Porn Hub not working while playing GW2

Porn Hub not working while playing GW2

I've been having this trouble for months where the site is stuck on the loading circle for porn hub while playing gw2. Yes, this only occurs while playing gw2 none else and i have tested numerous games and different browsers. I have waited it out many times. I've researched and never found a way to fix this problem. pls help.......

That thread history tho.

you mean:

Do girls who play GW2 also create sexy male characters with revealing skimpy armour and trendy hairstyles?

he is asking the big questions!

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$2000 PvP Tournament this Saturday!

$2000 PvP Tournament this Saturday!
$2000 PvP Tournament this Saturday!

Hey Guys!

I wanted to bring you the updated news for the tournament, which will be happening this Saturday, May 5th.

If you're just hearing about this for the first time, then I'll explain briefly what I'm talking about. The Mist Challengers Tournaments will be happening every few months, with a $2000 prize pool each time. The first one is this Saturday, starting at 11am EDT/5pm CET. It will be streamed live on WoodenPotatoes Channel who will be starting his stream an hour or two before the tournament actually begins for some pre-tournament stuff. If you want to find out any more specific info/sign up, you can do so here.

Moving on to the new, well, news!

We will be giving away an Eternity at the end of the stream Saturday, but make sure to be there early on the day for more info on how to enter to win it. There will be several other smaller skin/gold giveaways during the stream as well.

We have decided to ban the use of the Mesmer Elite Specialization Chronomancer from this tournament, as we feel it is currently way too overpowered, and will also lead to boring/uninteresting matches over the course of the tournament.

We've also opened up the discord we've used to organize the tournament to the public, so if you want to get in there to talk to any of the organizers, ask questions about the tournament, and keep more up to date with the tournament/future events, you can join here.

Last night I went on Teatime, which is a weekly GW2 podcast run by Mightyteapot to discuss the tournament, as well as PvP in general, so check that out if you're interested in that.

And finally, make sure to look at the Trailer for the tournament that was made by GW2 Content Creator TryNTouch. He did an awesome job on it, so feel free to check out the other stuff he's worked on as well!

As always, if you have any questions feel free to leave them below, or PM me directly. We hope to see you on the stream, or in the Arena this Saturday, and good luck to everyone playing!


We have decided to ban the use of the Mesmer Elite Specialization Chronomancer from this tournament


Disqualifying a team from competing because they are good is asinine. It's a competitive game mode and a competitive tournament. If they are the best, they deserve to win.

roys our boy

Super excited for this tournament!

Good call to ban chronomancer too. It really stifles composition options when double (or triple..) mesmer can be optimal.

Me after reading a technical analysis

Me after reading a technical analysis
According to one redditor, Anet put spyware into our PCs to monitor all running processes, then used that data for a banwave.   

Said suspicion was confirmed by Anet too.  

The meme itself comes from the rumour about FBI using laptop cameras to view people.

According to one redditor, Anet put spyware into our PCs to monitor all running processes, then u...

Said suspicion was confirmed by Anet too.

"I care about my privacy"

*uses windows, chrome/firefox, discord and closed sourced software*

Anet said they banned 1600 accounts.

Suddenly spyware revealed.

Oops, now its time to detail what software was looked at and could have caused a ban.

It's not black on white "YES WE SPIED ON YOU IT IS TRUE YES", but a more read in between the lines. If you expect them to actually say it out loud they won't. That's why it "confirms suspicion" and not "confirms actual spyware usage"

firefox >>>>>> chrome privacy wise

Game Accounts Suspended - Update:

Game Accounts Suspended - Update:
Game Accounts Suspended - Update:

Good to have this list, especially with the spyware thread on page one.

Take-away: Be damn sure none of these programs are running while GW2 is running, ever. Even if you use them for other games.

I think the biggest oversight is the fact that there are actually potential innocent people here.

This isn't a situation where it's a guaranteed display of hacking, but more-so an association of an account being used at the same time as another program. Now if that program is being used for an external source, and not for GW2, then that player does not deserve a ban.

