Abram Games' WWII poster for the UK Public Relations Department of the War Office

Abram Games' WWII poster for the UK Public Relations Department of the War Office

It was smart to have the text at the bottom have different colors on "your own".

Saves you from a "grow your and supply your" situation.

Also “Your Own” sort of drives home a patriotic point

Dude, I would buy a print of this

Don't dead open inside

These caffeinated mints

These caffeinated mints

Simple, but clever. Also where can I find these.

Gas stations, most often. I found them in 7-Eleven

The more you take, the more you drain the battery ! All jokes aside it’s a great design

This is super clever but such a waste of plastic. I dont even consume a lot of caffeine but I would probably be baited to buy this because of the packaging.

The 'A' in the logo of Boat.

The 'A' in the logo of Boat.

The logo may be Designporn but the photo's not

As a whole the logo is just awful, though the A is clever. Wouldn’t call it design porn, but I guess the upvotes show I’m wrong...

Only the A looks good :(

It’s terrible

This business card

This business card

It would be so annoying to try to dial that number

... and memory coach

Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful thickness.

Oh god. It even had a watermark

Lamps that give you a warm feeling!

What I think these need, if they don't have them, is a "steady on" feature with a remote. I would love to be able to have these as "normal" bulbs in some applications and then be able to flip to "flame" mode.

Anybody have an idea how this works?

Here you go! Surprisingly cheap

Catches on fire

Additional USB-connected Stress Relief Enter key.

The hell is happening to this subreddit. How is this design porn

Shut up and take my money, where to buy it!?

how the fuck does this categorize into this subreddit

This entrance to the kid section at our local library

This entrance to the kid section at our local library

Stop lying to us, it's a tiny library on the shelf

The perspective definitely threw me off there

Maybe I'm just high but I thought it was a photo taken through a bookshelf.

The library? It's in his hometown!

Bread Meats Bread

Bread Meats Bread

This is a clever name moreso than any particular clever design.

Best burger in Scotland. Had to double check what sub I was in when this popped up!

Looks like the Edinburgh one

Am I missing something or would it not be better if the words were stacked like an actual burger bun?

This Constellation Lamp.

Take note. That room is 2 feet by 2 feet. If your room is any larger it won’t work. I bought one. And the light bulb they supply is 1/100 as bright as this one.

Where to get?

I’m only thinking about a destiny Engram

This really satisfying graffiti

This really satisfying graffiti this clip art graffiti?


I've been seeing a lot of these on reddit lately. There should be a sub for 3D graffiti.

oh man they missed the opportunity to follow the upward sloping line at the top

Try one of these subthreads