My idea of cozy

My idea of cozy

Cozy until some asshole named Marty comes along and fucks up your heroin distribution

Did a little bit of digging for you all.

AND brings the god damn cartel as well

think about the bugs

Sunroom in the rain

If I could be anywhere today this is it!

The sound of the rain must be so incredible! :)

Nap time right there.

Can I die here in like 60 something years?

A Norwegian cottage, at the top of Mt. Ulriken in Bergen.

A Norwegian cottage, at the top of Mt. Ulriken in Bergen.

I just spent a couple days in Bergen. Damn it was beautiful and fun. Had some of the best seafood in my life, as well!

Silly question. It's Bergen - of course it was raining.

Was it raining?

Haha yes.

Cozy Corner in Krakow Old Town

Cozy Corner in Krakow Old Town

honestly Kraków has a lot of beautiful places, mainly in Kazimierz, but św. Tomasza street is also beautiful

I was born and raised in Krakow, there's plenty of cozy areas like this everywhere.

My fondest memory is 5 minutes from my house there was a sand pit surrounded by bloc buildings, it was a small space, no bigger than 10 feet in diameter, but what made it cozy was that it was overgrown, the sunlight couldn't make it through the leaves and vines and this little sandpit was always in shade.

Krakow is one of Europe’s hidden gems I was just there over the summer and it was amazing!

I took this picture on a Sunday morning when it was raining and cold. The rain though just made it that much cozier. The rest of the tourists came when the sky cleared up a bit.

You can see the waiters looking out, as if to say "come on in, we have cocoa in here".

This beautiful dining patio on the coast of Italy

This beautiful dining patio on the coast of Italy

You can't just post this without at least giving us a town.

I'm guessing Sicily based on the fact that I was there and I saw a sea

Yes the lights are back! Now that's classic cozy

And as we all know Sicily has exclusive sea access.

My new brother’s home in Switzerland

My new brother’s home in Switzerland

What happened to your old brother? :P

Thank you very much, unfortunately I can’t edit the title

Sorry I’m not English so there is an error lol. Could you tell me the right sentence ? Ty

My brother's new home :)


Into the depth of blue

Into the depth of blue

Seriously, where is this?

AYANA resort and spa in Bali.

Give me this and a pina colada immediately

Imagine that game of Marco Polo

Cabin on the Orient Express

Cabin on the Orient Express

Did a quick Google search, for those curious:

I can just see Monsieur Poirot in here.

$3k per person for a 1-3 day train trip. It’s expensive, but probably an awesome experience.

Gorgeous photo! Super cool. Enjoyed the movie (not the ending :( ) never did get to read the book

Edinburgh cottage

Edinburgh cottage

Walking around that city for 2 days was 2 of the coziest days i’ve ever had.

This is the one in Princes Street Gardens, right? Wonder if OP got round to looking at Dean Village. Some beauties round there.

That “cottage” is bigger than my “3-bedroom house”.

Spot on! It was the first place we went after we arrived. Literally Just returned from a walk around Dean Village and it was so beautiful.

Nice place for a nap

Nice place for a nap

I noticed the mosquito netting curtains and was immediately relieved of any concern on that front.

Imagine the amount of bug bites you’d have after a nap in there. No thank you.

Oh right didn’t notice that, false alarm then haha

Also this doesn't look to be in any kind of wilderness, so I'm pretty sure the amount of blood-sucking critters is quite minimal.

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