that tendon or bone?

It's just fat, but it does mean you need stitches.

Nah, just smash it together and put a chip clip on it for a couple days.

think it's just the skin and fat layer. Not a doctor...just remember doctor explaining it when he stitched up my leg.

It means you done fucked up now

Watch out for that rock...

Watch out for that rock...

2 Hit combo

Did it break?? It looks like it bent the wrong way.

idk, it kinda looks like he lucked the fuck out, his arm goes straight, and his shoulder lurches forward. If he didnt lurch his shoulder forward his arm wouldve been bending the opposite direction from that. could be cracked for sure though. Id still get an x ray .

Looks like it broke

I can't fathom being so sunburned (x-post from /sub/whitepeoplegifs/)

I can't fathom being so sunburned (x-post from /sub/whitepeoplegifs/)

That's like "going to be in the hospital for a while" level sunburn.

That's when you just remove all your skin and start over.

The peeling will be the fun part.

That's after the blistering, the sun poisoning, the ITCHING, and the eventual melanoma. And the no sleep.

I can’t imagine the peeling

Well obviously he's going to hurt himself with the lathe, but how?

Well obviously he's going to hurt himself with the lathe, but how?

I don’t think he was expecting that

Didn't see that coming. But then neither did he.

And that, kids, is why you at least wear a face shield.

It could be that the dead center wasn't tightened down, the tail stock came loose, the Chuck wasn't tightened down enough, or that the Chuck failed and came apart. With no visable vibration ahead of the wood flying off, I would go with the tail stock moving or the center being too loose.

RIP jaw.

dayum. big sister or mother sitting there on the couch didn't even flinch. She's seen this shit before.

Me and my little brother used to fight a lot. Sometimes it got pretty violent. I once punched him in the eye to make him stop screaming at me. It didn't work.

That kid got exactly what they deserved. Little asshole.

The beatings will continue until the wailing and the tears cease.

I had such high hopes

I had such high hopes

If we were seriously voting on belly flops though that would have been a 10/10. Most majestic belly flop ever

When the water turns into bone hurting juice

Perfect bellyflop form. Olympic level.

Is planking back?

My kid hurting himself at the park

My kid hurting himself at the park

Looks more like insurance fraud

What else could he be trying to accomplish?

Haha. I did help though, shortly after I said "harden up mate".


Don't help just film. /sub/donthelpjustfilm

Fuck You Mom.

Imo This is a trick shot gone wrong. Mom looks to be posing ,not relaxing Son seems to have talked mom into this amazing shot however takes a pretty deep breath knowing inside he is going to disappoint his mom yet again today. The truth is in mothers head movement as soon as she hears the ball being kicked - Great job fam, great job !

Haha I laughed out loud at work


Seriously what was the plan here? Is he hoping she gets so mad she breaks both his arms?

Look Ma! No sunglasses!

Got into a skating accident yesterday

Got into a skating accident yesterday

I am not a doctor, but I don't think that should have a bend right there...

Looks fine to me. (Also not a doctor)

Yeah it was broken it is in a sling now

Are you sure? Looks like it might just be a sprain!

Hope you aren’t in too much pain, heal well!

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