Why won’t you play with me?!

This would be great in /sub/moonmoon

"Where's my money bitch?"

Mlem mlem....why won't you kiss me back karen! mlem mlem

Because I'm too stuffed

Don't leave me, human!

P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

Someone needs to give that adorable animal a plush kangaroo to hug immediately. Anybody know his address?

That's a BIG awww


Bob Ross of dogs meeting a cloud

I think this dogs hairdo is better than mine

This caption kills me.

Only thing that could make it better would be calling it a “happy little cloud.” Works for both the dog and the smoke.

Must’ve been traumatizing to see his twin burst into thin air

Owl have a sip

Those eyelashes.

Very lifelike Furby.

This owl looks like a diva

Owls do not look real.

Just gonna leave this here

Bungee pup

TRUE eyebleach

If someone with the skills could turn this into a percect loop that would be amazing

Try this in...

Ticklish Armadillo

could it be that we only see it as a ticklish armadillo, when it really might not enjoy it? Just saying, anthropomorphizing animals can make us misunderstand reality

Aww, leprosy!

The armadillos kicking and trying to run away, please leave it alone, it doesn’t understand what’s happening

Yeah, he seems to be in serious distress.


Fluttering her eyelashes at you, the doe-eyed flirt

Get a cow they said. It'll be fun they said

Good lord that is a cute cow

I was about to /sub/killthecameraman , but happy cow is happy.

A special friendship

A special friendship

Bird transporter.

A good observation😅


Both Different size but equally cute 😊

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