The Deck of Many Animated Spell Cards prototypes

The Deck of Many Animated Spell Cards prototypes

Hi all, u/thebgguru and I just finished creating our next batch of prototypes for our next project "Animated Spellcards". We're aiming to do all the spells starting with Cantrips using 8 frames of looping animation per card.

They use a special lenticular lens that when tilted up and down give the effect that you're casting the spell. Tell us what you think!

If you'd like to get your hands on a prototype we're offering them to the first 1000 patrons at the $10 level on Patreon who sign up before the end of the month. Free shipping worldwide. patreon.com/thedeckofmany

Elsewise you can sign up to our mailing list for when we launch the decks! Click Here to Subscribe

This is a sweet idea! Though I'm sure some spells will be very difficult to showcase on a portrait shaped canvas, or over 8 frames, or both. A commendable effort. Best of luck 8)

Thanks! We're going to try our best to make them work. Some cards will be tough though especially the wordy ones.

Could you not have the spell written on the back of the card? Or have the animation on the back as a full back animation

When the session ends on a big reveal... Sound on for this amazing freakout. This is why I love this game!

When the session ends on a big reveal... Sound on for this amazing freakout. This is why I love t...

Quick and dirty synopsis: we’ve been playing a ragtag bunch of characters, many of whom don’t really like each other all that much, as they travel across the country picking up work. We’ve noticed some odd happenings. In every town, there’s a wanted poster for a moon elf with silver hair named Kerrick Leodin, a revolutionary who is leading a band of students against the government/royal family. Very Les Mis.

Anyway, the last few sessions have involved us participating in a tournament of melee combat, which my character just lost to a mysterious masked fighter. Well, turns out he’s someone familiar after all, and he wants a word with the Jarl of the region. The session ended on a cliffhanger, and the players freaked.

I was actually absent this session since I was out of town, but I listened to the whole thing over the phone and received these absolutely delightful snapchats during the session. I knew this reveal was coming as I’d discussed my character losing the tournament with the DM, so it was even more satisfying to hear everyone else react.

Long live D&D!

As a DM these are the types of moments to live for. You only get a handful of truly memorable moments and getting the players to freak out like this is a huge accomplishment!

We sure are lucky players to have such an awesome DM.

I had a DM once that ENDED the game on a big reveal, one that I still remember clearly.

We were playing a 3.5 Rokugan campaign and the three players were all Shugenja due to bad rolls in physical stats, but it made for a great story. Two of us were pacifists in the clan tension and were trying to build a bridge between the Lion and the Crane. To help us along with physical combat, the DM gave us a samurai NPC who was a member of the Crane clan, same as one of my teammates.

Throughout the course of the game, there were subtle hints that our Crane clan samurai was a little off. He knew herbology as he prepared medicine with our tea each morning, killed unarmed men, killed in cold blood, had excellent knowledge of the taint. We'd chalked it up to him having SEEN some sh*t. When accused of being a ronin for his conduct, he vehemently denied it.

In our very last session, the Lion clan had sent us on a mission to understand more of the taint's corruption as Lion clan acolytes under our command were discovered to be tainted and killed. The mission was equal parts punishment and a test of loyalty as they believed we infected them intentionally to keep the Lion's magic weak.

Our first night camping, we all woke and partook in our samurai's tea. Suddenly, we found ourselves paralyzed and unable to move. We could see our Crane clan samurai killing the paralyzed guards sent with us, then kneeling beside us.

"Never trust a man who makes you tea. The Scorpion sends our regards. The Crane and Lion will never be allies."

[OC][Art]I thought you guys would like to see the haul I got for my DM boyfriend for his birthday!

[OC][Art]I thought you guys would like to see the haul I got for my DM boyfriend for his birthday!

To explain a little: I call it art because on the dice boxes (the D20s), I compiled/created the engraving. I also stained/painted them and put them together. I also compiled/created the engraving on the dice tower of the screen. I really love how it all came together! I put a lot of time and thought into it and trying to make it all match and look nice. The only disappointment is that the gemstone dice I bought don't match the light blue theme...buuut they were the coolest ones I could find, so alas.

Anyways, hope you guys like!

I don’t like it... I don’t like that it isn’t mine. Take your karma and let’s never speak of this again.

I can link you to where I got everything, if you like!

