Remember pluto

Remember pluto

Obligatory "Hey NASA, your mom thought I was big enough." - Pluto.

I blame Neil deGrasse Tyson.. Because he's the only astronomer I can think of at the moment.


Good. Stupid cold astral body, tryina get into the club

Dude same

Dude same

Having had sex, I would happily take that trade. I love sex but immortality sounds awesome. At least after the first 150 or so years, The first 75 would be great but the next you are loosing people you love and getting used to the loss.

Sorry, don't jealous, I'm @50 years old. Having had sex isn't a boast, it's just a fact of life at this age.

Still would trade all the sex in my life for immortality.

Fair enough, I personally wouldn't, but everyone has differing opinions.



What an odd sub to post this in

Ik, like why is this sad? I get the funny part, but not the sadness in the gif

coke way better then wisky.


As a Floridian, this hits hard

As a Floridian, this hits hard

Thank you Patty H. from Florida. I had a hard day but I'm going to fall asleep knowing I broke even thanks to the laugh you brought me.

Obvious Plant.

Florida is actually really nice but too many people are moving here so we have to make it look like we hate it.

Seriously, how's Florida mocked so much for being disgusting and filthy?

I always thought Florida is some magical paradise with a fuckton of sunshine, warm weather and hot fucking Latina chicks

And then I go to reddit and reddit makes me think that I'd rather push my dick through a keyhole than visit Florida even once

Edit: oh shit, that's a lot of comments.

I think it's like every big area, there are good and bad places, but I'd love to visit Florida especially. I hope I'll make it once. I'll keep my good view of Florida, in my head it's still this paradise I'd like to live in

Hey look! It's an ad for college

Hey look! It's an ad for college

Ah yes, spending money to save money is one of the smartest marketing ploys ever unleashed on the public. Those reward cards, oh, those reward cards...

I can't chose between the MBA of Getting two jobs at the time or the MBA of Classical Poverty. Fuck, I hesitate so much.

I spent $400 on textbooks this semester. I picked them up and then noticed that they came with a tube of toothpaste.

Give me $1000 and I will give you $40, sounds like a deal to me! How could you pass up this once in a lifetime opportunity?

No friends

No friends

Well we can rule out bad breath being for the reason they don't have friends.

The profile pic only makes this funnier

It's because they don't share

Pfft, anime profile picture. Of course this weeb isn't gonna get any friends.

That's why I use hentai profile picture. They're easier to gauge people with, and people will try to talk to you to get the source of the image you're using.

Plus, if they got a hentai profile picture, you know they know the good shit.

2+3 = 5

2+3 = 5

Adding large odd numbers were never my strong suit

Just to double check my brain is working properly

(13 x 40) 5 times in a row because I think I can remember the number and then forget it 2 seconds later

it literaly does, press the up arrow

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