Not mine but deserves to be here.

Not mine but deserves to be here.

Can confirm, have used this hack multiple times

More like unethicsl life hack. Art should be free.

Can you make a male babysitter pay child support?

Can you make a male babysitter pay child support?

Wtf. Thats the shittiest thing Ive read in a while

God damn people suck

"I've got this neighbor, nice guy, who did me a favor. Can I rip him off for the rest of his life?"

Like literally the guy is helping out his neighbour, refusing money because he's probably a decent guy thinking she needs it more than him, and she uses that kindness to try and screw him over?

This is probably the worst thing I've read this month.

I want something large and difficult to move delivered, for free, AND very specific.

I want something large and difficult to move delivered, for free, AND very specific.

Jokes on him, the bottom couches are always the most comfortable.

Need free couches delivered that don't touch the ground.. because I have bed bugs all over the fucking place and I think it it doesn't touch the couch won't get bugs

Need a couch that seats twenty. NEXT!

I want a free rack please, delivered to me.. $2000, yes. $1500, no. Please have it here by tonight

A Penitent Beggar

A Penitent Beggar


I never thought I would see the day this happened.

Faith in humanity: Restored

It's a nice change of pace for this sub.

Space assassin problems

Space assassin problems

I just messaged the artist and asked them to do a comic for me based on the character. I have some great ideas, and I know once they get drawn, they'll be super popular. I offered half of all profit from views and traffic and when it gets picked up by networks but they won't draw for me. Guess they hate money. So lame.

Man, I feel disabled without a second pair of arms.

I feel like the text was adapted from a combination of every single choosing beggar interaction. This is so painfully accurate.

They should be grateful that you gave them the idea. Really they should be paying you.

Not your usual Choosing Beggar

Not your usual Choosing Beggar

That guy is good! With such a snarky job request I would be tempted to play for them.

I don't play but am tempted to gate crash the wedding :)

This might be the slickest reverse psychology to get a good band of musicians to play a wedding as a goof, or the best /sub/maliciouscompliance I've seen. I'm cool with either situation.

At least some honesty.

However I am sure the bride and groom expect well more than they deserve and this will create one hell of a wedding battle royal at some point.

I am looking forward to that follow up and set list.

Character development via: foxville_art on Twitter

Character development via: foxville_art on Twitter


This is a nice change of pace.

Finally, someone able to admit their wrongdoings. What a nice person.

So the offer still stands. Can you please please please make a drawing for me. It'll be so totally awesome and I'll recommend you to all of my friends.

Wtf? No..

Fuck off. You are so selfish you can't even make time to make a drawing for one of your long time fans. Like seriously get over yourself. You're not even that good at drawing. Like I even fucking said sorry. Jesus, you're such an egotistical pos. Die asshole.

This is how I thought it would have ended. I think I've been jaded by the internet

[SANITY] Character Development

[SANITY] Character Development

w h o l e s o m e

This is really awesome! At least there’s progression.

And the first time he was still very polite and reasonable

TBH this doesn't fit the sub at all tho, this isn't /sub/peoplewantingfreeart this is /sub/choosingbeggars the first message wasnt a choosing beggar in the slightest

Later that day:

OP: omg! Thank you for being such a great person! As a reward for restoring my faith in humanity I'd like to send you a free drawing, what u like??

Developed Character: wait, really? Omg that's so cool! Well I'm really into...

OP: lol, jk! Ur reward will be paid in the form of exposure on /sub/choosingbeggars (Laughs maniacally, having been driven over the edge by the last bastard who expected something for nothing) Enjoy, sucker!

RIP in peace, OP.

If only more people were like this!

If only more people were like this!

Did he just expect you to accept his apology for free?!

What a class act to write an apologize when he was so polite originally. Judging from the message a few years ago I don't even think he needs to apologize at all. But to still do it over three years later over such a minor comment is just classy.

Sorry but forgiveness takes time, and time is money!

This could also fit in /sub/unexpected

Looking for 750 full-page illustrations at $0.33 an illustration.

Looking for 750 full-page illustrations at $0.33 an illustration.

/ there isn’t much work at all

/ we need 75 books done in 3 months each with 10 full pages of illustrations.

Bitch, pick one. It can’t be both. FOH.

I always wonder, do these people actually find some poor sucker or after days of failure they realize what idiots they are?

You can't get 750 high-quality full page illustrations done in 3 months at all lol

Yeah, that .33¢ per illustration is assuming they would just accept whatever first drafts were submitted but you fucking know scumbags like this are going to want 99% of them changed/redone before paying the artist, assuming they pay at all.

Try one of these subthreads