Looks awesome if he doesnt marry you after his birthday... i will!

Could you perhaps pm me also the link where you got this awesome things.

[OC] A big thank you to D&D for bring us two nerds together.

[OC] A big thank you to D&D for bring us two nerds together.

My heart has never been more full. After four years of magic the gathering, RPG video games, and our personal favorite D&D, I finally asked my now fiance, to marry me and she said yes! D&D has made my life better in so many ways but I would never have thought it would have brought me so much closer to the woman I plan to spend the rest of my life with. She and I always say, if we can slay dragons together, we can do anything together.

Joke's on him. He THOUGHT he rolled a 20 on a charisma check... but it was she that rolled a 20 on her Animal Handling.

Slaying dragons and Building ikea furnitute together are the greatest challenges of a relationship and since the dragonslaying seems to work the furniture wont be a problem. I wish you both gigantic amounts of fun and happiness with each other!

The beard probably doesnt help... Lol

[OC][ART] Last month I DnDified Monty Python’s Black Knight, this month I present you with my rendition of Sauron. Whose next?

[OC][ART] Last month I DnDified Monty Python’s Black Knight, this month I present you with my rendition of Sauron. Whose next?

I'd suggest keeping the Summon power but replace the Balrog with Ringwraiths (reskinned Wights maybe?) so as to force the party to split their attention between the Dark Lord and his servants.

I don't really know about the whole balrog summoning thing

Great suggestion

EDIT: evidently this is the reason why it's better to leave something in instead of taking it out. People will point out the obvious alternative and make the character even better

Yeah, I'm not sure about it either. Was a split decision to leave it in.

[ART] Ranged weapon inspiration for you DMs

[ART] Ranged weapon inspiration for you DMs

Amazing art, but my largest concern is what and the hell does the nightmare pistol do!? If somebody pulled a skull on a handle out of a holster and pointed it at me I'd probably just give them whatever they wanted. That'd be legitimately terrifying.

Only one way to find out...

What I find legitimately terrifying is if I pulled it on someone and they responded with true resurrection...

Guns do not work well in D&D usually, but I'll pull the trigger. See if I can make them well. I'm pretty proud of some of these.

Legendary Longbow Cornu (martial weapon, ranged weapon, legendary, requires Attunement) - A longbow crafted out of sander horns of a group of horned devils called "The Quintuplex". A piece of the devilish power still resides within the weapon, which otherwise functions as an incredibly accurate bow with tremendous penetration.

Features: You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. When you hit a creature with it, that target takes an extra 1d8 piercing damage.

The bow has 4 charges and recharges 1d4 charges at the dusk of every day. As an action, the wielder may use a charge to summon the devilish power within the bow, turning the limbs reddishly brown and conjure a single dark red arrow of energy tipped with a horned devil's tail tip, which remains until the end of your next turn. As a part of the same action, or as a part of a separate Attack action, the arrow can be loosed forming a line 100 feet long and 5 feet wide in a direction of your choice. Each creature in a line must succeed on a DC17 Constitution saving throw or lose 3d6 hit points at the start of each of its turns due to an infernal wound. Each time the wielder hits the wounded target with this infernal arrow, the damage dealt by the wound increases by 3d6. Any creature can take an action to stanch the wound with a successful DC 12 Wisdom (Medicine) check. The wound also closes if the target receives magical Healing.

Sentience. The Legendary Longbow Cornu is a sentient lawful evil weapon with an Intelligence of 12, Wisdom of 16 and Charisma of 17. It has hearing and truesight out to a range of 120 feet, which it shares with the wielder, if the wielder has any Evil alignment.

The bow lays silent until an Infernal Arrow is conjured, and then proceeds to telepathically whisper horrors of Baator to all creatures within 60 feet of it, promising revenge in a devilish voice.

Neverkeep Crossbow (simple weapon, ranged weapon, uncommon) - a rugged light crossbow forged by the Dwarves of Clan Okri residing in the underground forgecity of Neverkeep, which are renowned throughout the realms for their fine mechanical craftsmanship. It features slots to hold 6 bolts on the limbs of the weapon and a curious design enhancing its handling both in long range engagements and shorter ranged skirmishes.

Features: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls made with this weapon.

The weapon has the Loading (6) property, allowing 6 consecutive attacks to load the weapon as a part of the Attack action, before requiring a reload. Each bolt requires an action to load in.

