21 seconds rift - monk at his best

21 seconds rift - monk at his best


Remember: You asked for this. This isn't a witch hunt if you personally opened the door for us to do this.

Alright. Since you didn't do it, I found your battle tag on my own. You're Hoxango#2950 - a player on EU.

Logging on EU and checking your profile, you have about 935 hours played for S12. EU S12 started on Sept. 11th, 2017 - 145 days ago (3,480 hours). Assuming you have a reasonable amount of sleep (8 hours, daily) we take off 145*8=1,160 hours. This means of your waking hours we now have left 2,320 hours. It seems workable to start with.

If we look at time played divided by total possible available hours (935 / 2,320), we see that you spend 40.3% of all waking hours playing the game. That's a lot of time, but doable. However, I really doubt you're living off of D3 considering how few viewers it gets on twitch - 135 as I write this post (and your videos, rarely breaking 1k and really rare), plus your saved streams from the past 30 days are nowhere near long enough to equal out the 6 hours a day since season launch, so I'm going to very reasonably assume you work. I'm not sure what part of the EU you are from, so I'm going to defer to this quick source which claims the average work week for men is 41 hours spent. Considering there have been 20 weeks and 5 days since EU launch, I'll assume 21 work weeks. More easy math then, since 41*21=861 hours over our time period.

But uh oh, we're now down to 1,459 hours and you played 935. Still manageable, but quite insane devotion. But something didn't gel with me considering you stream D3 a lot and I didn't see enough time on twitch. So I did more digging:

So I figure since you're partnered with twitch that you might make enough money to live off of in order to counter what I just said previously. However... I went through the saved videos from your stream. From season start to now, there are 81 days where there is no saved stream or even short saved video. EIGHTY ONE. For someone that has to keep up with playing the game 6+ hours a day every day of the week without fail and makes money off of it, this isn't anomalous data, this is also bank breaking. That's 81 streams where you could have made money even if there wasn't really any chat interaction. Even if that stream only made you €5 per stream over the 6 hours each day, that's a deficit of €405 (~$504 USD). Considering this is one donation or a little less than two subscriptions per stream and I am looking at your current stream with €10 donation on it, we can say that this could have been way more (even more so since there are a lot missing from the start of the season where things would be more profitable). It wouldn't be unreasonable to estimate that you could have averaged €10 / stream (€810 or $1010 USD) since you're consistently streaming for 6 hours straight. That is a lot of money. It's also a great counterpoint unless you make serious money off of your normal job. Regardless, it would be twitch suicide and I can tell you would have a larger following if you weren't absent for 81 of 145 days.

Even still, 81 days unaccounted for is 81 days with 6 hours a day. That's 55.86% of the days in this season, none accounted for and no public viewable record of. Because your life on D3 is so public and your time playing D3 is worth actual monetary value, this in no way makes sense... unless of course you use a bot to get through parts of the grind which is not something you can stream on twitch unless you want an instant ban. Or perhaps you want more than half your pay-worthy time to yourself, I don't have access to that information.

Make what you will of my findings, but you asked and I provided. Call it circumstantial, call it wrong, do what you will.

Setting that all aside, you also asked an impossible question. You asked us, the people who do not have the special access to your account, computer, personal memories, current thoughts, etc. to produce evidence. We can't, because we aren't you. We would need access to all or some of these things to actually provide evidence, but such a thing is impossible (after all, I can't telepathically enter your mind to find the truth). If you asked this question in this way intentionally, you are being manipulative to force the conversation to always be in a "winning" position so that we have proven nothing concrete. If it was in error because you felt personally attacked, then you were being unwise and prideful, something you should reflect on if true.

"His best", nah mate there's two monks in the video. Rather a big difference.

Looks back at hitting Paragon 100 before they buffed the XP and removed the cap...

I'd like to report a crime

I'd like to report a crimeits been 84 years farming shields. 

I'd like to report a crime

its been 84 years farming shields.

got you covered https://imgur.com/a/JZm3g

I mean that is only like 31,25 bounty runs. That is not that much. I think I spent like 10000 souls on my dawn and have a nonancinet not great rolled. Some items just can be a bitch

Here's to another 84 years!

You know since they're fairly rare you should be able to reroll everything on a primal, or at least reroll more than one affix.

I've only found one primal myself(wildwood yay!) and I still think it wouldn't be too awful to add that.

The #1 monk on EU HC has slept for around 3 hours since the season started

The #1 monk on EU HC has slept for around 3 hours since the season started

As in the title. His total time played is over 576 hours, while the season has been going on for 663 hours. That's just 3 hours sleep a day and playing Diablo 3 for the rest of the time.

Shame on you

Now you know why angels and demons fear the nephalem.

Now that's dedication.

Brother Chris.

