[Video] Never surrender.

Much love and respect to this guy.

Id be this fit too if I was constantly moving my muscles

/s I’m actually really impressed and Uber jealous

"He has cerebral palsy but it doesn't have him"

Beautiful words.


[Image] Getting your shit together

[Image] Getting your shit together

Even if the problems in your life aren't your fault, they're still your responsibility to deal with

People tend to underestimate the importance of discipline. It's a game changer.

relevant xkcd

I probably am the one holding myself back, wow. I’ll change this and better myself. Alexa, play The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars

[Image] Nothing grows in a comfort zone

[Image] Nothing grows in a comfort zone
[Image] Nothing grows in a comfort zone

But also, roids help

But what if gardening is your comfort zone?


[Image] Bloom

[Image] Bloom

My daughter’s grounded right now. I look forward to seeing her bloom.

Are we not doing "Phrasing" anymore?

Needed this tonight. I think I’ve skipped to step 3 in new endeavors too many times without completing steps 1 and 2.

Like seriously guys we really need to get phrasing back in the rotation.

[image] It's all going to work out

[image] It's all going to work out

Every heartache, setback, and challenge makes us stronger. These are the things that make each of us unique and amazing individuals. Just remember when you’re going through a tough time, that this too shall pass.

That's the spirit!

A little bit of realistic nihilism never hurt anyone

None of us are making it out alive, so who cares? Just do what you wanna do while not being mean to others.

This is less motivational and more infuriating imo.

[Image] Fate and Determination

[Image] Fate and Determination

Did abc get any sort of residual from his appearance? Early in the show the companies had to give a certain percentage of profits to abc for the bump they'd receive in sales from the exposure.

No that 5% thing was squashed with cubans help a few seasons in

Good guy Cuban.

I feel like amazon probably also had a direct influence in the success of ring. As more people began shopping online with the rise of amazon, they also got really tired of their shit getting stolen and turned to these devices

[Image] Optimism

[Image] Optimism

That actually made me smile. Thank you.

A cha cha that doesn’t leave you dancing in the same place but moves you across the room toward your dreams

Life is a dance, don't worry about forward or backward steps. Just enjoy the dance of life and do it with compassion, strength, understanding & love. Never give up because your soul is eternal!

You’re thinking about Viennese Waltz

[Image] It's never too late.

[Image] It's never too late.

Poor guy was a banker? Damn I'm glad he turned his life around.

Seems like they confuse banker with bank clerk. He couldn't afford coaching badges

You have to defeat Conte in the Stamford Bridge gym to earn the Coaching Badge

Just don't copy his smoking habits though. :)

[Image] Be stronger.

[Image] Be stronger.

Motivated, now I am.

I just politely tried to ask whereabouts of the princess, and that was only way to get his focus. The ship was blowing up, for fuck sake, I did not have the time to sweet talk'em to understand the time limits.

These people...

To lift people up, you must have the high ground.

Obi-Wan Kenobi, Limb Surgeon

full on rapist?

[Image] The reason people find it so hard to be happy

[Image] The reason people find it so hard to be happy

Google assistant be spitting truth

The reason I’m unhappy is someone stole my beer.

Buddhism explains this same idea better - unhappiness stems not from life events but our attachments to thoughts about them. The past is a story in our head, as is the future. Let go of the stories of what we think things should be and you can be content.

I just see the past, present and future as one big blur of shitty shit I don't want to have to deal with but am forced to cause I can't kill myself. Everything sucks.

Maybe someday I'll be able to look at the past and see nice things.

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