[Image] Don't give up on your dream

[Image] Don't give up on your dream

Ah, the fairytale that is so rare. I teach students on the edge and it is so difficult to get across the fact that plain hard work will get you really far. You don't have to go pro to get out of your situation.

The odds of making it in any pro sport are so slim. Don't get me started on the number of singers that are "gonna make it big" I meet in any given year.

Why is it important that he is unranked in Hearthstone? I mad it to rank 16 but I wouldn’t put that in my cv.

You can tell that to my Mega Millions ticket, sucker.

This is fake new. Brown himself commented on this Instagram post laughing at it

[Image]Learn To Be Self-Sufficient

[Image]Learn To Be Self-Sufficient

What is really sad is being lonely while you're in a relationship.

Keanu is the mother fkng man

This is how I feel :( I've been in a relationship for 10 years now, and it's getting worse and worse... That feeling when you know it's toxic and it's making you feel lonely all the time, but you're scared that if you leave that person you'll feel even worse. I hate this feeling...

Well being single definitely has it's perks, but sometimes you know you come across some nice things or nice experiences which you wish to share with someone you loved. That's the only downside I have noticed. edit: Corrected spelling of "perks" thanks to u/clubpeet.

[Image] Upgrade Yourself

[Image] Upgrade Yourself

This is pretty depressing actually.

The real upgrade is being a healthy porygon. That will allow it to live a longer, healthier, and happier life, which means it gets to share its inner beauty more with the world.

Also, it's wasting its time. It should look for a couple of trainers to trade it back and forth while it's holding an Up-Grade and then a Dubious Disc.

I don't feel motivated by this, it's rather sad...

Yea, I'm not the artist here but it seems to me like they were trying to make a statement about media targeting physical insecurities. Rather than something motivational. Sad indeed.

[Image] Being Human

[Image] Being Human

Heaven has a gate and a vetting process.

Vatican has a huge wall....

Why pretend it's one or the other? North Americans are the most giving countrys in the world and we absolutely have a duty to care for our own first, and preserve our prosperity so we can continue to share.

As an American residing in Mexico I employ and help who I can afford to (here) but still have to lock up my stuff. There are ALWAYS going to be people who want everything they can get.

Givers must set limits because takers never will. keep the child molesters locked up

[Image] A friendly reminder from my office to yours

[Image] A friendly reminder from my office to yours

Make sign about not checking phone. Post to reddit, constantly check phone for karma and replies.

Ironic. He could save others from their phones... but not himself.

Edit: words

or just turn off ur phone. if its an emergency or someone is dying, they just die.

..... Heroin?

[Image] Justin Gallegos becomes Nike’s first professional athletes with cerebral palsy when they surprise him with a contract. Beat your own limits.

[Image] Justin Gallegos becomes Nike’s first professional athletes with cerebral palsy when they surprise him with a contract. Beat your own limits.

Nike brought Justin into their lab to study his needs and gait and designed the , or "Air Justins", specifically for him.

Justin is spreading the message that "It doesn't matter what others say or do, your only limit is your mind!"

Video Link

of the moment they told him.

I have classes with Justin, super nice dude. His instagram is zoommagic, im sure hed appreciate a follow, super inspirational posts.

Who the hell brought onions in here 😭😭

[image] words of a genius

[image] words of a genius

The line from A Bronx Tale: "The saddest thing in life is wasted talent." Really stayed with me. Great movie.

"A Bronx Tales" changed my life in many ways. Maybe it was the age I saw it and maybe it felt super authentic (some of the best acting I've ever seen). I was really sad to learn that Lillo Brancato who starred as the kid had such a hard life.

Jury found him not guilty of murder. He was found guilty for attempted burglary. But even so I was talking about his life in general with drug addiction etc... It's still sad that an actor this talented has it all go to waste


edit: spelling

Probably not as hard as the cops family he killed.

[Image] What others think of you doesn't necessarily defines who you are.

[Image] What others think of you doesn't necessarily defines who you are.

If everyone around you dislikes you, you should probably give a fuck and work on that... Unless you don't want anyone to like you.

No, ask yourself why they hate you, and then ask yourself if they're right.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing. I get the spirit of the saying, but if you are finding a lot of people can’t stand you, then sometimes it helps to look in the mirror and evaluate before you tell people to f*** off. In some cases it could really be that you are just an asshole.... 😀

Did Keanu really say this? I doubt that. Also, you are allowed to say fuck.

[Image] Drew Brees takes the time with his kids in the middle of the game to still be a dad

[Image] Drew Brees takes the time with his kids in the middle of the game to still be a dad

“You can accomplish anything... but you’ll never break my record you little brats. Love you.”

In post game interview they asked if he remembered what he had told the boys after he broke the record. He said of course he remembered, it's what he tells them every night when they go to sleep. With such a leader as your father I guarantee his kids will go on to do great things in life.

If you followed Brees and his career you understand the tremendous adversity he faced. This isnt lip service, it's his life story.

Hell of a man

[Image] Today is your day

[Image] Today is your day

Eh I'll start tomorrow.

Absolute MADLAD

My mum died and I couldn't handle the stress of work on top of the grief, so I left my job without having another one lined up (stupid, i know) because I was hopeful that I'd find another one within a month. Now I am working for minimum wage. I'm trying to get back on the career ladder but I'm lacking in self-belief and finding it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings. I've stopped applying for new jobs and become depressed. I'm behind on my bills and moving back in with my Dad today.

Can someone please DM me some "don't give up, you can do it" vibes? Just this once. I could really use some encouragement.

I misread this as “Today is your day to eat fresh” and I thought it was a Subway thing.

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