Haha. As nobody explained it yet. There once was a streamer, named Gaby, who used a bot to the play game for him while he was sleeping. Obviously like this EU hardcore player is doing aswell. (they farm keys and other stuff by night so they can gr by day)

This streamer. Who got pretty infamous for doing so got banned by blizzard. His reply was that his brother, called Chris, played the game for him while he was not around. And so began the meme brother Chris.

True story.

Edit: fixed Gaby's name.

I found it. I finally found it.

I found it. I finally found it.

This is the rarest item in the game. At my top speed of continuous nonstop farming it was estimated to take about 2,000 hours to find this item. You drop a unique sacred armor roughly every 1:225 hours or so of this kind of farming. 1:9 of those is a tyrael's might, the rest are templars might.

I finally found the tyrael's might :D

My character's goal is to find every item in the game, so this helps a LOT because that was the biggest piece

It's been many, many years since I've played D2. Can someone explain this please?

By a decent amount as well. No other item really comes close to how rare this one is. ty!

THE rarest? Really? That's pretty crazy man.

Congrats on the find.

EU Down?

EU Down?

Every time I see comments like this I am reminded why I don't play HC. Losing a character to something like this would be infuriating.

Completely dead, RIP my barb, probably

Most of my HC deaths were due to some bullshit like that, but I think it's worth it. The added feeling of adrenaline, the extra careful gameplay and planning, and the overall more dedicated community (both in pubs and clans) really make the HC experience more enjoyable for me !

it would, insanely uncommon though. I played HC from pre-RoS up until maybe 3 seasons ago, never once lost a character to lag or DC. My connection seems a little less stable so i might now, but all those years i never did.

DC's are so uncommon, i dont think its a reason to not play HC

I hope that Diablo 4 won't have class sets.

I hope that Diablo 4 won't have class sets.

I find sets very limiting as far as gearing goes. This in turn limits the actually useful skills because if it's not mentioned in a set you might as well remove it from the class. Sure, I could make a fun build with other legendaries, but then I will be underpowering my character way too much, which means low torments and low drop rates. Blizzard could split set bonuses between individual legendaries so that we can form our own versions and fine tune them better. Of course this will require a lot more balancing, but then again Blizzard is a giant game studio and this is one of the best selling franchises ever. I'm sure they could make it happen or I hope they are at least considering it for D4. Sets are a lazy design solution. They take half of your gear slots but only give you one, maybe two good skill boosts. Even in WoW class sets will be removed for the next expansion and they were a way bigger staple in that game than in Diablo. In D4 they could keep sets as some sort of transmog items because random legendaries often make you look like a clown. Make them cosmetic microtransactions even if this will be needed for continued game support after launch.

I think class sets are fine as long as they make plenty of viable non-set options. Sets should not have such boosted stats that they become mandatory.

You know what would actually be BETTER?

Class sets that have 7 pieces but you only need 3 for all the bonuses and you can only use ONE class set.

They don't need to remove class sets. They just need to go back and use the item design philosophy that Diablo 2 used, as their base. In Diablo 2, the class sets were all middle of the road at best and basically existed to hold you over until you started to get endgame uniques/rares/crafted gear.

Just making a good ARPG isn't going to cut it, Blizzard need to innovate with D4 and make something that isn't out there yet. Sure reuse features that worked well by all means and don't change it so much that it's unrecognisable to the ARPG genre but bring out something that's fresh and is going to leave all other games in the genre years behind.

Blizzard said they would lower the amount of dead ends on the new GR levels

Blizzard said they would lower the amount of dead ends on the new GR levelsThey sure delivered 

Blizzard said they would lower the amount of dead ends on the new GR levels

They sure delivered

I thought they were supposed to have pvp shortly after launch.

I thought Deckard Cain's eventual death would be a huge, and touching point in the story, that would have repercussions for future games.


I thought they were supposed to not have elites near the entrance either. I run into those all the time....

I still have problems, there are these tricky corners next to the doorways, sometimes i get stuck in there and it's super frustrating to try and get out of there....

Servers down on EU?

Servers down on EU?

EDIT: Servers are up!

Small indie company

Seems like it :o

Edit: During my Rank 1 Grift.... I swear!!

Edit2: Seems like a minor roll-back took place. Somewhat 5 minutes.... this sucks >_<

Thats the joke though.

Rio hc <3

no love for us :(

no love for us :(

We were told about this, no point crying now

This was clear like a month ago when we were told there would be no D3 news this Blizzcon.

Expected nothing and still got disappointed.

People are allowed to be disappointed. Blizzard said they were celebrating 20 years of Diablo but we have gotten nothing after the beginning of the year. Certainly nothing of substance for fans of the series except an arguably overpriced DLC class for DIII and nearly nothing else of note outside of two characters in HoTS.

In-geom in real life

In-geom in real life

Hi, I went to an exhibit recently and saw an In-geom. Not the Diablo kind, but an actual old sword: https://imgur.com/a/Sm6qb

Not primal, though.

It looks ancient

I can't be the only one that thought the in-game In-geom was a stick.

Swords are kind of just metal bars

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