Sayori in a keyhole sweater~

Sayori in a keyhole sweater~

Oh no! What's the point of wearing a sweater if it is going to have a posture hole. Won't her posture get cold?

Very cute drawing!

For fanservice

Better question. Why does a sweater need a hole. The point is to keep you cool

Oh my. Very nice :) Natsuki version maybe?

u/NemesisAtlas u/OldSoulja u/Krysazzi





Wub wub wubbles

Very nice

[OC Fanart] "I would have loved to wear some cute clothes for you."

[OC Fanart] "I would have loved to wear some cute clothes for you."

Well, y'all liked the others, so it had to be done. You can find me here!

As a wise internet dweller once said:

Enjoy the good times because something terrible is probably going to happen

Is the frilly hair thing part of her ribbon now?

This is gorgeous!! Love your previous works, I hope to see you continue!

Natsuki's Cooking Show!

Natsuki's Cooking Show!

sorry for the lack of content, I've been at my college's band camp I mean subscribe like and hit natsuki for free v bucks

Who cares about that stupid brat anyway?

~Yuri, definitively

I respect a cook who puts a little bit of themselves in their cooking.

... from far away, behind one-way glass.

free v bucks

pinky is now the best pinata

And finally...the wholesome post

And finally...the wholesome post


I'd like to hear that from Natsuki!

I love you

She kind of is in her own clever way

Do I?

Do I?

A private study session with Monika? Count me in.

In the instance of judging your motives completely wrong, I think it's best you tell me what you want me to do first.

Cum in my bum

(insert lenny face here)

We did it r/DDLC

We did it r/DDLC

Huh? Why did someone downvote every comment?

Downvote bots? Or people that don't want to talk about upvotes

Coolyori has taken the place of God.

Nice work, everyone!

By a Monikan, for Monikans

By a Monikan, for Monikans

It's also for triangle and beach enthusiasts.

I would love to go to the beach with Monika!

Ahh, the beauty...

Oh! We're at the beach?

Pretty edit

My favorite cosplayer!

My favorite cosplayer!

very nice cosplay. πŸ’œ


I'm curious now

u/DarkChocolateYuri would you use a knife as a pillow?

Ouch and pretty

"Everyone? I need your attention, please..."

"Everyone? I need your attention, please..."


Asking for attention

now this shit just dont add up

will the real Slim Shady please stand up.

Time for some late night edits...

...well, more like 'early morning' now... since it's 3 in the freakin' morning now...

Yep... definitely gonna be sleepy tomorrow, that's for sure.

Decided to expand upon an old edit; pretty much based out of Monika's "Okay, Everyone!" moment. What if Yuri's in charge this time...

Yuri as President?

That can either go really well or really bad.

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