Leaf loving boy

Leaf loving boy

This could be a Canadian mascot, I would be a ok with that!

Great picture. Wonderful eyes. Leaves. Bleach.


Leaf camo best camo

No human needed here.

Those little anticipatory jumps are the best things I’ve seen all week.

Okay this is ridiculously adorable, but the other dog in the yard: "Good lord take it down a notch, Larry."


While the other dog takes a shit in the back.



They see me rolling...

...I’m wrinkly...

Good thing it is though.

That dog hardly looks real.

Raccoon eating his grapes made my day better

How his little feets clutch the bowl!!!

Om nom nom nom nom.


That sweet couch helps, too.

"I am OK with this"

Gaaaaaaa am I seeing a cat carrot?!


I put a hat on any of my cats they just moonwalk everywhere until I take it back off of them.

Dare I say, a “cattot”?

Dads home from Afghanistan.

He’s home! He’s home! He’s home!! He will take this stupid sweater off of me!!!

So much excitement and he still obeys the rules and doesn't climb over. What a G O O D B O Y E

Omg this hops with the legs out ♥

I would have peed a little being that excited.


It’s so cold in the D...how the F we supposed to have peace???

The face of pure glee and happiness

The face of pure glee and happiness

All I want out of life is to boop him in the snoot.

This is my phone wallpaper now. Its going to be a good year with this little fuzzy palete cleanser a tap away

With all the hate and negative crap in the world, why can't we have this amount of glee in the world that this pupper has?

Link to the dog's Instagram

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