Minorities strike again!

Minorities strike again!

Modern America is not really normal life challenges

But most people do go through worse without thinking "wouldn't it be cool if women had to suck my dick instead of ruining videogames and comics"

i told you man

i TOLD you about normal life challenges!

I made this last year. I miss him. Sarah Sanders is just vile. Spicy was vile and funny.

I made last year. I miss him. Sarah Sanders is just vile. Spicy was vile and funny.

Except neoliberalism is actually making our lives worse.

A charter school in Chula Vista, California had a mural with the decapitated head of President Trump impaled on the spear of an Aztec warrior.

A charter school in Chula Vista, California had a mural with the decapitated head of President Trump impaled on the spear of an Aztec warrior.

wrf, I love charter schools now.

Oops. I should have just said "San Diego".

San Diego school orders artist to change mural depicting Trump's head on a spear | TheHill

We must ensure tat Barron does not see this.

Normally, I am against Charter Schools, but this is beautiful.

Volcel Police PSA on the Nature of Sex

Volcel Police PSA on the Nature of Sex

>When neonazis make your propaganda for you

I love me some communism!

"fornication" instead of "communism"

This looks donged. What's the original?

Sagan gets it

Sagan gets it

Carl's Skeleton go on Chapo.

In 15,000 years people are going to be working construction on the Sol Dyson Sphere and they’re going to find this stupid fucking car with Elon Musk’s name on it and think “goddamn people were lame back then”


Talk that shit. That's MY space jesus.

Sargon's dropping N-bombs now. And the context is delicious.

Sargon's dropping N-bombs now. And the context is delicious.

this is a good counter to struggle sessions. the left engages in infighting because different groups of people are trying to make the world a better place and they can't agree on how to do that. the RIGHT engages in infighting because they're all fucking assholes who can't stand each other and their EPIC LULZ TROLLING drives each other crazy

Lol, his main criticism of the Alt-right is that they're personally rude to him and don't care about the spooky SJWs as much as him.

It’s said when you’re treated like you’re not a person, Sargon. Praying for you dawg 🙏🏼

This is your brain on classical liberal

CENTRIST podcast host starter pack

CENTRIST podcast host starter pack

I feel like internet personalities (especially H3H3, JonTron, Pewdiepie type people) haven’t adjusted well to today’s world where being “apolitical”, in order to appeal to as wide of an audience as possible, doesn’t exist anymore. It also doesn’t help that for whatever reason reactionary/alt-right ideas spread especially well on YouTube. It’s a similar reason to why Jimmy Fallon didn’t seem like he thought having Trump on his show was a big deal.

Nah JonTron was straight up in that scientific racism bollocks, H3 and Pewds definitely seem more just in it for the YouTube Grift rather than the alt right specifically, if it got them views they'd talk about Felix's truths regarding Syria in much the same way they do Peterson and his lackeys atm, Rubin and Rogan really seem up for enabling them hardcore though.

I agree with you about apolitical actions and content being dead for the moment.

Dave rubin is the default in every character creator

Jon's transition to white supremacy seems weird but it makes sense given his history of lashing out at anyone that criticizes him for saying the word retard and asinine stuff like that. I've also seen countless comments before he fell from grace about how he's an asshole IRL but you can take that with a grain of salt given it's the internet.

2018 in a nutshell

2018 in a nutshell

give it 24 hours before this guy gets doxxed hard

This guy is the perfect embodiment of Trump's chintzy, diva-ish brand of conservatism that the guys were talking about on the pod.

sees an attractive woman

You got this Brian. Play it cool.

deep breath


damn...blew it again

Well he's wearing army boots, so looking for dipshit Privates, National Guard people, or Reservists might be a good idea.

If one were inclined to search for him, and I don't know why anyone would be of course.

Nothing is as soul-crushing as listening to people talk about networking

Nothing is as soul-crushing as listening to people talk about networking

I just feel so fucking hollow and empty whenever I see people talking about people working their ass off to get internships (at minimum wage if they’re lucky!) where they work 30+ hours a week in addition to being a full-time student. And all this just so that they can look better for prospective employers who’re going to take advantage of them and overwork and underpay them anyways.

It’s so hard to see that stuff and not think “is this really all that life is?” And the thought that that’s really all we’re here for just shatters me.

You gotta make your own BRAND and just MARKET yourself, brosef

aka get hired at your daddy’s firm

One of the most depressing aspects of neoliberalism is the commodification of our social lives, the optimization of friendships and social circles, even romantic relationships because everything has to serve a purpose (becoming marketable). Everything becomes transactional "networking" and "personal branding". It is so deeply humiliating to have capital not simply make us work a good chunk of our time away, but to invade even the most personal aspects of our lives. The end goal here seems to be a world were every part of life is dedicated to either becoming a more efficient, devoted wageslave or a more addicted consumer.

Love going through primary education where they drill meritocracy into your brain, only to hit college and be met with, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.”

Even beyond that, not needing to earn money to live is a HUGE advantage. Even if you don't work at where your parents do, if your parents can help pay rent while you work as a staffer on the hill making 30k/year and you do not pay student loans because they bought your college, these things matter infinitely more than anything else you can have going on.

it's happening

it's happening

this is the day dril be became dril

that's Dr. Il to you, buddy

can someone explain how a currency not backed by nuclear bombs is worth anything?


Anthony Bourdain go on Chapo

Anthony Bourdain go on Chapo

I think he’s one of those guys that really gets how flawed the world is, but still thinks markets are the solution. I’ve seen multiple quotes from him calling out classist neolibs. He’s the best kind of liberal, for what that’s worth to you.

Nah he really said this. Not a huge leftie afaik but still tite

Is this an edit or is my boy Anthony woke?

People do NOT understand that liberalism is just as pervasively brainwashing as any other political worldview. How fucking weird is it that practically everyone in U.S. politics, whether Republic or Democrat, seem to adore Kissinger, a straight up war criminal mass murderer.

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