When the wielder is prone, they can fire at the Long Range of the weapon without disadvantage, and do not have disadvantage on attack rolls with the Neverkeep Crossbow due to being prone, as the special legs at the front of the crossbow allow for superior aiming and stabilizing.

The O'Malley (martial weapon, ranged weapon, rare) - a rugged firearm crafted by a famed gnomish tinkerer Alastar Byrne. It functions as an inaccurate, but powerful firearm, firing steel ball bearings.

Functions: The weapon requires martial weapon proficiency (Firearms) to use. You gain a -2 penalty to attack rolls made with this weapon. Its properties are Ammunition (30/120), Loading, Light. It deals 3d8 piercing damage.

Dark Tribal Arrow (ammunition, minor, uncommon) - an arrow made by the hunters of lizardmen Tribe A'chaka, east of Faerun. It uses the straight branches of the Gaki bush, Fletching of the rare Night Parrots living in the jungles and a sharp rock salt arrowhead, gathered below the A'chaka lakes.

Features: The fine and light design gives a +1 bonus to all attack rolls made with the arrow. The salt from the tip and the uneven bumps and spikes on the shaft make the wounds from this arrow be particularly painful, dealing an extra 1d8 slashing damage on a hit. Oozes hit with this arrow lose an additional 3d8 HP due to the way their liquid bodies react to the salt.

Magic Missile Firearm (wondrous item, Major, rare) - a recent invention of Lords' Alliance, made possible by the cooperation between the dwarven crafters, the gnomish tinkerers and mages of Waterdeep. The weapon consists of a simple trigger tied to an arcane battery packed with an enchantment of magic missiles, allowing for easy shots. The light enchantments on the sides of the weapon showcase the complex lock-on arcane mechanism within the contraption. The weapon was crafted to allow non-mage officers in the Lords' Alliance armies to have a reliable tool when fighting arcane opponents.

Features: Counts as a wondrous item. The weapon has 15 charges. As an action, the wielder may spend up to 5 charges to fire a number of magic missiles equal to the charges spent at up to 3 targets of the wielder's choice within 120 feet.

The wielder may spend a bonus action to line up the weapon with a single creature of their choice within 120 feet. Until the end of their turn, if they use an action to spend charges and shoot the weapon, the wielder can spend up to 10 charges, firing the same number of Magic Missiles, but they must all be directed at the same target.

The weapon recharges 1d5+1 charges at dawn.

Nightmare Pistol (Wondrous Item, Major, Rare) - a contraption done by an unknown gnomish necromancer, who was killed during a raid on the Underdark. The weapon has the skull of a gnome at the tip, with an ebony black crystals hidden within its open gaping mouth and both eyes. When the trigger is pulled, an unnerving purple light blasts out of the openings in the skull, affecting those it is pointed at.

Features: The Nightmare Pistol has 5 charges. The Pistol recharges 1d4-1 charges at dusk.

The wielder may spend 1 charge to emit a blast of light in a 30 foot cone. All creatures caught in the light take 1d10 psychic damage.

The wielder may spend 3 charges to emit a more powerful blast in a 30 foot cone. All creatures caught in the light take 2d10 psychic damage and must succeed on a DC15 Wisdom saving throw, or be Frightened of the wielder for 1 minute, repeating the save at the end of each of its turns.

The Wielder may spend 5 charges to release all of the power hidden within the weapon. All creatures caught in a 30 foot cone of light take 3d10 psychic damage and must succeed on a DC15 Wisdom saving throw or be affected by the Fear spell.

The Forest's Bow (simple weapon, ranged weapon, uncommon, requires Attunement by an Elf, Half-Elf, Gnome, Firbolg, Ranger or Druid) - The Forest's Bow is a shortbow, limbs of which surprisingly still grow as if the branch was still connected to a tree. It smells vaguely of a deep forest after a rain.

Features: You gain You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. The wielder may cast Druidcraft while attuned to the weapon. The wielder may also cast Ensnaring Strike once while wielding this weapon, regaining the use at the end of a long rest.

The Serpent Heavy Rifle (martial weapon, ranged weapon, very rare) - a heavy rifle forged by the gnomish tinkerers for a human warrior who saved their workshop from a Zentharim invasion.

