Tech has come a very long way

Tech has come a very long way

Yeah no. Last time I tried to download a game on steam it estimated that it would take a year to do so. We've come far but not far enough to provide fast land line internet to someone 5 miles out from town.

Never mind that, we remember the days on dial-up when a jpg of halfway decent quality would take seven or eight minutes, and if you got booted, you have to start all over again.

Somewhere among my papers I have a piece of paper with a series of computer codes on it that someone gave me to punch in to my computer (a 286!), to get to this new thing called "the internet". This was back in the late 80s/early 90s. Kids nowadays think they "know how to use a computer". They don't know that at one time you REALLY had to know; you had to punch in all the necessary codes MANUALLY at the C-prompt to get to where you wanted to go. Now it all happens automatically at the push of ONE button.

If it took this long for my games to load I would die.

A hobo nickel

Where can you get these? I don’t collect coins but these are crazy

a gif with music??

I think I need these! Where would I find them?

Future aerospace engineers.

Elon Musk ca. 1983

North Koreas space program has a long way to go.

The Latest Innovation in LED Bulbs

The Latest Innovation in LED Bulbs

Damn, these bulbs are lit!

Do you want your neighbors to lose the faith of the dispatcher, buy this nifty bulb to make them think your house is on fire. They'll never be able to make a noise complaint again.

Yes, I want one. Of each.

Baby quail mere hours after hatching.

I wanna pet him so badd. What a cute little furry fella we have here!

That’s a pidgey

Or fletchling?

X-Ray of a beavers tail

X-Ray of a beavers tail

Honestly it's xrays like this that make me think how off we must be in how we think dinos looked. Like if I saw these bones without knowing what a beaver looks like I wouldn't think it had a paddle shaped tail, I'd think it's tail was shaped more like a lizard's or something similar.

I didn’t know what sub this was and thought they were yeezys

you can see the whole tail there

Whoops. I meant if you saw only the bones, not the xray

Footage of one of the last Tasmanian tigers in existence. They went extinct in 1936.

Only Tasmania could produce an animal as crazy looking. Half cat, half dog, with stripes only on the ass end.

That mouth is what gets me. First time I saw it yawn I jumped a little.

I swear to god any animal with Tasmania in its name it cursed the tiger went extinct and the Tasmania devils almost went extinct and are still endangered

Very frustrating to read that even the very last one alive was captured and died 3 years later from neglect (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thylacine#%22Benjamin%22_and_searches)

It's really as if people were trying their very hardest to wipe them of the face of the earth.. :(

Wind sculpture

Wind sculpture

This is pretty but makes me uncomfortable don’t know why

Atleast 2.

How much?

Maybe 3

Blowing out candles with a punch

Blowing out candles with a punch

Its fake

Fake of fake

The could have tried a little harder and not blown them out prematurely. It's so obviously bull

Bulllllshiiitttttt. Moreover, Amir Khan couldn’t knock himself out.

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