My love for Tau propaganda is only surpassed by my love for the emperor.

My love for Tau propaganda is only surpassed by my love for the emperor.

Hmmmm. While technically your stance is not heretical, you do directly mention heretical material. It's probably best we have an Inquisitor place you under observation, just in case.

I'm sure as a loyal Imperial citizen you have nothing to hide and the results of this observation will corroborate this.

Calling the truth about Greater Good "propaganda"

Go be inquisitional provocateur somewhere else.

Have you just mentioned...

Female Marines?


This was a mistake...

[A horde of mad as fuck fa/tg/uys appears in the distance]


If he and the primarchs were girls the whole horus heresy would never have happened, we’d just have a bunch of legions not talking to eachother

Even in death I still serve

Even in death I still serve

*Slow Heavy metal music starts playing *

Me and the infinite number of metal sub-genres disagree

Sandbags? You mean meat bags?

IDK. I can see non-kreig regiments doing this.

More out of spite than out of love, though.

~~Stealing~~ Reclaiming.

~~Stealing~~ Reclaiming.

What is this, an actually funny and novel meme variant?

Right now the meme above is about the blood angels, making this double funny.


Jokes on you this was top in my stream

I have finakky fixed gimp

I have finakky fixed gimp

Guardsman with a bolter and not a flashlight? Dafuq?

In Dark Heresy you can take the skill “Technical knock” which unjams a gun by “Using a ritual motion to Awaken the gun-spirit into rigorous action once more”

So hitting your weapon to unjam it is Omnissiah approved I guess.

Clearly he must've picked it up in the false knowledge that it is superior to his trusted lasgun

'ritual motion' probably more like a pleasant massage for the machine spirit



Come on down to Games Workshop, parents, we got:

-Blue space Marxists

-Regular space Stalinists


-Depressed space-Nazis


-Teeth mushrooms



-Satan with boobs

-Satan with AIDS

-Satan but he's a bird

-Racism Elves

-Rape elves

-Rock em Sock em Robots

-The Spanish Inquisition2

This is how kids end up with Tau. Mom heard it was for the Greater Good.

If I was the employee id make the arguement that the Necrons are the good guys since they just want some peace and quiet in the damn universe

“GET OFF MY LAWN” -Necrons probably

the other warpdrives seem to be more faster but we are more risky

the other warpdrives seem to be more faster but we are more risky

laughs in not being a dead race

"Speak for yourselves plebs" -Necrons and Eldar

Event Horizon.

"They go through Hell, and if the Anti-Hell Generator short circuits, everyone who isn't eighteen separate kinds of badass dies."



From the 8th edition Ork Codex:

Rude Awakening

While attempting to loot the ancient treasures of a Necron tomb world, the Deathskulls of Waaagh! Zort trigger the planet’s reanimation protocols. Canoptek constructs by the thousand surround the greenskin invaders, but far from being intimidated, the Deathskulls are delighted. Scavenging and stealing at will, the Orks cobble together hordes of Cyborks and Morkanauts, and ever-more improbable super-weapons, while using a hijacked Necron dolmen gate to ferry in wave upon wave of reinforcements. By the time Overlord Thanptek the Magnificent awakens to take command of his legions, he does so to the sight of a mob of leering Mekboyz standing over his sarcophagus, evil gleams in their eyes and revving power tools in their hands.

It's almost as if the Orks were specifically created to fight the Necrons.

01001101 01101001 01101110 01100101

That translates to: "Mine".

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Gïve skนlls brøøtђer

Gïve skนlls brøøtђer

Brøther, may I have some skulls

I require the skülls , brøther

båttlē bröther î rěqūïre bløöd

Bröthär I require SKYLLS.

AurORKa Borealis

AurORKa Borealis

"Von Strabb, Armageddon's on fire" "No, Yarrick, it's just the Northern Lights"

Love it!

That Ork is an imposter. He doesn't speak like an Ork.

That being said, as a member of the Inquisition, I'd probably still kill him.


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