Happy Birthday to Denaun Porter who turned 38 today!

Happy Birthday to Denaun Porter who turned 38 today!

Wow so dude was only like 21 when he was on Marshall Mathers and working on Devil’s Night. I’m 30. Excuse me going to re-examine my life.

Em only puts 1 middlefinger up, new single coming in 1 day??????

We eatin booooooiiiissssss!!!!!!!!!!!

He's no proof but he does his job. Not sure what your problem is.

Upstairs, clothed, with a finger drawn!

Album cover confirmed? Light_bender commented this on the pic

Album cover confirmed? Light_bender commented this on the pic

Really wonder if it’ll have that flag effect on it

Tough shit. You’re gonna get full on political storytelling Eminem. He’s going to save your fucked up country through sound.

Jay Z convinced Bey to feature you reckon he does that for everyone? Trump is only going at artists he doesn’t feel relevant. Maybe Trump has heard whispers the whole time and was told do not reply to the white boy. The white boy will cause riots and body him

Only Eminem has the balls to do that and not get a reply from the The President. Hopefully these smaller features are to make Trump retaliate. Trump strokes his own ego and doesn’t go after somebody he knows could rip him apart. I introduce to you - Eminem.

Edit - you also have to remember that Donald Trump publicly backed Political Eminem the first time. Can you imagine how bad it can be spun for Trump if he reacts?

Donald Trump resigning in disgrace because Eminem embarrassed him in a rap battle a la 8 Mile would be like the 7th weirdest thing to happen in 2017.

I’m not saying that. I’m saying he’s going to do what he wants. If it’s Political it’s for a reason. We all should know that by now.

Changed the lighting a bit

Changed the lighting a bit

The flag is backwards. Important. Revolution. Opposition to government. Rushing into battle. Against unruly ruliness. Themes.

Wait, so you know the theme of the album?


Great quality! Thank you!

Yeah please share!

Crooked I just tweeted Revival Disc 2 tracklisting.

Crooked I just tweeted Revival Disc 2 tracklisting.

Don't play with my emotions like this. If this is a double album i'll eat my own fucking ass.

In before someone makes a theory saying Eminem heard the backlash of the initial track list and made all these songs 12 hours ago.

Still no 2 Chainz lmfao

If this is legit I’ll shave my nuts. Tuck my dick in between my legs and cluck.

Not sure if anyone posted this picture yet or not but I found it amusing

Not sure if anyone posted this picture yet or not but I found it amusing

Seems legit

Ed Sheerstan


But for real though, I’m happy ed sheeran’s on it. My 2 fav artists in one song!!!

Universal Music Sweden just posted this Revival Ad on their Instagram page!

Universal Music Sweden just posted this Revival Ad on their Instagram page!

I like the DEC3MBER thing.looks dope

was hoping to hear a new snippet

Damn this hypes me up even more.

DecEMber... I like it.

Joe Budden for you

Joe Budden for you


Over the past ~2 months, Joe has been on fucking point about what Em is doing lately... at least as much as one can reasonably be about predicting the next move of someone who notoriously avoids following the same formulas that everyone else uses.

I don't understand how people don't get this. Ah well, they can be mad for no reason if they want. That shit must be miserable though.

So what are you pissed about? The fact that he has a bunch of females doing hooks(potentially, because we honestly have NO fucking idea what the songs will actually be like) or because of the lack of emcee features? Because if it's the lack of features that's just fucking dumb, do you want to hear Marshall or do you want to hear other rappers? I get that you and everyone else who is up in bunches thinks that this is going to be another Recovery but I doubt he'd do that. The couple of people from within the Shady camp who have heard shit from the album have said it's a classic. They could just be hype men or they could be telling the truth. Either way we won't know, or shouldn't form an opinion until we hear it for ourselves. Either way I guarantee you this project will be better than 98% of the shit that's been released this year. It's fucking Eminem.

*REVIVAL (Interlude)*

*REVIVAL (Interlude)*

Alright everyone, let’s quit bitching about the features for a sec and get back to work on analyzing the track list.

What do the titles give us? For instance, the song I put in the title has me intrigued. An interlude is a shift/change of dynamic. What could this be? Skit? Change in mood/style for the rest of the album? I don’t fucking know. Why the fuck would he name a song River? Is this shit about baptism? Lmao

I wanna know y’alls thoughts on allll of these songs, and what you think they’re gonna be about/your interpretation. Let’s mellow the fuck out and enjoy the fact that we have a new Eminem album out next week, huh?

Keep it Shady.

It's interesting that the album's title is an interlude. I don't know what to expect from it but I'm just hoping it's over a minute long and adds to the album. It'd be really interesting for Em to have a concept album which wouldn't be the same without a track, even if it was an interlude.

The message of Walk on Water is that he’s human and he’s struggling to keep up with expectations. But at the end he goes fuck it.

So I guess Believe, Chloraseptic, Untouchable, River and Remind Me would be lyrical showcases and I’m the GOAT type tracks.

After the interlude, maybe the tracks get more serious and show a more humane side?

Maybe I’m looking into this too much.

I’m definitely thinking along the same lines you are. I feel like the back half of the album is going to be very reflective/introspective.

I noticed that most of the features seem to follow that interlude. It had me intrigued as well.

I know this is a crazy concept...

I know this is a crazy concept...

But maybe

just MAYBE

Eminem is a music artist who enjoys listening to each person he chose to collaborate with on this album. He’s a guy making music, and he definitely doesn’t owe anyone anything. So why can’t we respect who he works with, listen to the album he drops, and commend him for putting out ANOTHER rap album (with 19 tracks, nonetheless) at the age he’s at, after being around for so long?

People are allowed to be miffed about his music choices, dude. Doesn't help that he spent a good chunk of his early career making fun of the exact type of person he has become.

Hasn't changed? I think if you showed current Eminem to 1999 Eminem he would be absolutely flabbergasted. He's a very different person. And why shouldn't he be? He's dealt with having a very public life and enormous amounts of fame and success. He's probably seen his actions have affects in both positive and negative ways. What he's experienced as a person would probably change just about anyone.

He made fun of the boy bands and corporate manufactured popstars. You think that's what he is now?

I don't owe him praise either. He doesn't become invincible to critique just because of his age.

Phresher Spits Em verse

Phresher Spits Em verse

Phresher doing more promo for the album than Em lol

This dude seems like he has mad respect for Em. This makes me happy. Chloraseptic is what i'm hype for.

I like this guy

The song with him will be awesome Mark my words

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