Cat severely injured after dog land an amazing blow on him

Cat severely injured after dog land an amazing blow on him

“I heard you always land on your feet!”

I love how the cat just walks away after, like damn Gina who shit in your cereal this morning

Bichon Cena 🎺

The cathammer!

Ploughing through the herd.

Ploughing through the herd.

DAMN, he surfed that sh*t like a professional

That dog is so fucking happy

Shit, now I understand what city dogs are missing.

The special move of the Australian kelpie!

Cat headbutts doggo in a Hell in the Cell match

That poor puppy. I could feel its heart break from here.

Doggo no-sells it tho’...

Noooo! Poor sad puppy 😔

Reminds me of 1998 when Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell in a Cell and plummeted 16 feet into the announcer's table.

Big dog meet little dog meet dogberg

Big dog meet little dog meet dogberg

Dane zoomies are the best..... unless you get it their way. Then they're the worst.

Those are adorable zoomies . My little guy is a 25lb rocket powered pinball of destruction when he gets the zoomies.

he went for the slide tackle

Zombies? Did I miss the apocalypse, or did we take the time to .gif patient zero?

EDIT: This one was actually Reddit video or whatever. I've been confused ever since my .gif's started having play buttons.


I'm a cranky old man and get this non-dogberg shit off my lawn.

Not really dogberg, but adorable.

Hey op. How long did it take you to think of that title?

yo u/Bubble132, post this on /sub/holdmykibble or another subreddit for dog videos

Dog attacc another dog

"I can see you heckin doggo."

The big boi even did that whole parent thing where they're like "Argh you got me" you'd do if your kid shot you with a nerf gun or something.

That's the cutest thing I've seen in a long time. Mom dog was smiling there at the end.

Top 10 anime comebacks



Fuck assholes who mistreat animals.

Every time I see this I kinda hope he got a concussion from the sand somehow and drowned in the ocean. Fuckin piece of shit.

Ur daughter come to my house today and kick my dog

what in the hell was he trying to do anyway? seriously looks like he meant to actually kick the dog.

From the top rope!!

From the top rope!!

The poor samoyed couldn't believe it at first, lol

Absolute destruction! Floofbringer's gonna be hurting tomorrow!

I think that's a destroyed high-heel shoe.

Is the big guy chewing on a gun?

very calm dogberg

very calm dogberg

I am merely a cross poster harvesting the karma

I know nothing

I saw the original /sub/unexpected post and thought the nudity was the unexpected part. No upvote, and moved to the next post.

When I saw the x-post to /sub/dogberg, my eyes widened and I thought “wtf, there’s a dog?”

Good dog, smoking naked indoors is prohibited

Rotary percussion

Oh hey another tik tok spam account, look their profile

It’s like cancer for Reddit.

Tiktok=downvote and report

Really wish reddit would crack down on this trash

Well it's spam and also not a dogberg. Please remove this .

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