Sometimes, people cheat in single player games. Sims 4? I motherlode'd that shit faster than ...??? People get bored of limitations in single player games sometimes. I can understand that.

Don't be so quick to jump down their throats. I think ArenaNet needs to actually take tickets seriously where this is concerned, and actually retract their statement regarding "no appeals" - They most definitely need to do some investigations, if there weren't any cases of investigation (but only association). This of course is an assumption being made by the community based off of the statement given. I look forward to seeing their future statements regarding this issue.

Goodluck to every innocent person. To anybody who is genuinely guilty, sit and swivel.

I use it for university work (computer science) at the same time as having Gw2 open, but not for hours at a time, so I wasn't banned. Still pretty negligent / archaic method of cheat detection, though.

We believe that everyone deserves transparency, which is why we're providing this additional information.

Yeah... Im sure they wouldnt have given us this additional information, if this analysis post didnt pop up

Congrats to the ERP Champions [MnF] Bringing Glory to NA!

Congrats to the ERP Champions [MnF] Bringing Glory to NA!

This has been the best community generated content in our game for the longest time. It was an absolute blast and intense watch. Everyone involved deserves a huge round of applause.

Hard fought and well deserved victory! Props to teapot for the excellent shoutcasting, and to all the guilds who showed what it means to be a top tier raider!

Let's be real, teapot didn't even need it ;)

Edit: I suppose I deserve the downvotes. This was more of an attempt to compliment teapot, not an excuse for communication failure.

Guys please do not hate on ArenaNet, especially if the people you are attacking are not anything to do with marketing.

WTF?! There was an erotic roleplay competition? o_O



The second half of the elitist raiding party is upon us! You are not going to want to miss the epic conclusion as the best guilds in the game clash over who has the biggest epeen!


At least nxs is out so no more camera shake :)

This entire event is such a treat to watch. Seeing all these highly skilled guilds compete against each other in real-time is super exciting. Definitely one of the most enjoyable streams I've watched in a while!

For future tournaments, can I suggest a change to the double jeopardy in the lower bracket.

Basically, Ethereal Synergy would have gone to the upper side vs. Hop Skip Jump. United Scrubs would have gone to the lower bracket vs. Quantify.

This is how other tournaments often run, and allows for more matchups. It also makes the run back in finals, quarterfinals more hype as it's more of a battle to get back there.

edit: Double Jeopardy is the situation where 2 players or teams that met in winners bracket later meet up in losers bracket and have to play each other again.

Best moment of the tournament Plenyx BM dancing on [up]



The time has finally come to discover the most elitist guild in all of Tyria! Watch 8 guilds battle it out for the title live for your viewing pleasure starting in 30 minutes!


ERP day stream sounds like a much different thing

3359 viewers and not even sponsored by e-sport leagues nor ANet! GG KEKPOT!

Dhuum wipes from eS and qT were pretty fun.

Didn't expected much from this company but they still manage to disappoint me.

Use the word of mouth sure but when a single guy organise an event that has more views than their shit ever did yet they refuse to promote or even mention it anywhere AND don't support the streamers is just ... Fuck them.

The Commander Chairs Up

The Commander Chairs Up

Even the most mundane things quickly devolve into ERP with Charrs, huh? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

So that's what a charr ahegao looks like...

If I hadn't been able to sit down in a chair for five sodding years, I'd react like that too!

Toxic elitist. Upvote this image to expose the toxicity in the community

Toxic elitist. Upvote this image to expose the toxicity in the community

What the fuck did you just fucking say about me, you little necromancer? I’ll have you know I graduated top of my profession in the Special Forces Training area, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on the White Mantle, and I have over 300 confirmed raidboss kills. I am trained in elemental warfare and I’m the top Weaver in the entire pact armed forces. You are nothing to me but just another PUG. I will wipe you the fuck out with Meteor Showers the likes of which has never been seen before on Tyria, mark my fucking words.

I accidentally let my daughter see that symbol. Now she can't stop crying.

Well you guys aint doing it so someone needs to start

I accidentally let my fish see that symbol. Now its a krait.

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