Features: You gain a +2 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. The Serpent Heavy Rifle requires proficiency with Martial Weapons (Firearms) to use. It has the Ammunition (150/600), Two-Handed, Loading properties. It deals 3d8 piercing damage and an extra 1d8 poison damage from the enchantment within the weapon's butt.

As an Action, you may line up a shot with the rifle, giving themselves an advantage on the first attack made with the rifle until the end of your next turn, and may fire at long range without disadvantage. If that attack hits, the target is Poisoned for 1 minute. It may attempt a DC15 Constitution saving throw to remove the condition at the end of each of its turns.

Poisoned Throwing Knives (simple weapon, dagger, uncommon) - a set of simple throwing knives with a poisoned blade.

Features: When the dagger hits a creature, it takes an extra 1d8 poison damage and is Poisoned until the end of its next turn.

The Falcon Crossbow (ranged weapon, heavy crossbow, uncommon) - weapon favored by the griffin riding knights of the Beaked Order.

Features: You gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage rolls made with this weapon. As a Bonus Action, you may aim the crossbow at a single creature of your choice that you can see. You gain advantage on all attack rolls directed at that creature until the end of your turn and may fire at it at Long Range without disadvantage. You may use this feature again once you finish a long or short rest.

[art] Meet Potoo Short-Pants, a halfling bard and my first char ever!

[art] Meet Potoo Short-Pants, a halfling bard and my first char ever!

I'm very disappointed. I read the title and was looking forward to a character with short pants. Yet again bamboozled...

Ah, you see but the character is a halfling. So those are short pants, because the halfling is short.

Audible gasp I hadn't thought of that

Thank you for restoring my happiness

Heya there~

This is my DnD character i made for a campaign we've been playing since a few months ago!

They're both my first campaign and character, so its all being very special to me hehe

So hey, here, meet Potoo Short-Pants, a very curious and slick little halfling.

Extremely mischievous and extravagant with a very smooth hand when it comes to stealing trinkets and jewlery.

Very fond of the dramatic, you can never know if what's comming out of his mouth is trustyworthy or not! So if you ever cross by a blonde 'child' with hair on his feet, better keep walking for he just might not be the poor lost soul he claims to be!

All being said and done though, Potoo is not much more than a prankster.

With a good heart at core and very well humoured, he believes to have a silky tongue so smooth that he'd be able to solve any conflict by persuasion alone. But really, how far talk alone could get him, right?

(i'm sure the zombie bear we fought for one wouldn't agree with that haha)

So hey, that's potoo for ya! And gotta say, we played 3 rounds so far and somehow i still didnt manage to kill him haha With how bad luck i got with dice rolls, thats a miracle..

Anyways, i hope you all like him!

The rest of his development images and player sheet you can find here! Please do come by =)And if you like that, please consider taking a look on the rest of my gallery!


[Art] Dungeons and Doggos - #58 “The Innkeeper”

[Art] Dungeons and Doggos - #58 “The Innkeeper”

This is one of the highlights of my week.

The doggos really want to spend the night in The Fabled Harp. So it's time for Zoey to work her magic on the innkeeper!

What's the worst lie your character has been caught in?

The doggos are in The Fabled Harp, the fanciest inn in all of Cassidy Grove! Check out the town map over on the DnDoggos Patreon!

Want to know more about the new doggos? Head over to PaintingPolygons! to learn about them and keep up with the news on the fantastic miniatures that are being created!

Missed a session? Catch up on the campaign over on The DnDoggos Website! And don't forget to follow on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and Instagram for exciting news!

I'm so glad! Thank you, and happy Friday!! :D

What's the worst lie your character has been caught in?

Party Attempted to play dead in the middle of a fight. All of them. Natural 20 was all that stopped a TPK.

[OC] I made a papercraft city for my players to liberate from Viking bandits

[OC] I made a papercraft city for my players to liberate from Viking bandits

It was hella of a map to fight on. I loved the session :)

Lucky no one dropped a torch.

Thanks, was my pleasure to run it for you guys :)

EDIT: grammar

This just gave me ideas for my own D&D games, thank you OP

A formal request to change the name of Sending Stones.

A formal request to change the name of Sending Stones.

Rocky Talkies.


All in favor say, “Aye?” Or just upvote his post I guess


We call them shellphones 'round here.

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