Simon Stalenhag - Sci fi horror art

Simon Stalenhag - Sci fi horror art

Simon Stalenhag's art is sooo cool! He's probably one of my favorite visual artists out there

Try watching the trailers for DS. Many aesthetic similarities.

This feels like axiom verge

The art of Noriyoshi Ohrai and its link to Death Stranding?

The art of Noriyoshi Ohrai and its link to Death Stranding?

Further information: Ohrai also was the artist behind the Metal Gear Saga collages/murals that could be seen in the church right before meeting Eva in MGS4.

Although it is not ww2 combat gear, the imagery is strikingly similar to the second death stranding trailer.

I am pretty sure everyone and their grandma have played MGS4 now since it came out over 10 years ago. Oh and please watch your mouth.

this is interesting! its always good to find awesome artists but the fact this probably ties into the game aswell is a top tier find.

Love the art nice find

Hideo´s Translator Appreciation Thread

Hideo´s Translator Appreciation Thread

Yeah he is the guy. Sometimes Kojima knows that he hasn’t finished but interrupts him. Poor translator guy.

Probably the hardest job in this industry, I truly appreciate this mans efforts. I think Kojima enjoys the translator because in a way you never really know what he is saying 100%, and this way he can direct our attention more easily as a means to avoid revealing too much, but also get us speculating at what Kojima is trying ro say or what he means. This is very evident in that interview a couple years ago when Geoff asked him if Ludens was a character in the game and the translator was getting a little nervous and Kojima quickly said something really quick and the translator said it's a mascot and not in the game. This also happened again when someone (can't remember who) asked Kojima if that was Norman in the suit and he said it was actually Kojima himself in the suit but it was kind of all lost in translation and very vague. I think the whole translator thing creates mystery with a twinge of vagueness, and with Kojima being fascinated with language ( A big theme both P.T. and in MGSV), it can create a lot of interesting scenarios when we have to really look into what Kojima said because it could have double meaning. I think he uses a translator so we can really dissect his words and analyze him because we can all interpret what he is saying. Kinda similar to how the Japanese subtitles for the latest trailer slightly differ from the English version and offer new info

Kojima prolly speaks perfect english.

He is always smirking when he answering questions is either hIGh or understands EXACTLY what is being said or Queried.

What if an English virus in MGS was Kojimas try to alert the world to a threat? What if he has it and is savings us all right now by not speaking English that he actually knows perfectly?!


Mods are asleep, upvote Big corn.

Mods are asleep, upvote Big corn.

Inb4 “OmGzz iTs a CLue tO mEtal gEAr SOLiD ZeRo!!!11/!!!!”


What is happening.

I left this Subreddit for five minutes to watch E3 and now this?


Found it on Cornhub

Kojima is listed as the only Scenario writer in the new trailer. What happened with Nojima?

Kojima is listed as the only Scenario writer in the new trailer. What happened with Nojima?

he may have written the specific set piece we saw in the e3 trailer but Nojima wrote the overall story as a collaboration with Kojima such as the themes, story and characters in this TGA trailer Kojima and Kojima are places as script writers

So Kojima wrote the script but him and Nojima wrote the story together it would seem.

Not really. Hitori Nojima is a pen name for Kenji Yano. I think he wrote some MGS novels before. You can see him appear on Kojima's YouTube show thingy where they announced Kojima hiring him for Death Stranding.

What's a Nojima?

Ok Kojima, your clues are going a bit too far

Ok Kojima, your clues are going a bit too far

First, I’d like to congratulate the couple on expecting a baby.

Second, so when is Norman due?...

Omfg this comment deserves a big baby thumbs up

Sooooo in other words, we are already living inside a Kojima game which is an interactive teaser for Death Stranding? Yeah, sounds about right.

We won't just play Reedus, we'll be him.

Big congratulations to Diane and Norman!

Troy Baker on Instagram

Troy Baker on Instagram


They use the reference points on his face for the character... You don't have to actually look like the character. Look at the actor that played Code Talker. They take the reference points and connect them to an ingame character that has the same reference points. So how ever Troy moves his mouth that character will mimic. you can arrange these in any number of ways in the engine. But having his own face in game would be pretty cool.

It's from Terminator...

Does this imply he is playing a character with his own face?

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