Do you have high meme level?

Do you have high meme level?

only high end meme elitists can understand this sophisticated piece of art. I dont think i've seen anything like this since Weedbro and its deep lore. this image was made in 1982, california, sandiago by Gonzo Adlof Miltin, the man who was said to have made memes. throughout his life, Gonzo was a travelling merchant who sold dank memes. at the time, they didnt have a name. They were saw as stupid regular art. that was, until 2027 when richard steinermilch saw his first meme, blechyacht (this meme) and paid him fulll time to make the dankest memes before ultimately dying in 2132 as an underpaid old memer.

Nobody knows what happened to his previous art, or who holds them. but one thing we do know is that this painting alone signifies his betrayal and loss of dignity, as well as how easy it is universally.

Its a reference to those fake taxi pornos

I honestly don't get this one. I guess I need to increase my meme level.

hello guys peter here, this meme made me lol (laugh out loud) let me explain:

So, this meme contains Mr bean (which is an epic) face blur out and he is sitting working on the taxi (and we can tell that by noticing the words he said) and the window is open which makes it refer to the porn sketches of taxis and sex is a funny thing

Peter out

my friend's brother's meme collection pt. 2 (shoutout to Micah​ :^)

my friend's brother's meme collection pt. 2 (shoutout to Micah​ :^)

I love that it’s a screenshot of a PowerPoint slide


This is what that sub is supposed to be. My God when it's on point its halarious but it's just turned into an okaybuddyretard duplicate. Sigh.

You know how when something is really good people say it’s art? This is art in the reverse way.

Why is Robert Downey Jr. in this post

Why is Robert Downey Jr. in this post

Why is it infinite

The photography level

Thanks for the insightful commentary, Robert Downey Jr.




Infinity War



This would be great material for /sub/comedynecrophilia

I'm not sure that "conservative women post selfies in their underwear" is the best selling point.

Also 10 points for the Comic Sans.

Why do these cursed political "humor" images always feel like they were manufactured intentionally badly? Comic sans? cmonbruh

Except a conservative woman is usually a fat angry mom that goes to church every sunday.



That is actually pretty funny

I find myself laughing at the posts here more and more often lately. Not sure if the quality of the subreddit is going down or if I'm just becoming stupid.

Everyone in the comments of every seems to agree that posts are just becoming humor the OP doesnt like so yeah the sub is going to shit lately

I thought so too



I don’t think it’s meant to be funny

I don’t understand, this doesn’t belong here lmao it’s neither funny or not.

It's not meant to be funny.


I have no friends xD

I have no friends xD

Aren’t these fairly basic math concepts?

Pi is pretty easy to understand but I don't think imaginary numbers are. They're not very intuitively named and anything after basic algebra a lot of people struggle with.

The image itself is kinda okay, not very good, but it's your average pun, but that text at the end destroys it.

But most people will have heard of them.

Pretty sure this is a satire but still

Pretty sure this is a satire but still

I'm actually Shapirosexual

Satire or not, there are still people who would take it seriously.

Fucking libtard OWNED by FACTS and LOGIC

I'd let him DESTROY my butt with CONSERVATIVE FACTS and LOGIC.



Can you not with the picture


Haha jackie chan epic style 👌👉😎

I was about to call this a shitty meme, but then I saw the subreddit

Back when FB was real shit

Back when FB was real shit

2004 called they want their burn back.

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The fact the post says "just now" implies the person who wrote it took the screenshot which is even better because it shows they also thought they were funny enough that it needed to be shared which makes it even cringier


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